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Aug 6, 2015



Tips to Solve Classification Based Questions of Reasoning Section
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Tips to Solve Classification Based Questions of Reasoning Section

Hello friends, today we are sharing some tips to solve the questions related to classification topic of reasoning section.

So first of all we should know, what CLASSIFICATION means for?

·      Classification is a term used to arrange the given items of a group on the basis of a some common quality they posses and find the odd one out.
·       These types of questions consists a group of 4 or 5 items out of which one would possess some different quality, have some different pattern & rest of the given items would be similar in a certain relationship among themselves.
·         So, we have to find that odd item in a group.
·         Normally, two-types of questions can be expected from this topic:
Ø  Alphabetical series
Ø  Number series

Alphabetical Series:
In these types of questions, we will be provided with five groups of words, out of which we have to find the odd word which possess different quality or pattern from the other words of the similar group.

Hints that you can look for:
·         Presence of vowels.
·        Check the number of alphabets in between the letters in each group both in forward and reverse direction as present in the English alphabet series.

Let us take an example:

Q) Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence form a group. Find the
one that does not belong to the group?

(a) OPQ (b) EFG (c) VWG (d) ABC (e) IJK

First look for the vowels.

All the given options a, b, d & e consists of a vowel OPQ, EFG, ABC, IJK. Only option c consists of consonents.

Therefore, option ‘c’ VWG is the odd one out & will be the required answer.

Q) Find the one does not belong to the group?

        (a)  SVZ (b) DFH (c) JLN (d)NPR (e) VXZ

Solution: As there are no vowels present in the given options. Therefore now we can look for the number of alphabets present between each letter in the Eglish alphabetical series

S V Z       D F H     J L N    N P R      V X Z
 2  3          1 1          1 1      1  1         1 1

As clear from the above pattern that all the given options b, c, d & e have a difference of one letter between them, thus forming a group, only option (a) have a difference of 2-letter ‘TU’ between S and V & a difference of 3-letters ‘WXY’ between V and Z

Therefore, option (a) SVZ will be the required answer.

Number Series:

To find the odd one out from the given numbers we can use the following hints to find the solution. Check whether the given numbers are:
1) Divisible by some number
2) Odd number group
3) Even number group
4) Prime number
5) Square roots
6) Cube roots
7) Square ± number
8) Cube ± number
9) Sum of digits

Q) Find the one does not belong to the group?

(a) 37 (b) 26 (c) 325 (d) 35 (e) 226

By analysing for the pattern we find that, the numbers in the options are in the (Square ± number) form:

37 = 62 + 1
26 = 52 +1
325 = 182+1
35 = 62 – 1
226 = 152+1

Therefore, option (d) 35 will be the required answer.

Thank you Friends !! J



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