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Jan 9, 2019

UPSC NDA Examination 2019 - National Defense Academy & Naval Academy Examination (I) 2019

UPSC NDA Examination 2019

Officer Entry in Indian Defense

National Defense Academy & Naval Academy Examination (I) 2019

Here comes the fresh Notification for UPSC NDA Examination 2019. So those who are waiting for the UPSC NDA Examination can apply now online through the UPSC official website. As we all know that UPSC conducts this examination two time every years. All 12th Pass candidates through out India can apply for this UPSC NDA Examination.

UPSC NDA Examination 2019

The applicants applying for the NDA examination should ensure that they achieve all the suitability conditions for the admission to the Examination. Their admission at all the phases of the examination will be purely provisional subject to satisfying the prescribed eligibility circumstances. Mere issue of Admission Certificate to the applicant will not imply that his candidature has been finally cleared by the UPSC Commission. Authentication of eligibility conditions with reference to original documents is taken up only after the applicant has qualified for interview/Personality Test. More information related to this UPSC NDA Exam 2019 is given below in this article. Read it carefully.

Information About this NDA Examination 2019

1). Examination Name:  UPSC NDA Exam 2019

Number of Vacancies: 392 posts.


Basic Employability Skills List - Good Job Skills are Critical for Future Employment

Employability Skills List

Good Job Skills

Employability Skill Improvement to Grab A Good Job in Future

In this article we are going to share some basic employability skills list with you readers to grab a good job in future. Everyone of us should know about these basic employability skills before getting ready for a professional careers.  Looking ahead at 2019 and beyond, is not just about jobs and careers of the future, but more about how we should prepare ourselves for what could be a completely different world 10 years hence! Ten years ago, Facebook didn’t exist, nor did WhatsApp! Ten years before that, we didn’t have the Web. Yet today everyone is on a roller coaster speeding ahead to a world where nothing is predictable, nor impossible. But what is apparent is that good job skills won’t disappear — they will be re-defined, requiring new skill list. The idea that you get an education when you're young and then you stop and you go and work for 40 or 50 years with that educational training and that’s over for sure now. All of us are going to have to continue to adapt, get new employability skills, and possibly go back for different types of training and credentials.
Employability Skills List

Moreover, the skills set needed for jobs in the future are changing along with the advancing technology and the digital world. In fact, soft skills like communication, problem-solving, collaboration and empathy are becoming as much valued as tech savviness. In such a world, how do we prepare ourselves for the jobs of the unknown future ? We can do that by focusing today's learning towards employability skills required for an evolving and super charged tomorrow:

Social Skills – Communication

It isn't enough just doing engineering, or some technical course, the better technology gets, the more people will have to focus on their "human skills" to survive in the workforce. As computers get more intelligent, the work that will take over will require human skills like leadership, motivation and emotional intelligence. In fact overall social skills such as persuasion, and teaching others will be in demand across industries, as will cognitive abilities, such as creativity and mathematical reasoning, communication and complex problem solving capabilities.

Equally important is Social Intelligence : The ability to connect with others in a deep and direct way to sense and stimulate reactions and desired interactions ; Cross cultural competence - the ability to operate in different cultural settings; and trans- disciplnary intelligence - literacy in and ability to understand concepts across multiple disciplines.

Technology skills:

Starting with solid technology skills, essential for every student — Digital literacy skills. The digital transformation impacts every industry, and being able to befriend the “machine” is one of the most critical of skills. Just knowing programming languages is not enough. Even today the maximum jobs being lost are in the IT services sector, where applications are being moved to the cloud, and the focus is on machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics. The ability to embrace technology and machines is about the ability to get stuff done, about knowing the tools and how to use them. They also involve using social media, working with design or video editing software and knowing programming languages. Some skills that could be useful in a future technology-driven world:

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: AI is becoming essential for acquiring, storing, transferring and managing the huge amounts of data produced today. AI and machine learning scientists can work within a variety of settings, including private companies, technology companies, production and manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, customer service, finance, construction, government agencies and defence.

Coding : An increasing number of businesses are relying on computer code, particularly those involving Information Technology, Data Analysis, design, engineering and pure science.

Digital Marketing: More and more companies are moving their marketing into the digital space for greater reach and access to the needs of customers, their usage of websites and search engines and to optimize online marketing initiatives.

Design thinking: Accelerated rates of technological and social change will require more workers to focus on problem finding and problem framing, rather than simply problem solving. Design thinking introduces methods of problem finding and problem framing in the pursuit of emergent innovation. Some ways to develop or improve your technology skills include:
■ Take up a short or online course in the IT skills you wish to develop
■ Find out what technology will be used in the job you want and how it's used
■ Take up extra training at work

Tips to boost Basic employability Skills
■ Learn a new language - bilingual employees have a definite advantage in today's global world.

