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Sep 24, 2015

How To Start Job Searching After Graduation


How To Start Job Searching After Graduation
Students usually become more serious about their career after getting into college, all those fun, frolic and parties notwithstanding. As the time for final semester and exam comes closer, many of them start thinking about the next phase after passing out- job searching. This is no easy task, no matter which discipline you hail from. High marks in graduation can help but that is not the only thing you need to land up in a suitable job, as it is!

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After completing graduation, students need to be methodical in their approach while searching for jobs. Below listed are a few handy tips that such aspirants can find useful:

·         Polishing up the CV- While there is hardly anything called the perfect CV, it is quite important that you give your CV a brush up after graduation and before you start job hunting! Analyze if you have forgotten to mention small skills or recently acquired certificate, etc. If you have done an internship at any coveted organization, include the experience on your CV as well. However, do not make the CV too long.

·         Using online networking- Instead of spending a lot of time on social networking sites chatting with friends, use the online professional networking sites to your advantage. If you have plans to pursue a master’s degree and want to work part-time or freelance, consider making a profile on sites like Elance. Using sites like LinkedIn can also be helpful to interact with employers, find information on job openings, etc. Keep some time every day, maybe at night, to scour these sites and look for openings and apply to all suitable vacancies posted. Apart from the web, you should use all other resources to find updates on job openings.

·         Using job portals- You need to create profiles at online job portals, if you are unsure about how to get the right job. It is important to update these profiles just like you update your CV from time to time. You can specify at the profile the specific type of jobs that you are keen on doing. This makes things simpler for both parties.

·         Acquiring new skills- it is important that you groom yourself and prepare for entering the professional world, even when you search for jobs after graduation. Acquiring new skills can also be helpful. It does not mean you will have to opt for an expensive diploma in hardware or IT. You may try learning a new language at this time. This can enhance your prospects for jobs.

·         Coping with stress- The time after graduation can be quite stressful too. You may feel stressed about some of your peers landing plum jobs while you are still searching for an opening. When this keeps rising, it can affect your confidence and performance and interviews adversely. To cope with this stress and anxiety at this stage, you can try numerous measures. You may take a small vacation to refresh your mind and body. Practicing meditation is an excellent idea. It will help you stay calm and focus on your objective.



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