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Feb 27, 2014



Question Number (46-65)
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GK questions based on Current Affairs is really going very nice. Each and every member of our Job portal really liking this section. As now we are now going to share the 4th Part of this series of GK questions.  We decide to increase the Number of question in each part, so in this part we are going to share 20 questions instead of the 15 questions. So continue your visit with us for GK series based on Latest current affairs 2014.

Q No. 46 :- Second Schedule of Indian Constitution was deal with the :-
A) List of states & union territories   B) Forms of oaths & affirmations   C) Salary of President ,Governors , Chief Judges, Judges of High court etc.  D) Added by 73rd amendment in 1992. Contains provisions of Panchyati Raj.

Q No. 47 :- Minimum age of a citizen of India to become president of India :-
A) 25 Years   B) 30 Years   C) 35 Years   D) None of these

Q No. 48 :- Which five year Plan is called Mahalanobis plan :-
A) 1st Plan    B) 7th Plan   C) 8th Plan   D)   2nd Plan

Q No. 49 :- What was the tenure of three annual plans or also called plan holiday for 3 years :-
A) 1967-1970   B) 1966-1969   C) 1970-1973   D) 1976-1979

Q No. 50 :- Sixth Plan-1 by Janata Govt. is also callled :-
A) Mahalanobis plan   B) Garibi Hatao Plan   C) Rolling Plan   D) None of these.

Q No. 51 :- What is the tenure for the 12th five year plan :-
A) 2009-2014   B) 2007-2012   C) 2012-2017   D) 2008-2013

Q No. 52 :- Anthropology is a study of :-
A) Study of flowers   B) Study of apes & man kind   C) Study of Honey Industry  D) None of these

Q No. 53 :- Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) is the standard time in the :'-
A) USA   B)  UK   C) Russia   D)  Japan

Q No. 54 :- Governor Sr. J.K.Dadoo is the Governor of which UT :-
A) Daman and Diu  B) Lakshadweep C) New Delhi D) Puducherry
Q No. 55:- Who is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Defence System :-
A) PM of the country   B) General of the Indian Army   C) President of India   D) None of these

Q No, 56 :- Who is the Current Defence Minister of India :-
A) Salman Khursid   B) A.K Antony   C) Verrepa Moily   D) Kapil Sibal

Q No. 57 :- White Revolution or Opertaional flood is related to which area :-
A) Eggs   B) Milk   C) Oil Seed Production D) Spices

Q No. 58 :- Government is now planning for a Revolution for making the country self dependent in petroleum/crude oil, the name of the revolution is :-
A) Yellow Revolution B) Black Revolution C) Brown Revolution   D) Blue Revolution

Q No. 59 :- Bihu Dance is related to which state :-
A) Kerala   B) Andhra Pardesh C) Assam   D) Rajasthan

Q No. 60 :- Next Olympics 2016 will be held in :-
A) Brazil B) Russia C) China   D) India

Q No. 61 :- 1st Commonwealth Games were held in :-
A) India   B) Canada C) Uk   D) Brazil

Q No. 62 :- Next Cricket World Cup of 2017 ( Men ) will be held in :-
A) England   B) New Zealnd  C) South Africa  D) Australia

Q No. 63 :- Micro enterprise are those where investment in plant and machinery does not exceed :-
A) 1 Crore   B)  25 Lakh   C) 5 Crore          D) 10 Lakh

Q No. 64 :-Till now, how many Banking Ombudsmen have been appointed with their offices located mostly in state capitals :-
A) 20               B)   15             C) 25                           D) 30

Q No. 65 :- Magnetic Ink Character Recognition ( MICR ) code is of how many digits :-
A) 9 Digits   B) 10 Digits   C) 11 Digits   D) 8 Digits

46.       C
47.       C
48.       D
49.       B
50.       C
51.       C
52.       B
53.       B
54.       B
55. C
56. B
57. B
58. B
59. C
60. A
61. B
62. B
63. B
64. B
65. B
Now in the next section we are going to Share GK questions based on current affairs of March 2014. So continue reading with us.
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