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Feb 24, 2014


Dear member hope you are reading us continually and enhancing your knowledge and GK with US. Please also place your valuable feedback below in the comment section, so that we come to know how we are going and what we can do for you. This one is the second part of GK questions based on latest Current affairs. 
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Q No.16:- Robert Azevedo current Director General of WTO is belong to which country?
A ) Australia    B)  Brazil    C)   Russia   D) South Korea

Q No. 17:- New CIC (Chief Information Commissioner) of India?
A)  Deepak Sandhu   B) Sushma Singh   C) Sidharath Birla   D) None of these

Q No. 18:- Bangalore-based product start-up Little Eye Labs recently acquired by a Social Networking Site:-
A) Twitter    B) Google Plus    C) Facebook    D) Orkut

Q No.19:- Recently which aircraft carrier has been commissioned in INS (Indian Naval Ship) ?
A) INS Virat   B) INS Vikramaditya    C) INS Vikrant   D) None of these

Q No. 20:- Name of the country which was recently elected by UN assembly as its non permanent of security council ?
A) South Korea   B) Jordan   C) India   D) Syria

Q No.21:- Which country has retained its top position in the latest ICC ODI rankings and second position in the Test cricket rankings?
A) Australia   B) India   C) Srilanka    D)   England

Q No. 22:- Which Indian Cicketer player has been recently awarded the Emerging Cricketer of the year ?
A ) Virat Kohli  B)  Cheteswar Pujara    C) Rohit Sharma   D) R Ashwin

Q No. 24:- Prince Harry has become the first British royal to reach :-
A) North Pole   B) Mount Everest   C) South Pole   D) None of these

Q No. 25:- Who won the 4th World Kabbadi Cup?
A) Pakistan    B) India    C) Australia    D) Canada

Q No. 26:- Recenlty Sis Ram Ola the Union Minister Passes Away, he was the minister of :-
A) Human Resource   B) Labour & Employment   C) Health Minister  D) External Affairs

Q No. 27:- ICC Test Cricketer of the Year award goes to:-
A) Michael Clarke (Australia)   B) Kumar Sangakara (Sri Lanka)   C) Umar Gul (Pakistan)    D) None of these

Q No. 28:- Angela Merkel recently elected as a Chancellor of Germany for the which term ?
A) 2nd    B) 1st   C) 3rd   D) 4th

Q No. 29:-Name of the IFS Officer which was recently arrested in USA under visa fraud charges?
A) Nirupam Rao   B) Devyani Khobragade   C) Sujata Singh   D) None of these

Q No. 30:- RBI has recently announced its monetary policy, in that what are the changes in CRR :-
A) .5% Inc.  B) No Change   C) .5% Decrease   D) 1% Decrease


1.        B
2.        B
3.        B
4.        C
5.        B
6.        B
7.        B
8.        B
9.        C
10.    B
11.    B
12.    B
13.    C
14.    B
15.    B

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