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Feb 21, 2015


Indian History GK Important Questions
Asked in SSC/IB/UPSC EXAM- 2013, 2014
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Continue with our efforts this time we are going to share with you the most important Indian History GK Questions which are already asked in SSC/UPSC/IB Examination the years 2013, 2014 respectively. So read these Indian History GK question carefully if you are preparing for these examination. Every week we will share a new post related to these questions. Every post of our will contain 20 questions related to the Indian History GK Questions.

Question 1). What was the time period of Indus Civilization (OR) Harappan Civilization?
A. 2400 BC - 1700 BC
B. 2400 BC - 1750 BC
C. 2500 BC - 1700 BC
D. 2500 BC - 1750 BC
Correct Answer: Option D

Question 2). Which was the largest site of Indus Civilization ?
A. Mohenjodaro
B. Lothal
C. Chanhudaro
D. Dholavira
Correct Answer Option A

 Question 3). Which was the largest Indian site of Indus Civilization ?
A. Mohenjodaro
B. Lothal
C. Chanhudaro
D. Dholavira
Correct Answer Option D

Question 4). Indus people were first to produce cotton in the world ?
Correct Answer Option A

Question 5). Which two Indus sites found in Afghanistan?
A. Lothal and Daimabad
B. Shatughai and Dainabad
C. Shatughai and Mundigaq
D. Mundigaq and Daimabad
Correct Answer Option C

Question 6). Which was the ancient port of Indus Civilization?
A. Harappa
B. Lothal
C. Dholavira
D. Surkotada
Correct Answer Option B

Question 7). Vedic Culture was from
A. 1500 BC to 600 BC
B. 1450 BC to 550 BC
C. 1400 BC to 500 BC
D. 1300 BC to 400 BC
Correct Answer Option A

Question 8). Which is the oldest text in the world ?
A. Yajur Veda
B. Atharva Veda
C. Rig Veda
D. Sama Veda
Correct Answer Option C

Question 9). How many Mandalas Rig Veda contains ?
A. 9 Mandalas
B. 10 Mandalas
C. 11 Mandalas
D. 12 Mandalas
Correct Answer Option B

Question 10). Which veda is important for Indian Music ?
A. Sama Veda
B. Yajur veda
C. Atharva Veda
D. Rig Veda
Correct Answer Option A

Question 11). Which Veda contains cure of diseases?
A. Sama Veda
B. Atharva Veda
C. Rig Veda
D. Yajur Veda
Correct Answer Option B

Question 12). Which of following was not a varna of Society ?
A. Shudra
B. Vaisya
C. Kshatriya
D. Vaiswik
Correct Answer Option D

Question 13). Mahajanapada Period was from ?
A. 700 BC to 375 BC
B. 650 BC to 350 BC
C. 625 BC to 350 BC
D. 600 BC to 325 BC
Correct Answer Option D

Question 14). Ajatasatru was son of
A. Bimisara
B. Udayin
C. Shisunaga
D. None of above
Correct Answer Option A

Question 15). The Shisunaga Dynasty was overthrown by ?
A. Bimisara
B. Ajatashatru
C. Mahapadma
D. Chandragupta Maurya
Correct Answer Option C

Question 16). Gautama Buddha renounced home at the age of ?
A. 26
B. 27
C. 28
D. 29
Correct Answer Option D

Question 17). Who was Channa ?
A. Budhha's Horse
B. Budhha's Charioteer
C. Budhha's Cousin
D. Budhha's Deciple
Correct Answer Option B

Question 18). Pali Texts are associated with ?
A. Hiduism
B. Budhhaism
C. Islam
D. Jews
Correct Answer Option B

Question 19). Where Gautama Buddha attained Nirvana (enlightenment) ?
A. Lumbini
B. Sarnath
C. Kusinagar
D. Bodh Gaya
Correct Answer Option D

Question 20). When was Mahavira born ?
A. 530 BC
B. 540 BC
C. 550 BC
D. 560 BC
Correct Answer Option B

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