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30 June 2020

18 Best Courses after 12th Arts - Career Options after 12th Arts (High Salary Courses)

Career Options after 12th Arts

Best Courses after 12th Arts

After 12th arts class, students remain confused about what to do and what not to do next. In such a situation, due to the wrong information, they often move in the wrong direction, which also ruins their career. In this Sarkari job portal news, we are going to tell you about some best courses after 12th arts class.  This article is all about the high salary courses after 12th arts.

Today, there are many career paths for the one who has passed in their 12th Arts class. After 12th class one can do his/her GRADUATION in arts stream.

·    There will be a great chance for a bright career if you are doing BA (Psychology), MA Psychology, then one can choose the Psychologist career option. 

·      One can also search for the NGOs, social organizations jobs after doing BA with sociology. 

·    At the same time, anthropology (anthropology) also has a good career option for the youth. 

·       Career can be made in the fields of civil services, journalism etc. 

·   If you take a foreign language course, then there is also employment opportunities in the travel and tourism department. 

career options after 12th arts

Now below in this article we are going to tell you best career options after 12th Arts:

1. Music Field Courses after 12th Arts:
Today, youths are very passionate for the musical talent show broadcasting on all various television channels. A few years ago, music was used as a hobby or part-time, but due to the revolution in the entertainment world, there has been a tremendous craze among the youth towards this area. 

The special thing is that the global music industry is one of the fastest-growing industries globally. In this industry, you can start a career as a playback singer, pop star, agents, and music-producer

Apart from this, copywriters, recording technicians, music therapy, production, promotion, management as well as performance can also be a good career making option in the field. 

After 12th arts class, you can take admission in BA in a music course. Students who are taking interest in such courses are likely to remain in demand in the upcoming coming days.

Best Institutes To Take Admission-
·       Ajmer Music College, Ajmer
·       Banasthali Vidyapeeth, Banasthali, Rajasthan
·       Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Bihar
·       Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab

14 June 2020

How To Become An Ultrasound Technician / Sonographer - Best Job Oriented Courses

How To Become An Ultrasound Technician

How to become Sonographer

Today in this Govt Job Portal website we are going to share the career-making information on how to become an Ultrasound Technician. As an ultrasound technician, you should be an expert in operating ultrasound machines in various hospitals and health centres.

These Ultrasound machines can generate video or still images of different internal organs within human bodies for medical diagnosis. These machines are designed to send sound waves towards targeted parts of a human body and receive reflections from them.

Such reflection is generated in the form of images that help medical professionals in making accurate diagnoses. Ultrasound machines are very costly and sophisticated and need the trained Sonographer technicians for operation and proper maintenance. As such, there is a demand for trained ultrasound technicians. After reading this informative article you will come to know about how to become Sonographer.

Let us have a quick look at steps that are required to become an ultrasound technician/Sonographer.
How To Become An Ultrasound Technician

Finding the Right Training to become a Sonographer:

·      Four years Bachelor's degree in ultrasound imaging or sonography is offered by many leading universities and colleges all over the world. These degrees cover vast areas related to medical imaging in addition to techniques of ultrasound imaging. Such degrees are suitable for students aspiring to expand their careers beyond medical imaging.

·         Vocational and technical colleges offer Associate’s degrees as well as short term programs to get trained as an ultrasound technician. These are comparatively precise programs, allowing students to learn critical operational aspects of ultrasound machines within a very short period.

·       As such, to get trained as an ultrasound technician is fast becoming popular. Some of these courses are 1-year certificate programs. However, the jobs you may find after passing certificate programs may not be as rewarding as that with an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.

·       Community and junior colleges also offer degree programs of ultrasound technology. These are usually 2 year Associate’s degrees that cover modalities of medical imaging like electrocardiography or radiologic imaging in addition to ultrasound techniques.

·       There are many hospitals offering programs to become an ultrasound tech. In most cases, the concerned hospitals offer jobs to the students on the completion of such programs. These programs also offer opportunities for learning in an authentic work environment and gain crucial experience that is valued by many employers.

In the USA, you don’t need to get licensed or certified to become an ultrasound tech. You can simply complete a program and join the job of Sonographer. However, it is desirable to pass a standard certification exam conducted by any recognized organization.

On successful completion of an exam conducted by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, you are recognized as RDMS (Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer). This certificate is valued by many employers.

Finding an Employer
There are many organizations offering job opportunities to ultrasound technicians. While some of these may be reserved for experienced operators, there are opportunities for a fresher. Start by making a comprehensive list of employers searching for personnel qualified to work as an ultrasound technician.