■Whenever possible, participate in college activities and be a part of the organising committee for college events. These initiatives will teach you values of team work, leadership skills, communication skills and will go a long way in preparing you for the future.

■ Take up a summer internship while you are still studying so that you get hands-on experience of the workings of an industry. This will be taken into account by your hiring manager and will give you an edge over other candidates.

■ It is vital to keep an open mind and keep learning, throughout your career. Maintain a lifelong learning outlook. It will certainly help improve your employability.

Critical thinking & complex problem-solving Although we strongly rely on automated technology for some parts of our work, there are some things a computer just cannot do, such as make executive decisions for us. The Information Age requires a brand-new set of skills involving statistics, probability, cost-benefit analysis, principles of cognitive psychology, logic and dialectical reasoning. You need these skills to be able to constantly analyze various situations, consider multiple solutions and make decisions through logic and reasoning.

Problem-solving is a skill we should all possess but as the world advances, we'll be faced with even more difficulties than ever before. In order to find solutions to these problems, you need to have the mental flexibility and proficiency of thinking outside the box, to see the bigger picture and come up with solutions and responses. It involves being able to use a logical process to figure things out. Start expanding your brain power and tackling a few issues that have been lingering, and you'll be fully prepared for the future.

Some ways to develop adaptability/Employability skills: Start in small ways like changing your route to work, saying 'yes' to something you might normally say 'no' to automatically, or trying a different and unfamiliar food Look for opportunities to try new things that will keep you learning- learn a new skill, make new friends, try a new type of food, take the initiative for starting something new in your college, community. Whenever you encounter a new challenge, make a quick list of some of the potential ways you could solve the problem. Experiment with different strategies and focus on developing a logical way to work through common problems Undertake exercises that encourage you to work out several COAs (Courses of action) for hypothetical challenging situations. Every one should have a Good Job skill to satisfy his/her role in the organization. So every one should work on these basic Employability Skills to increase their job scope.


Bombay High Court Recruitment 2019 - Government Jobs for Law Clerk Posts

Bombay High Court Recruitment 2019

Government Jobs for Law CLERK Posts

Bombay High Court Recruitment 2019 for Law Clerk posts in the High Court of Bombay and Its bench offices at Nagpur and Aurangabad. There are total 54 vacancies which are going to be filled up through this High court recruitment process 2019.

Bombay High Court Recruitment 2019

More information related to these Government jobs for Clerk posts in High court of Bombay is given below in this article. We gather this information from the official PDF file which was published on the official website of the Bombay High Court. We also share the link of that PDF file under IMPORTANT LINK section at the last of this article. So all the rights of the information which we shared in this article goes to that PDF file only.

Information About this Bombay High Court Recrutiment

1). Job Profile:  Law Clerk

Number of Vacancies: 54 posts

Pay Band: Rs.20,000 per Month

Eligibility Criteria Required for Applying
Educational Requirements:
All India Fresh Law Graduates who have passed the final LL.B. Examination in the first attempt with minimum of 55% marks. 
Candidates possessing a Post Graduate Degree in Law.

AGE LIMIT: For applying these law jobs in India applicants age must be in between 21 years to 30 years for applying.

What is the Application Fee?
Applicants who are interested in these Government jobs in India need not to pay any application fee. Bombay high court in inviting all candidates to apply without paying application fee.

Process for Applying
Eligible Applicants have to fill up the offline application form related to these Law Clerk jobs under this Bombay High Court recruitment 2019. To get the application form download the official Advertisement, we shared the link of the official Advertisement file below under IMPORTANT LINK section. Download the file from that link and you will find the application form inside that file only.

23rd Jan. 2019 is the Last Date to accept application.



Beat Your Stress & be a Winner - How to Overcome from the Examination Stress

Beat Your stress & be a winner

How to Overcome from the Examination Stress

Here we are going to share few tips on “How to beat your stress during examination?”. Ask a student about what he fears the most in his life and the answer in all probability would be examination. It causes stress and anxiety like no other thing to students. Fear of examination, also called the examination phobia, if not tamed in time can aggravate o stress, a far more critical condition. It adversely affects the academic performance and career prospects of a student. Following are given some key steps to keep stresses under control and do away with result pressures –

1. Reasons behind the stress: Every problem has a solution and that is why first it is essential to know what ails you. This is the first step in the direction of uprooting stress. For some students, lack of completion of syllabi poses a great problem. While for others a bigger issue is lack of retention power. Some students are not able to understand the concepts properly and thus feel the pressure of appearing in an examination. The first step towards finding a solution is making an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Once you know your problems, do your best to solve them with the guidance of professionals and experts. The faster you overcome your problems, the sooner you gain confidence.

