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Jan 19, 2015



GK & GA Questions in NIACL Assistant Exam 2014
Questions Asked in 18th January 2015(Both Shift)
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Last day we share the GK Questions asked in 17-01-2015 NIACL Assistant Examination. Now this time we are going to share with you the all GK and GA Questions asked in NIACL Assistant exam which was held on 18-01-2015 in Both Shift. If any time while reading this post you want to access the GK Questions asked in 17-01-2015 you can CLICK HERE to access those questions.  

<< GK & GA Questions Asked in Morning Shift >>
Question 1). Gandhi setu connects which places?
Correct Ans. - Patna and Hajipur

Question 2). Union minister for heavy industries
Correct Ans. - Anant Geete

Question 3). Ankita raina belongs to which sport
Correct Ans. - Tennis

Question 4). What is the fulform of PIO ?
Correct Ans. - Person of Indian origin

Question 5). Mission indradhanush covers how much diseases?
Correct Ans. - 7

Question 6). Next NATO summit place?
Correct Ans. - Warsaw

Question 7). Abu Dabhi tennis championship winner?
Correct Ans. - Andy Murray

Question 8). Patrick Modiano got novel in which field?
Correct Ans. - Literature

Question 9). Population of female a/c to census?
Correct Ans. - 586.46 million

Question 10). Vienna is the capital of?
Correct Ans. - Austria

Question 11). ILO headquarter
Correct Ans. - Geneva

Question 12). Minimum capital required for white label ATMs'
Correct Ans. - 100 Crore

Question 13). NITI ayog chairman
Correct Ans. - Narendra Modi

Question 14). Commodity market regulator
Correct Ans. - FMC

Question 15). DICGC is owned by
Correct Ans. - RBI

Question 16). Vanbandhu kalyan yojna is for
Correct Ans. - Tribal peoples

Question 17). 3rd Sunday of January is celebrated in memory of ?
Correct Ans. - Martin Luther King Jr.

Question 18). Why RBI increase interest rates ?
Correct Ans. - To increase liquidity

<< GK & GA Questions asked in Evening Shift >>

Question 1). Venue of 19th national youth festival?
Correct Ans.  - Guwahati, assam

Question 2). Indian Navy day is observed on?
Correct Ans. - 4th december 

Question 3). Chile capital is?
Correct Ans. - Santiago

Question 4). First Vistara airlines started from?
Correct Ans. - DELHI to Mumbai

Question 5). Highest Carbon di Oxide emission country in world ?
Correct Ans. - China

Question 6). PAHAL scheme is related to ?
Correct Ans. - DBT of LPG

Question 7). What is the currency of Spain
Correct Ans. - EURO

Question 8). One life is not enough book is authored by ?
Correct Ans. - Natwar Singh

Question 9). Ways and means of railways committee head?
Correct Ans.  - DK Mittal

Question 10). Vice chairman of niti ayog?
Correct Ans. - Arvind Pangariya

Question 11). Canada's central bank name?
Correct Ans. - Bank of canada

Question 12). Health insurance minimum capital?
Correct Ans. - 100 crore

Question 13). Payment bank minimum paid up capital?
Correct Ans. - One Lakh

Question 14). In CP,  C stands for?
Correct Ans. - Commercial

Question 15). Anirban lahiri is related to which sport?
Correct Ans. - Golf

Question 16). Anand defeated whom to win London classics?
Correct Ans. - Michael Adams

Question 17). Where is Dr. Samir ali bird sanctuary?
Correct Ans.- GOA

Question 18). BIS head quarter is situated at?
Correct Ans.- Basel, Switzerland

Question 19). Union minister for steel,Labour and mines?
Correct Ans. - Narendra Singh Tomar

Question 20). Who is not a regulator?
Correct Ans. - IBA (among the options)

Question 21). Market regulator of index futures?
Correct Ans. - SEBI

Question 22). UNEP headquarters?
Correct Ans. - Nairobi, Kenya

Question 23). Largest company in terms of revenue?
Correct Ans. - IOCL

Question 24). John o' keefe won Nobel for?
Correct Ans. - Medicine

Question 25). Climate change summit held at?
Correct Ans. - Lima, peru

Question 26). UIIC's largest shareholder?
 Correct Ans. - Central government



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