Some common employers include hospitals, medical labs, nursing homes, clinics, or private physician practices. Such job opportunities are usually listed on the internet, newspapers, or magazines related to the medical industry. There are websites dedicated to careers in medical fields where you can search for news about the vacancy.

It is a rewarding and fulfilling experience to become an ultrasound technician. There is a steady demand for skilled ultrasound technicians. Salary structure is good and you can gain happiness by helping others. If you are interested in working with the latest and sophisticated machines in an indoor working environment then this may be a great career choice.

In the future, we are going to discuss more career-making best options with our readers so subscribe our website on various social media platforms:



11 June 2020

10 Courses for Best Career in Life - High Quality Job Oriented Courses

10 Courses for Best Career in Life
High Quality Job Oriented Courses

Today in this Govt Job Portal article we are going to discuss the best job oriented courses for the students after 12th class as well as after Graduation.

Approximately 1 week ago we had shared an article that contains information about the best career-making option after 12th Science. Those who miss out our tutorial can click on the following link to access that article: “ Career Options after 12th Science “.

In this article, you are going to find the answers to the following questions:
Which course is best for a career?
What is the best short course to get a job?
Which is the best course after 12?
Which course has scope in the future?

All your answers inside this article. Read the full article carefully to know the best job oriented courses. If you are wishing to make a career out of others, then we are telling you about 10 such job oriented courses, in which the possibilities of jobs are immense.

10 Courses for Best Career in Life  High Quality Job Oriented Courses

1. Biodiversity:
Global warming has become a serious problem for the whole world. Because of this, many species of animals are on the verge of extinction. That is why the demand for conservatives is gaining momentum.

Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University has launched a master's program in biodiversity and conservation. In this, special attention has also been given to theory as well as pectoral. 

To get into this field, it is necessary to have good knowledge about biodiversity, such as biodiversity, assessment of biodiversity, site survey, site management, geo informant system etc. 

After finishing the program, one can try for employment in International NGOs, World Wildlife Fund and National Wildlife Protection Group. other than this, The Ministry of The Environment and Forest and Advisory Board also has good job prospects. 

Applicants must have completed graduation in BSC with a minimum of 50 percent marks to apply for this program. Entry is based on entrance examinations conducted by various universities.

2. Fashion Styling:
The professionals associated with fashion styling charge around 15 to 20 thousand rupees for an assignment. The concept of fashion styling is new for India. But now there is a lot of scope in this field due to the increasing craze of people towards fashion. 

If you have the talent to make people stylish, fashion styling can be a very good career. Success in this field also depends on how skilled you are in your work and how you are able to market yourself! Also, one must be aware of the new trend in the fashion world. 

You can do these courses from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Pearl Academy of Fashion, etc. Pearl Institute offers a Diploma in Fashion Styling and Image Design course. In this course, information about makeup knowledge, hairstyle, photography, computer, and IT applications is required. Those who have passed in their 12th class can join this career-making course. 

3. Health Management
If the healthcare industry is growing at a rapid pace, then there will be a need for trade professionals. The Institute of Clinical Resources has launched a two-year program MBA in Healthcare Management. 

Students are taught about management skills, healthcare law and regulation in the first year, while in the second year they can specialize in hospital operation management or medical tourism etc. 

Talking about placements, after completing the course, you can start a career as a Healthcare Executive, Hospital, Hospital Architecture firm as Advisor, Medical Superintendent, Chief Medical Officer, Consultant in Travel Industry, etc. Students with a bachelor's degree in science, pharmacy, and medicine from a recognized university can take admission in this course. The salary here is also very good. Entry-level salary is around 15 to 20 thousand rupees.

4. Industrial Area Planning
The government has taken several steps to develop the country's industries. It also includes Special Economic Zone, Special Investment Region, and Industrial Township. This is the reason why industrial area management and planning has become the need of the industry today. 

In view of the increasing demand for professionals, Center for Environmental Planning and Technology University, Gujarat has started M.Tech course in Industrial Area Planning and Management in association with Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation. 

Students associated with this work in the field of industrial area planning, designing, development and management. As far as job The thing is, there are possibilities in the government department as well as NGOs, Research and Development Organization, Consultancy Organization etc. Students with a bachelor's degree in Architecture / Civil Engineering / Planning or a master's degree in Geography / Economics / Sociology can also apply for admission to this course. 

5. Data Storage
Data is very important for any company, but even today there is a shortage of people in the industry who can manage data properly. Keeping this in mind, the Storage Networking Industry Association has offered a training program. 

