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10 April 2016

GK questions Asked in RRB Exam 2016 Exam Held on 9th April 2016

GK questions Asked in RRB Exam 2016
Exam Held on 9th April 2016
gk questions
This time we are going to share GK questions asked in Railways Recruitment examination. We share Morning, Afternoon and Evening Shift Exam GK question in this Post. So check this post carefully.

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Morning Shift GK Questions Asked RRB Exam On 9th April 2016:
1)  Water is mixture of ______.
A: Oxygen and hydrogen

2) What does NFC based on _____.

3) Ozone layer is found in which layer of earth?
A: Stratosphere

4) Who is the first dalit president  of India?
A: RK Narayan

5) What is study of earth called as?
A: Geology

6) Rupee sign was created by _____.
A: D Udaya Kumar

7) How many players are there in volleyball?
A: 6

8) To which part in body, dialysis is treatment for ______.
A: Kidney

9) Larynx is for ______.
A: Voice box

10) Radish is ______.
A: Vegetable.

11) What is exbiology?
A: Study of life beyond earth’s atmosphere

Afternoon Shift GK Questions Asked RRB On 9th April 2016
1) Hindi day celebrated on ?

2)Kanha national park situated at which location?

3) Aids day?
A.1st Dec

4) Summer Olympics in 2016 will held at?

5) Unit of pressure?

6) who is captain of national women’s hockey?

7) which country won more oscar awards other than U.S.A in film industry?

8) What is the capital city of A.p?

9) which state is has least population percentage ?

10) who won the us open women’s doubles ?

11) dada saheb phalke award belongs to which field?

12) Elimination of following elements
A.organ. B.kristan. C.xenon D.hydrogen

13) Rajaram belongs to which game?

Evening Shift GK Questions Asked RRB Exam On 9th April 2016

1)What is study of map is called?
A: cartography

2)where is Indira Gandhi tulip garden located?
A: srinagar

3) What is unit of pressure?
A: pascal

4)who was the considered as first programmer?
A: Ada Lovelace

5)Which is the state with lowest population density?
A: sikkim

6)study of spider is called?

7) Where 2016 Olympics will be held ?

8) amalgam is mixture of metal with which substance?

9)which of the following is not an inert gas..Ne,he,XE,H?

07 April 2016

Gk Questions Asked In RRB Exam Held on 07.04.2016 (Shift-2 /Slot-2)

Gk Questions Asked In RRB Exam 2016
Exam Held on 07.04.2016 (Shift-2 /Slot-2)

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1.IPC Full Form
Ans: Indian Penal Code

2.PCB Full Form
Ans: Process Control Block

3. Azad Hind Fauj Founded In Which Year?
Ans: 1942

4.Asia Cup 2015 Winner?
Ans: India

5.Netware Belongs To Which Company?
Ans: Novell

6. East India Company Established In Which Year?
Ans: 31 Dec 1600

7. Bank Board Bureau(BBB)Chairman?
Ans:Vinod Rai

8. Dhameka Stupa Located At?

9.Who Is the Chairman Of NHRC?
Ans: H.L Dattu

10. Fundamental Rights comes under which articles?
Ans: Article 14-32

11. ITF Davis CUP 2015 Champion?
Ans: Britain

12. Who Was The Second Term Chief In 2011 Of United Nations?
Ans: Ban Ki Moon.

13.What Is The National Motto Of India?
Ans: Satyamev Jayate

14.Who Was The Prime Minister Of Bangladesh In 1971?
Ans: Tajjudin Ahmed

15. Name Of The Astranut Who Spend 368 Days  In Space?
Ans: Scott Kelly

16. The Security Colour Of URL
Ans: Green

GK Questions Asked in Railway Exam Held on 07th April 2016 (Morning Shift)

GK Questions Asked in Railways Recruitment Exam 2106
Exam Held on 07th April 2016 (Morning Shift)
Continue with GK Questions Series asked in Railways Recruitment Board examination 2016, this time we are going to share GK Questions asked in RRB Exam Held on 07th April 2016.

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Gk Questions Asked In Today (07.04.2016) RRB Exam Shift-1

1. Who is BCCI president
Ans: Shashank Manohar

2.Odd man Out (Physics, chemistry, biology, social)
Ans: Social

3.Lalit Kala Akademi?
Ans:To encourage and promote study and research in the fields of creative arts such as painting, sculpture and graphics etc.

