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Feb 21, 2014



We are going to starts a new section in which we share latest GK questions based on current affairs. Hope this initiation by GovtJobsPortal.IN related to Current affairs Gk question series will helps all our readers who are preparing for Government jobs as well as for Bank job. In every Part of this section we are going to share 15 questions related to the current affairs which will surly helps you out in various upcoming Entrance Examination. AAA-Bright Academy Chandigarh Has a major role in this section to help out the students on line. They recently launched their new magazine Named as JIGYASA in the market. Best coaching Institute in North India for Bank exam coaching as well as for SSC Coaching. Special Thanks to Them for this on line initiation. So here is the First Part: 

Q No.1:- Recently Which country Royal couple was on India's for their six days trip:-
A) Japan     B) U.K      C) Nepal      D) China

Q No.2:- Famous actor Paul Walker who was recently died in car crash is famous for which movie:
A) Into the Blue   B) Fast & Furious    C) Takers   D) Running Scared

Q No.3:- As per RBI Guidelines from which date Debit card users have to punch their pin no. every time they use the card:
A) 1st of January 2014    B) 1st of December 2013     C) 1st of April 2014    D) 1st of December 2014

Q No.4:- CAD (Current Account Deficit) of the country for the 2nd quarter( July-September 2013 );
A) 1.2% of GDP    B) 2.2% of GDP   C) 4.9% of GDP   D)   5% of GDP

Q No.5:-  44th India International Film festival held in:-
A) Goa     B) Hyderabad     C) New Delhi    4) Mumbai

Q No. 6:-  Acc. To Times Higher Magazine which university of India ranked 13th in the first ever ranking of universities in BRICS ( Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa ) ;
A) Jawahar Lal Nehru Uni.   2) Punjab Uni.    3) Kurukshetra Uni   4) Delhi Uni.

Q No. 7:-  Which could be the 29th state of the country :-
A) Bundelkhand     B) Telangana    C) Seemandhra    D) Awadh Paredesh

Q No. 8:- Recently which surface to surface missile has been test fired from Integrated test Range, Balasore, Odisha
A) Agni 5        B)  Prithvi-2               C) Pragati       D) Tejas

Q No. 9 Topsy Labs a New Delhi based IT firm has been purchased by which phone maker company:
A) Samsung    B) Blackberry  c) Sony   D) Apple

Q No. 10:- 9th Ministerial conference of the WTO held in :-
A) New York, USA   B) Bali, Indonesia   C) Male, Maldives   D) Tokya, Japan

Q No.11:- How many legislative seats are there in the Delhi & how many will win by AAP ( Aam Aadmi Party ) ?
A) 70 & 30   B) 70 & 28    C) 68 & 30    D) 68 & 28

Q No. 12:- How many legislative seats are there in the Rajasthan & who becomes the New CM of the state?
A) 199 & Ashok Kumar Gehlot    B) 90 & Raman Singh    C) 199 & Vasundhara Raje   D) 230 & Shiv Raj Singh

Q No.13:- Who becomes the New CM of Madhya Pardesh ?
A) Raman Singh   B) Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan   C) Ajit Jogi    D) None of these

Q No.14:-Where the World's first Global Bitcoin conference will hold?
A)  New York (USA)   B) Bangalore (India)   C) Hyderabad (India)   D) Britain

Q No.15:- How many members nations are there in WTO (World Trade Organisation)?
A) 160   B) 159   C) 158   D) 169

1.      A
2.      B
3.      B
4.      A
5.      B
6.      B
7.      B
8.      B
9.      D
10.    B
11.    B
12.    C
13.    B
14.    B
15.    B
We will share the next section very soon so stay in touch with us.



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