Such courses are also offered by the Institute of Storage, Integration and Future Technologies, Gurgaon. With the basic knowledge of IT for entry in this course, the experience of working in an IT company for at least six months is necessary. The initial salary of a data storage professional ranges from 10 to 12 thousand rupees. 

6.Clinical Research
According to a report by McKinsey, by the year 2013, 50 thousand professionals will be needed in the field of clinical research. Not only this, but the scope of this sector has also increased considerably due to the trend of global pharma companies towards India. 

Some institutes have started courses related to clinical research. One can do a one-year post-graduate diploma course in clinical research from CRIMA. Students with MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHM, BE, B.Tech, B. Pharma, BSc Nursing etc. degree can take admission in the course related to clinical research. You can also do such courses from Clinical Research Education and Management, University of Pune, Institute of Clinical Research in India.

7. Public Management
One year postgraduate program in Public Management and Policy course can be done from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. It has a focus on governance, policy, implementation, infrastructure development and public enterprise management. Students graduating from any discipline can apply for this course. 

Also, seven or more years of work  experience (supervisory, managerial, administrative positions) are also sought. Students applying for this course should not be less than 27 years of age. After completing the course, you can search for jobs in the public sector as well as private sector companies. Talking about private companies, companies like Ernest Young, McKinsey, GMR, and Reliance also have a good chance. 

8. Development Finance
Post-Graduate Diploma in Management in Development and Sustainable Finance course from Institute of Financial Management and Research, Chennai. Experts say that sustainable development is very important for industry. To maintain this, people connected with development finance will be in good demand in the coming days. 

To get admission to the course, it is necessary to have 10th, 12th, and first division in graduation. Further, only the CAT score having at least 85 marks can be considered for admission. As far as placements are concerned, jobs can be found in NGOs, development companies, banks, etc. The special thing is that the salary in this field is also very good.

9.Metro Technology
At this time, the metro is being expanded to many major cities in the country. This is the reason that the demand for professional people in metro technology has increased. Keeping this in mind, IIT, Delhi, and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation have entered into an agreement. Under which professional people will be trended in metro technology. 

This is a one year program. It has 12 courses. According to the expert, at present, there is a shortage of people associated with the construction and operation of the metro rail system. Students having B.Tech or B.Arch degree can take admission in this course. After completing the course, one can make a career in the metro rail. The initial salary is more than 11 thousand. 

10. Packaging and Printing
What is seen is sold. This is also applicable to the packaging and printing industry. The better the packaging of the product, the sooner it goes up in the eyes of the customer. 

These days the packaging industry in India is gaining momentum. That is why the demand of people associated with packaging is also increasing. The Indian Institute of Packaging is offering many courses related to this, such as three-month certificate program in packaging, two-year post-graduate diploma, executive development program, etc. 

There is more emphasis on packaging design and development, printing and packaging machines, quality control. Apart from this, SIES School of Packaging, Manipal Institute of Technology etc. can also do courses related to packaging. FMCG Company, after finishing the course Can work in an export house and printing company. After 12th and graduation, one can take admission in this course. Initially, the annual salary package is more than three lakh rupees.

These are the best job oriented Courses which one can perform for a sure success in life. That’s all about this article related to the courses for the Best career in life.

01 June 2020

13 Best Courses After 12th Science - Career options after 12th Science

Career options after 12th Science

Best Courses After 12th science

Shared By: WWW.GovtJobsPortal.IN

Welcome to the Govt Job Portal, today we are going to share with a career guidance post. In this post we are going to share with you best courses after 12th science class. Now the round of admission is about to begin. In such a situation, you will definitely have a question in which course to take admission, so that your future is bright. 

We are going to tell you about some such science-related courses, in which good prospects are being seen. We are going to share best courses after 12th science class. Those who are looking to choose a bright career after passing out the 12th class in Science stream must read this article before finalizing the career option.

List of Career After 12th Class:

1). Agriculture Engineering

Topmost Career Options after 12th Science to choose at this time is “Agriculture Engineering”. The agriculture sector is still far ahead in terms of providing employment, but today the rate at which the country's population is increasing. 

In view of this, new technology, improved seeds, better irrigation system etc. are needed. To meet these needs, the demand of agricultural engineers is increasing rapidly. 

Actually, the job of agricultural engineers is to overcome the technical problem associated with agricultural produce. Such as irrigation, drainage systems, flood and water control systems, research, machine design, etc. 

Students who have passed 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Math and Biology can take admission in BE in Agriculture. After completing the course, there are immense job opportunities in the country and abroad.