4. Female anopheles mosquito causes Which disease?
Ans: Malaria

5. Author of the Novel “A Brief History of Seven Killings”
Ans:  Marlon James

6. Which one is fastest memory?
Ans:  Cache

7. Yogeshwar Dutt is from which field?
Ans: Wrestler

8. Who is the writer of Sustainable Development?
Ans: Krishan Saigal

9. In UNESCO world heritage which is not included Mountain railways of India
Ans:  kashmir railway

10.Zn Present In?
Ans: Bri

11. Man Booker Prize 2015?
Ans: Marlon James

12.Father of White Revolution in India

Ans: V.Kurien

13.The acid used is car battery is?
Ans: Sulphuric Acid

14.‘Land of the morning Clam’ refers to?
Ans: Korea

15.WHO was established in the year?
Ans: 1948

16.Evergreen forests are found in?
Ans: Equatorial regions

17. Ozone hole clearly visible in antarctic which season?
Ans: Summer(October)

Ans: geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle

19.SMAP satellite launched by

20.NASA act which yeas?

21.Natya shashtra is written by?
Ans:Sage Bharata.

22.Name of famous GOA church..?
Ans: Cathedral

23.In UNESCO world heritage which is not included mountain railway of India?
Ans: Kashmir

06 April 2016

Gk Questions Asked In Today (06.04.2016) RRB Exam (Evening Shift)

gk questions
This time we are going to share GK Questions asked in 2nd Shift  of Railways Recruitment Board Examination 2016. Earlier we share Today 1st Shift GK Questions asked in RRB Examination.
Those who want to read Those CLICK HERE to Access.

Gk Questions Asked In Today (06.04.2016) RRB Exam Shift-2

1. Which is the Largest Stadium of America?
Ans: Michigan Stadium (Or) The Big House

2. Shortcut key of pasting in MS Word?
Ans: Ctrl+V

3. Another name of leprosy?
Ans: Hansen's disease

4. Laughing gas?
Ans: Nitrous oxide(N2O)

5. What is the currency of Mayanmar?
Ans: Burmese kyat

6. Popular dance of Tamilnadu?
Ans: Bharatanatyam

7. When did the British give independence to India?
Ans: 1947

8. When the seats of president n vice president are vacant, who acts as president?
Ans: Chief Justice of India

9. Louis Pasteur discovered which of the following?
   1)vaccine for rabies and
   2) vaccine for anthrax
   3) Pasteurization
   4)  All The Above

Ans:All The Above

10. Who built the Jantar Mantar of Delhi’s?
Ans: Muhammad Shah

11. Dwarf planet is?
Ans: Pluto

12. Ligo (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory)a mission related to?
Ans: to detect gravitational waves

13. How many research centres will India establish by 2020 in Antarctica?
Ans: 4

14. Function of generator?
Ans: sine, square, triangular and sawtooth shapes

15. Which of the following is not protocol?( LTP,SMTP,HTTP,ATM )
Ans: ATM

GK Questions Asked in Today RRB Exam (06-04-2016) Morning Shift

GK Questions Asked in Today Exam (06-04-2016)
Morning Shift GK Questions

GK Questions Asked in RRB EXAM 2016
Gk questions asked in Railway Recruitment Board Examination 2016. Last Day we share the GK Questions asked in 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shift of Examination held on 5th April 2016. Those who miss out our update can CLICK HERE to access that page.

Gk Questions Asked In Today (06.04.2016) RRB Exam Shift-1

1.Syed Modi Grand prix winner?
Ans: K Srikhanth

2. When Microsoft founded?
Ans:  1975

3. Start Up India launch year?
Ans: 2016

4.Another Name of Badshah Khan?
Ans: Abdul Ghaffar Khan

5. First woman DG of paramiltary forces?
Ans: Archana Ramasundram

6. Which is not a gland(options: Liver,gall bladder,Pituatry,Adrenal)?
Ans: Gall Bladder

7. Parliament Construction  year?
Ans:  1927

8. Nephron Belongs to?
Ans: Kidney

9.Smiling Buddha Mission?
Ans:  India’s first successful nuclear bomb test At Pokhran

10.What is Calcium Hyrdoxide?
Ans:  slaked lime

11.Mars is also known as?
Ans: Red Planet

12. Yellow Fever caused by?
Ans:  Male Mosquitoes

13. Chief Election Commissioner is removed by?
Ans: Parliament with two-thirds majority in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

14.British Rule was ended on which year?
Ans: 1947

15.2015 Arjuna Award given to which female wrestler?
Ans: Babita Kumari

16. Who won more grandslams in the year 2015?
Ans: Novak Djokovic

17. Political System of Afghanistan is known as?
Ans: Democratic Republic 

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05 April 2016

GK Questions Asked in RRB Exam Held on 05th April-2016 ( 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shift)

GK Questions Asked in RRB Examination 2016
Exam Held on 05th April-2016 ( 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shift)

In this article we are going to share the GK Questions asked in Railways Recruitment Exam. This examination was held on 5th of April 2016 means today. So read this post carefully because these questions may be asked in the upcoming examination.

