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Apr 7, 2016

GK Questions Asked in Railway Exam Held on 07th April 2016 (Morning Shift)

GK Questions Asked in Railways Recruitment Exam 2106
Exam Held on 07th April 2016 (Morning Shift)
Continue with GK Questions Series asked in Railways Recruitment Board examination 2016, this time we are going to share GK Questions asked in RRB Exam Held on 07th April 2016.

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Gk Questions Asked In Today (07.04.2016) RRB Exam Shift-1

1. Who is BCCI president
Ans: Shashank Manohar

2.Odd man Out (Physics, chemistry, biology, social)
Ans: Social

3.Lalit Kala Akademi?
Ans:To encourage and promote study and research in the fields of creative arts such as painting, sculpture and graphics etc.

4. Female anopheles mosquito causes Which disease?
Ans: Malaria

5. Author of the Novel “A Brief History of Seven Killings”
Ans:  Marlon James

6. Which one is fastest memory?
Ans:  Cache

7. Yogeshwar Dutt is from which field?
Ans: Wrestler

8. Who is the writer of Sustainable Development?
Ans: Krishan Saigal

9. In UNESCO world heritage which is not included Mountain railways of India
Ans:  kashmir railway

10.Zn Present In?
Ans: Bri

11. Man Booker Prize 2015?
Ans: Marlon James

12.Father of White Revolution in India

Ans: V.Kurien

13.The acid used is car battery is?
Ans: Sulphuric Acid

14.‘Land of the morning Clam’ refers to?
Ans: Korea

15.WHO was established in the year?
Ans: 1948

16.Evergreen forests are found in?
Ans: Equatorial regions

17. Ozone hole clearly visible in antarctic which season?
Ans: Summer(October)

Ans: geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle

19.SMAP satellite launched by

20.NASA act which yeas?

21.Natya shashtra is written by?
Ans:Sage Bharata.

22.Name of famous GOA church..?
Ans: Cathedral

23.In UNESCO world heritage which is not included mountain railway of India?
Ans: Kashmir
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