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Dec 6, 2014



IBPS CLERK GA & Computer Questions 2014
6th Dec. 2014 (Morning Shift)
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ibps clerk exam 2014

In this we are going to share with you the questions which was asked in Today Exam of IBPS Clerk 2014in the Morning Shift. Later we will also share the Evening Shift questions with you. So stay with us. Thanks to Bright Academy students for sharing these questions of IBPS Clerk Exam 2014 with us.

Question 1). In MOM first M stands for
Answer- MARS

Question 2). Who is the author of the book 'Playing it my way'
 Answer- Sachin Tendulkar

Question 3).Where is the capital of Sweden?
Answer - Stockholm

Question 4).World chess champion event of 2014 held in ?
Answer - Sochi 

Question 5).Where is the headquarter of UNESCO ?
Answer - Paris

Question 6).KLO is active in which state ? 
Answer - Assam and West Bengal

Question 7).What is the full form of NPA ?
Answer - Non Performing Assets

Question 8).Who is the lender of last resort for banks in india ?
Answer - RBI

Question 9).What is the full form of URL?
Answer - Uniform Resource Locator

Question 10).What is the full form of KYC?
Answer - Know Your Customer 

Question 11).What is the full form of BC?
Answer -Business Correspondent

Question 12).Next Commonwealth summit will be held in ?
Answer - Malta

Question 13).Where was the venue of APEC summit in 2014 ?
Answer - Beijing

Question 14).What is Amortization ?
Answer - The paying off of debt with a fixed repayment schedule in regular installments over a period of time.

Question 15).What is the Duration of PPF account?
Answer - 15 years

Question 16).LRSAM missile is developed by India with the help of which country ? Answer - Israel

Question 17).Which one of the following is non-volatile memory? 

Question 18).Which one of the following is not secondary storage?

Question 19).In ms word the footer will be displayed ?
Answer - Bottom of the page

Question 20).Which state has highest rural population ?
Answer - Uttar Pradesh

Question 21).Who is named as the test cricketer of the year?
Answer - Mitchell Johnson

Question 22).dance is from which state ?
Answer - Jammu and Kashmir

Question 23).What is the currency of italy ?
Answer - Euro 

Question 24).What is the limit of free ATM transaction under PMJDY ?
Answer - 4

Question 25).What is the Base year for new consumer price index?
Answer - 2010

Question 26).Who is the current health minister ?
Answer- J.P.Nadda

Question 27).Where is the headquarter of SIDBI ?
Answer - Lucknow

Question 28).Manmohan singh to be awarded by which country ?
Answer - Japan

Question 29).Study of fungi is called as ?
Answer - Mycology

Question 30).Which state declared 2015 as the tourism year ?
Answer - Madhya Pradesh

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