Beat Your stress & be a winner

2. Realise your dreams: Hard work and sincere efforts are the key to success. Achieving much-expected results in examination has the same success formula. Going through the syllabus seriously and thoroughly is prerequisite for good results. This results in confidence and courage and ultimately helps you deal with pressures of examination.

3. Proper planning a must: Chalking out a plan for the examination preparation is important to get desired results. But majority of students don’t give importance to planning. They fail to assess the tasks to be accomplished until the examinations begin. Delay in planning is also not good because you are left with relatively less time to finish the tasks. And consequently, problems start inundating you. So, you need to chalk out a comprehensive time plan only at the beginning of the session. Religiously sticking to the planned study hours is also equally important.

4. Seek guidance from parents: Always open up with your parents about examination stress. If you fear your parents, share your concerns with a friend or a teacher. Talking about your problems will help you allay the fears and phobia of examination.

5. Practice meditation: Regular meditation calms one’s mind. It also helps enhance focus and better concentration, which ultimately help students grasp the subject faster. So Practice meditation at least for 10 to 15 minutes as per the schedule.

6. Have practical goals: Dreaming to achieve bigger things is human nature. However, your Wishlist should be practical, depending on the resources available and your strength. Honest assessment of your capabilities is very important. Do not allow yourself to get swayed by the unrealistic and highly ambitious plans. Know your own strengths and weaknesses. Set your goal keeping your limitations in mind.

7. Pull up yourself: Students usually panic during examinations. But that doesn’t help. Rather, it aggravates the situation. At this crossroads, you need to be very rational. Do not lose patience. Drop all the thoughts of rejection, and frustration. Try to always stay stoic and firm. Keep on pushing hard for what you want to do in your life. This would help you become courageous to brave the challenges of life with ease.

Jan 8, 2019

ONGC Recruitment 2019 - ONGC Careers Making Opening for 297 Assistant & Technician Posts

ONGC Recruitment 2019

ONGC Careers Making Opening

Govt Jobs for 297 Jr. Assistant & Technicians

Fresh ONGC Careers Making Opening 2019 for all well qualified candidates for various job profiles. ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited), is a “Maharatna” Public Sector organization under Government of India. ONGC is one of the major organization which is involved in Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas in India and abroad as well. As a result ONGC is a global player in energy, it contributes about 70% of India’s domestic Oil and Gas production.

ONGC Recruitment 2019

Presently, ONGC through its subsidiary ONGC Videsh is India’s largest Transnational Corporate with overseas investment of over 10 billion USD in 20 countries. ONGC offers one of the best compensation packages in cost to company (CTC) terms in the country with opportunity of merit-oriented advancement in a professionally managed organisation focused on growth.

ONGC Careers making opportunities for all Indian applicants who are looking for a bright career. ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited) invites Job applications from new and active Indian peoples owning Assam state domicile for selection to the under mentioned posts for ONGC’s offices in Assam with the pay scales as mentioned below. Most of the Jobs demand outdoor field work in shifts requiring considerable physical efforts and technical skills. The job is transferable to any location within the country as demanded by the semi-mobile nature of operations. More information related to this ONGC Recruitment 2019 is given below in this article. Read it carefully before applying.

Basic Info About this ONGC Recruitment 2019

1. Assistant Rigman (Drilling) – 01 Post
Technical Assistant – 81 Posts
Assistant Grade-III – 01 Post
Security Supervisor – 01 Post
Clinical Assistant – 01 Post
Junior Technical Assistant – 05 Posts
Junior Assistant Technician – 126 Posts
Junior Motor Vehicle Driver – 13 Posts
Junior Slinger Cum Rigger – 02 Posts
Junior Assistant – 31 Posts
 Junior Security Supervisor – 02 Posts
 Junior Fire Supervisor – 04 Posts
Medical Assistant – 14 Posts
Pharmacist – 09 Posts
Junior Health Attendant – 06 Posts

Eligibility Criteria for this ONGC Recruitment

Educational Requirement: 12th Pass, Diploma in Engineering, 2 Years ITI Course, BSc Graduates, Engineering Degree Holder, Post Graduates in Science Stream can apply for the Above job profiles which we explained above.

Age Bond: Applicants age must be in between 18 years to 30 years. For more detail to know more about Age limits please check the official Advertisement whose link we attached at the Last of this article under IMPORTANT LINK section.

Required Application for this ONGC Recruitment 2019

i. For General/ OBC candidates- Rs 370/- as Registration fee (Fee- Rs 299.20/- plus GST-10.80/- plus Bank charges- Rs 60/-). Registration fee is non-refundable.

ii. ONGC Departmental candidates/Tenure based employees would also be required to deposit the applicable registration/processing fee through the Challan form. However, the same would be reimbursable.

iii. SC/ST/PWD/Ex-Servicemen candidates are exempted to pay any fee.


27th Jan. 2019 is the Last Date to apply.



