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Feb 25, 2014



Question Number (31-45)
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gk questions 2014
Continuing with our GK series, now we are going to share the 3rd part of these GK Questions based on Latest Current affairs 2014. These all questions related to the current affairs are really very important to all those students who are preparing for various entrance exams to grab a job in Government Sector. These GK questions are really very helpful in the following upcoming Government Jobs exams such as for SSC CGL, SBI Bank PO and Bank Clerk exam and many other upcoming Exams. So continue your visit here and enhance your knowledge with us.

Q No.31:- Who becomes the New Chairman of NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development)?
A) Parkash Bakshi   B) Harsh Kumar Bhanwala  C) Shashi Kant Sharma   D) Sidhrath Birla

Q No.32:- Who is the Lt. Governor of the New Delhi ?
A)   Shiv Raj Patil   B) Najeeb Jung   C) A.K Singh   D) E.S.L Narasimham

Q No.33:- Who won the CK Naidu award?
A) Ravi Shastri   B) Kapil Dev   C) Sunil Gavaskar   D) None of these

Q No. 34:- Who becomes the new chief of FICCI?
A) Naina Kidwai   B) Rana Kapoor   C) Sunil Bharti   D) Sidharath Birla

Q No.35:- Who is the Prime Minister of Thailand ?
A) Thaksin Shinawatra   B) Ying Luck Shianawatra  C) Abhisit Vejjajiva  D) Samak Sundaravej

Q No.36:- Article 370 related to:-
A) Special Status to J&K   B) Punjab C). Mumbai D). MP

Q No.37:- At which Village CM of Punjab inaugurated a thermal power plant on his birthday:-
A) Talwandi Saboo   B) Rajpura   C) Sangrur  D) Moga

Q No. 38:- Right to Information comes into Existence in :-
A) 2007  B) 2005  C) 2009   D) 2001

Q No. 39:- Statue of Sardar which is to be built in Gujrat is of how much height ?
A) 182 mt.   B) 192 mt.   C) 200mt.   D) 178 mt.

Q No. 40:- Indian Navy Day is Observed on :-
A) 1st of December   B) 4th of December   C)   9th of December   D) 15th of December

Q No. 41:- International Day of Persons with Disabilities was observed on :-
A) 3rd of December  B)  12th of December   C) 22nd of December   D) None of these.

Q No. 42:- Arya Samaj was founded in :-
A) 1855    B) 1857    C) 1875   D) 1899

Q No.43:- In 1911 Capital to India was shifted from Calcutta to :-
A) Bombay   B) Hyderabad   C)  Delhi   D) None of these

Q No. 44:- Panchsheel act was signed between India & China in:-
A) April 1954   B)   April 1964   C) April 1960   D) April 1964

Q No. 45:- Administration and Control of Scheduled areas and Tribes are listed in which Schedule:-
A) 2nd Schedule B) 5th Schedule   C) 11th Schedule    D) 9th Schedule

1.       B
2.       B
3.       B
4.       D
5.       B
6.       A
7.       B
8.       B
9.       A
10.  A
11.  A
12.  C
13.  C
14.  A
15.  B

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