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Feb 12, 2015



Important GEOGRAPHY GK Questions (Part-2)
Can Be Asked in UPSC/ SSC / Railways Exams 2015
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We already Share with you the first post related to the Geography GK. Now This our 2nd post in which we are going to share with you the most important Geography question which can be asked in the upcoming SSC/UPSC / Railways Examination 2015. We are continue with our efforts. In the Last post we share the 10 questions and now this this we are going to share more. So stay in touch with us for regular GK updates online.

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Questions 1). How many national water ways in India
a. 3                             
b. 5
c. 7                             
d. 9
Correct Answer: Option (D).

Questions 2). Between which range does Kashmir valley in Himalayas located
a. Zaskar-Pir Panchal                                   
b. Shiwalik – Pir Punchal
c. Dhauldhar- Zaskar                       
d. Pir Panchal – Dhauldhar
Correct Answer: Option (A).

Questions 3). The Thar Express goes to:
a. Afghanistan                       
b. Bangladesh
c. Pakistan                 
d. Myanmar
Correct Answer: Option (C).

Questions 4). Guwahati is situated on the bank of the river:
a. Teesta                                
b. Brahmaputra
c. Hooghly                             
d. Sone
Correct Answer: Option (B).

Questions 5). Kanchenjunga is situated in:
a. Nepal                                 
b. Sikkim
c. West Bengal                      
d. H.P
Correct Answer: Option (B).
Questions 6). With which set of following countries has Arunchal Pradesh common border:
a. Bhutan, Bangladesh and China
b. Myanmar, Bangladesh and China
c. Bhutan, China and Myanmar
d. Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar
Correct Answer: Option (C).

Questions 7). Big Bang theory explains:
a. Origin of Universe            
b. Origin of Star
c. Laws of Physics                
d. None
Correct Answer: Option (A).

Questions 8). Census data released on July 15,2011 reflects that 13.48 percent urban population lives in :
a. Jharkhand                         
b. U.P
c. Maharashtra                     
d. Tamil Nadu
Correct Answer: Option (C).

Questions 9). As per studies, the Tummalapalle mine in Andhra Pradesh could have Uranium reserve of:
a. 1 lakh tonnes                    
b. 1.5 lakh tonnes
c.  2 lakh tonnes                   
d. 2.5 lakh tonnes
Correct Answer: Option (B).

Questions 10). Which of the following is a famous Assamese Festival:
a. Makar Sakranti                 
b. Yugadi
c.  Onam                                 
d. Rongali Bihu
Correct Answer: Option (D).

Questions 11). The least populated state in India is:
a. A.P                          
b. Sikkim
c.  Mizoram               
d. Uttarakhand
Correct Answer: Option (B).

Questions 12). Tsunamis are waves generated by:
a. Earthquakes beneath the Sea
b. Moon’s pull
c. High tides of the oceans
d. cyclones
Correct Answer: Option (A).

Questions 13). Which of the following is correctly matched:
a. Assam – Itanagar
b. Arunachal Pradesh – Guwahati
c. Tripura – Agartala
d. Nagaland - Shillong
Correct Answer: Option (C).

Questions 14). Surat is located on the banks of the river:
a. Narmada   
b. Sharavathi
c. Mahi                                   
d. Tapti
Correct Answer: Option (D).

Questions 15). The purest form of iron is:
a. Cast iron                
b. Steel
c.  Pig iron                             
d. Wrought iron
Correct Answer: Option (A).



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