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Jul 21, 2014



Questions from GK & Computer Section 2014
GK Questions asked in SBI CLERK EXAM 20th July 2014 (Both Shifts)
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Dear valuable reader our team working hard for you in achieving your Goal. This time we are going to share all the Questions belonging to the GK & Computer section only which are asked in SBI Clerk Exam. These question belong to the exam which was held on 20th July 2014 in both shift (Morning & Evening Shift). AAA-Bright Academy coaching institute help us in solving these questions abd providing us the correct answer to the each question.

SBI Clerk Exam-20th July 2014 (GK & Computer Questions)
1). Currency of Afghanistan Nation?
Correct Answer: Afghan Afghani

2). The Commercial Paper is issued for how many days?
Correct Answer: Minimum of 7 days and a maximum of up to one year from the date of issue.

3. The Currency of Malaysia is?
Correct Answer: Ringgit

4). Give the correct reason Why India ban the China milk products?
Correct Answer: due to presence of melamine, used for making plastics and fertiliser

5). Which player in football score hat trick goal in FIFA world cup?
Correct Answer: Thomas Muller (Germany) score first hat trick of the FIFA World Cup Tournament.

6). Capital of Mynamar?
Correct Answer: Naypyidaw.

7). If any candidate win two seats in Indian LoK Sabha elections so in what duration of time he has to leave one seat?
Correct Answer: 14 days

8). FIFA 2014 Macot Name?
Correct Answer: Fuleco (The name Fuleco is a portmanteau of the words "Futebol" ("Football") and "Ecologia" ("Ecology").)

9). who become the new Indian Overseas minister after Lok Sabha Election 2014?
Correct Answer: Sushma Swaraj

10). What is the full form of IBSA ?
Correct Answer: India, Brazil, South & Africa

11). When is the “World Autism day”?
Correct Answer: 2 April

12). On which Date World aids day is celebrated on?
Correct Answer: 1 December

13). After Lok Sabha Election who become the Chemical and fertilizer cabinet minister?
Correct Answer: Ananth Kumar

14). Beiji oil refinary located in which country?
Correct Answer: Iraq

15). What is the full form of PC?
Correct Answer: Personal Computer

16). Flipkart online shoping portal recently acquire which online shop portal ?
Correct Answer:

17). Currency of Italy?
Correct Answer: Euro

18). Who become the Head of SIT Committee ?
Correct Answer: MB Shah

19). Name of the Capital of Brazil is?
Correct Answer: Brasilia

20). Casual vacancy written by ?
Correct Answer: J K Rowling

21). Currency of Iraq is?
Correct Answer: Dinar

22). What is window vista?
Correct Answer: Operating System

23). Who regulate Monetary policy in India ?
Correct Answer: RBI

24). Budget comes under which article?
Correct Answer: Article-112

25). How many languages in Indian currency ?
Correct Answer: 17

26). What is the Full form of ASCII ?
Correct Answer: American Standard Code for Information Interchange

27). Kanyakumari formerly known as ?
Correct Answer: Cape Comorin

28). York University, Canada gave award to ?
Correct Answer: Ratan Tata

29). Where is the First plant of Nevia in India ?
Correct Answer: Sanand, Gujarat.

30). Devices that attached to computer outside?
Correct Answer: Peripheral devices.

31). who win 3 medals in ISSF world cup in Munich?
Correct Answer: Jitu Rai.

32). who is Richest Player in FIFA World cup?
Correct Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo

33). OPEC has how much % of total oil?
Correct Answer: 81%

34). Country having least global peace index?
Correct Answer: Syria

35). Tata group joined which airlines?
Correct Answer: Air Asia

36). Commercial papers issued in what multiples?
Correct Answer: Rs.5 lakh or multiples thereof.

37). Recently Navaratna status given to?
Correct Answer: National Building Construction Corporation & Engineers India Ltd (EIL)

38). Azlan Shah who died recently is a player of which game?
Correct Answer: Hockey Player

39). Indian currency notes bear a signature of?
Correct Answer: RBI Governor

40). World economic forum held in?
Correct Answer: Abuja (Nigeria)

41). Headquarter of Infosys?
Correct Answer: Bangalore

42). Best ranked IIT among BRICS top universities 2014?
Correct Answer: IIT Delhi

These questions are collected from different students who gave this exam on 20th July 2014. Thanks to Bright Academy student for sharing these questions.



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