Govt Jobs for 115 Primary Teacher Posts in Delhi - Directorate of Education Recruitment 2019

Directorate of Education Recruitment 2019

Government Jobs in Delhi

Govt Jobs for 115 Primary Teacher

Directorate of Education recruitment Notice for Primary Teacher posts 2019. Here comes the Latest Government job announcement for Primary Teacher posts under teaching profession. So those who are looking for the teaching career in India can apply for these Government jobs in Delhi for TGT Posts. There are total 115 Primary Teacher vacancies which are going to be filled up through this recruitment process.

Directorate of Education Recruitment 2019

Eager applicants may apply online through the official website of department whose link is: “”. Applicants can apply online up to 13/01/2019 in anyone of the district of their choice. The candidate shall fill up his or her name as recorded in the certificate of Secondary/Sr. Secondary Board Examination, failing which application shall be summarily rejected. No change in the application form will be entertained after submission. The request related to these Government jobs for Primary teacher shall be submitted online 13/01/2019 by 5pm. The result will be displayed on website on 18/01/2019. More information related to these Government job for Teacher posts is given below:

Basic Info About these Teaching Jobs

Profile Name:
 Primary Teachers
Vacancies: 115 Posts.
Pay Band: 35,420 per Month.

Eligibility Criteria for Govt of Delhi Recruitment

Educational Requirement: Indian student who completed their 10+2 (or) Intermediate education from Any Recognized Educational Board in India and also have Two Year Diploma in Elementary Teacher Education / Junior Basic Training / Equivalent Degree with CTET Primary Level Exam Passed can apply.

Age Bond: Applicants age not Specified in the official Advertisement by the Department.

Required Application Fee For Applying

All candidates who fulfilled above suitability standards can apply for these Primary Teacher Posts in Delhi without paying any application fee. ZERO application fee is required for applying.


5TH Jan. 2019 is the Starting Date to apply.
13th Jan. 2019 is the Last Date to apply.



Jan 7, 2019

RBI Recruitment 2019 - Government Jobs for Jr. Engineer Posts in Reserve Bank of India

RBI Recruitment 2019

Reserve Bank of India Recruitment for Jr. Engineers

Govt Jobs for Engineer Posts

RBI Job applications are requested from qualified Indian Peoples for the post of Junior Engineer (Civil) and for the post of Junior Engineer (Electrical) in Reserve Bank of India(RBI/Bank). Those who are looking for the Bank jobs in India as an engineer can apply for this RBI Recruitment process. Diploma Holder as well as degree holder under particular stream can apply for this RBI Recruitment for Jr. Engineers 2019.

RBI Recruitment 2019

Applicants can apply only for one post and also for one Zone. If there are multiple registrations, the last registration will be retained. Applicants need not submit /send at any address, application printouts or any certificates or copies thereof at the time of online application. Their candidature will be considered on the strength of the information declared in the application. If at any stage, it is found that any information furnished in the online application is false/ incorrect or if according to RBI, the candidate does not satisfy the eligibility criteria, his/ her candidature/ appointment is liable to be cancelled/ terminated. More information related to this RBI Recruitment for Jr. Engineers under Electrical and Civil Stream is given below in this article. Read it carefully to know more.

Basic Info About this RBI Recruitment for Engineers 2019

Profile Name: Jr. Engineer (Civil/Electrical)

Vacancies: 24 Posts.

Pay Band: Rs.21, 400 per Month.


Punjab and Haryana High Court Recruitment 2019 - Government Jobs in Chandigarh for 352 Clerk Posts

Punjab and Haryana High Court Recruitment 2019

Government Jobs in Chandigarh

Govt Jobs for 352 CLERK Posts

Punjab and Haryana High Court recruitment Notice for filling up the vacant positions of Clerk. Those who are looking for the stable and secure Government jobs in Chandigarh in well reputed organization can apply for this High Court recruitment process 2019. High Court of Punjab and Haryana is going to fill up total 352 vacancies of clerk job profile through this recruitment procedure. All fresher Indian Graduates are eligible to apply for these Government jobs for clerk posts in Chandigarh city.  

Punjab and Haryana High Court Recruitment 2019

Society for Centralized Recruitment of Staff in Subordinate Courts under High Court of Punjab and Haryana (S.S.S.C.) on behalf of the District and Sessions Judges of the State of Haryana, invites online Government job requests from qualified applicants only at for filling up vacant posts of Clerk in the Subordinate Courts of Haryana as per details given below. We clarified full information related to these clerk jobs under this article, please read the whole article very carefully before applying online for these Government jobs in Chandigarh.

Basic Information About this Punjab High Court Recrutiment 2019

Profile Name: Clerk

Vacancies: 352 Posts.

Pay Band: Rs.10,300 - 34,800 + Rs.3200 GP per Month.