Institute to Take Admission for this Course after 12th Science class-

·       Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi, Mumbai, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur and Chennai)

·       Delhi College of Engineering, New Delhi

·       Birla Institute of Technology (Pilani and Ranchi)

·       Jadavpur University, Kolkata

12th Pass Govt Jobs

Career options after 12th Science

2). Clinical Research
The second best course after 12th science class is “Clinical Research”. India is seeing a lot of potential in clinical research or clinical trials. The business of clinical research is also increasing rapidly here, because India has a large population and the country is full of genetic diversity. 

Looking at the potential of this field, taking clinical research course can be beneficial in future. Generally, students of Science background can take admission in diploma, postgraduate etc. courses.

Institute to look forward for the Admission in this Course:

·       Institute of Clinical Research Education and Training, Mumbai, Poona and Nashik

·       Institute of Clinical Research, Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru

·       Clinical Research Education And Management Academy, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi


24 May 2020

A Career in Computer Forensics - How to Become a Computer Forensics Investigator

A career in Computer Forensics

Welcome to the Govt Job Portal channel. At present, the number of active internet users in the world is approximately 4.57 billion as of April 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population. The number of users is continuously increasing day by day. 

As the number of users is increasing, online and cybercrime-related cases are also coming to light in the same proportion. Among these, the online credit card scam is prominent.

In addition, criminal incidents related to e-mail are also increasing steadily. This includes sending fake and threatening e-mails, cheating companies, software piracy, SMS hacking, mobile cloning etc. In view of all this, more attention is being paid to the computer and network security. 

This is the reason that the demand for expert computer and digital forensic experts has increased these days. Today in this Sarkari job Portal article we are going to discuss the career option in Computer Forensics.

What is the Computer Forensics Job Profile?
Usually computer forensic experts are also called cyber police, cyber investigator, or digital detective. The cybercrime market is growing rapidly. Everyone is a victim of cybercrime somewhere in the world. 

Everything is becoming cyber, so the concern of maintaining information security on the Internet is also increasing. In such a situation, there are tremendous employment opportunities in almost every field from law to information technology.

What you have to Study to become an expert in Computer forensics?
Under Computer and Cybercrime, students are exposed to various aspects related to cybercrime, including understanding the various types of risks in computerized and network operations, identifying clues related to computer crime, aspects of investigation of computer crimes. 

It includes knowing, understanding various measures to prevent computer-related crimes, and getting acquainted with security techniques to limit the occasional cyber damage.

Course and qualification
·       Admission in Cyber ​​Law related course can be taken after 12th class

·       Diploma in Cyber ​​Law from Asian School of Cyber ​​Law Pune - Distance Learning,

·  Advanced Diploma in Cyber ​​Law - Only through Distance Learning Medium.

·       ASCL Certified Cyber ​​Crime Investigation - Distance and Class Room System. Admission to cybersecurity related postgraduate program is given on the basis of All India Entrance Examination.

Course Outline
This topic covers the analysis of digital media, basics of cybercrime and cyber law, computer forensic systems and digital evidence of a crime, introduction to crimes, theft related to employee theft in an organization, cases related to e-commerce, Taught about intellectual-property matters and cyberspace topics.

Subjects related to law covered in cyber program: It includes courts and criminal justice system, criminal justice organization and administration, policing and law enforcement principles, law enforcement reporting and recording, corrective programs: probation and payroll, criminal investigation, forensic and criminal, scene investigation, cybercrime Incidents related to, police techniques interview and investigation, security imperatives, crime prevention, multi-cultural law enforcement, contentious issues in law enforcement, domestic security, etc.

What are the Employment prospects?
People associated with this sector can seek employment in various fields. Web Developer Consultant, Consultant in the Ministry of Information and Technology or Corporate Houses, Cyber ​​Consultant in an IT firm, Police Department or Banks, Research Assistant in Legal Firm, Research Assistant in Technology Firm, Security in Technology Firms, Auditor and Network Administrator, Can start a career as an instructor in legal schools and multinational companies etc.

Various Institute to watch for making a Career in Computer Forensics
·       National University of Legal Studies and Law Research, Hyderabad-560027 

·       Symbiosis Societies Law College, Pune and Nalsar University

·       National Law School of India, Bangalore

·       Asian School of Cyber ​​Law, Pune

·       Law Department, University of Delhi

·       Indian Institute of Information and Technology, Allahabad

·       Center for Distance Education, University of Hyderabad

·       Amity Law School, Delhi

·       Cyber ​​Law College NAAVI, Chennai, Mysore, Hubli, Mangalore and Bengaluru

·       Champlain College, 163 South Willard St. Barlington, VT-05401, USA