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Dec 19, 2013


Aptitude Shortcut Methods for Percentage
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In the last post of Maths shortcut we start with Percentage Shortcut (1). To access that Post CLICK HERE. Now this time we are going to share 2nd type of problems related to the percentage and a shortcut method to solve those mathematics problem in 2 Minutes. After my first post on Percentage Shortcut (1), we have received a very huge response from our readers and they are really enjoying reading this type of helping post so we decide to continue with this Govt job Portal Campaign.  So here we are going to share the Second Shortcut method to solve Percentage problems.

Percentage Shortcut (2):  If the price of the any product is increased or decreased by “r%” then there is decrease in the consumption so as not to increase the expenditure:   “ r/100+ r *100”, (We add when there is increase and subtract when there is decrease in percentage).

Now we will take four different examples with different problems to make this percentage shortcut concept clear to you. So take a deep look into this and understand it properly.

Example 1: Suppose if the price of salt falls down by 10%. Now how much percent (%) must increased by the householder so that its consumption remain same as there is no decrease the expenditure.
Solution: By using percentage shortcut (2):
The increase in consumption= 10/100-10*100
                                                          =11.11% (Increase the Consumption)

Example 2: If the employee A’s salary is 25% more than the employee B. Then how much percent (%) the salary of B's is less than that of  salary of employee A.
Solution: Again by using the Percentage Shortcut (2) we have the following:
B's salary is less than that of employee A salary =25/100+25*100
                                                 =20 %(B salary is 20% less than the salary of A)

Example 3: Now if the employee A's salary is 30% less than that of B then how much percent is B's salary is more than that of employee A.
Solution:  Employee B's salary is more than that of A= 30/100-30*100
                                      =42 %(Employee B salary is 42% is more than Employee A)

Example 4: The price of Diesel is increased by 30%. By how much Diesel a car owner must reduce his consumption in order to maintain the same budget.
Solution: Reduction in consumption of diesel: 30/100+30*100
                                                        = 300/13 %( Reduction in the consumption)

Try to solve out more example like this from your booklet by using this shortcut method. In the Next segment we will share the Percentage Shortcut (3). Continue your visit with Govt Job Port.IN for more Shortcut tricks.

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