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Gk Questions Asked In Today (05.04.2016) (Morning Shift)

1.Short Distance file transfer/Communiation device?
Ans: Bluetooth

2. National game of USA?
Ans: Baseball

4. Biodiesel Train will be started in which zone?
Ans: South Western Railways Zone

5. Most Populous State?
Ans: UP

6. Ctrl+z is what?
Ans: to Undo any action

7. Indo Pak war in which Year?
Ans: 1965

8. Anti corruption member in ICC from Indian Cricket Team?
Ans: Rahul Dravid

9. Forest Area Percentage in India?
Ans: 21.23

10. ISI full Form?
Ans: Indian Standard Institute

11. Number of World Heritage Site in India?
Ans: 32

12 Rank of India in Human Development Index?
Ans: 130

14. Astrosat satellite first launched in which year?
Ans: 28 September 2015

15. White Revolution?
Ans: Operation Flood

16. Dadabhai Naroji Professor in which University?
Ans: University of London.

17. toxicology is ?
Ans: Study of the adverse effects of chemicals on living organisms.

18.Panipat Refinery belongs to which company?

19.Siachen Avalanche Survivor name?
Ans: Lance Naik Hanumantha

20.Odd one out?,,, whatsapp
Ans: whatsapp

21. ISI full Form?
Ans: Indian Standard Institute

RRB NTPC Exam 2nd Shifts (Afternoon Shift)

1.Pidemiology is study of ?
Ans: study of the distribution and determinants of health-related states

2. What is India’s literacy rate as per census 2011?
Ans: 74.04%

3.Who was the man of the series in 2011  cricket world cup?
Ans: Yuvraj Singh

4. City on the bank of Nile?
Ans: Khartoum

5. Largest Coal Deposits in India are available in?
Ans: Damodar Valley

6. First smart city approved UT ?
Ans: New Delhi

7. The Biography  of Indira Gandhi written by?
Ans: Pupul Jayakar

8. Hoolock gibbon found in which state?
Ans: North East States

9. City without planetarium?

10. Hindi is National article by which article?
Ans: Article 343

11. 1024Gb means?
Ans: 1 terabyte

12.Where is  Tippu Sultan Maszid situated?
Ans: Kolkata

13. Ultrasonic  Frequency Range?
Ans: 18–22 kHz.

14. Which element is air polluted?
Ans: Sulphur Dioxide

15.What is the function of Hydrometer?
Ans: measures the specific gravity

16. What is the Capital of Dadra & Nagar Haveli?
Ans: Silvasa

17. National Sports Day?
Ans: 29th August

18. Pitchblende is related to?
Ans: Uranium

19. Full Form of Pdf?
Ans: Portable Document Format

20.Bones around Chest are?
Ans: rib cage

21.Flag Code of India?
Ans: 2002

22.Bio Diversity means?
Ans:  the variety of life on Earth.

23. Who is the writer of the song amor bangla ?
Ans: Rabindranath Tagore

24. Language of Mughal Density?
Ans: Persian Language

25. Which Device is used to connect computer to wireless?
Ans: Router

RRB NTPC Exam: 3rd Shift ( 05-04-2016)

1. What is the national game of China? 
Ans. Table Tennis

2. South Africa currency?
Ans. Rand

3. What are the No of players in polo?  
Ans. 4

4. First woman doctor in world ? 
Ans. Elizabeth Blackwell

5. Which Acid in grapes? 
Ans. Tartaric

6. Who build jantarmater in delhi?
Ans. Sawai Jai Singh II

7. Who commisioned tajmahal? 
Ans. Shah Jahan

8. How many Muscles uses for eye ball? 
Ans. 6   

GK Questions Asked in RRB Exam Held on 3rd April 2016 (1st, 2nd & 3rd Shift)

< GK Questions Asked in RRB Examination 2016 >
* Exam Held on 3rd April ( 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shift) *

This time we are going to share GK Questions asked in 3rd April 2016 in various shift. We share 1st, 2nd as well as 3rd Shift GK Questions all together.

1st Shift GK Questions (Morning Shift)
1. What is Planet X?
Ans: Nibiru cataclysm

2. Archipelagos means?
Ans: A group of small Iceland’s

3.Which crop is produced at highest quantity in India?
Ans: Rice

4.What is MakarSakranti?
Ans: Festival

5.Chipko movement started from where in India?
Ans:  Rajasthan

 6.Male is the capital of which country?
Ans:  Republic of Maldives

7.What is Serbian Index?
Ans:  capitalization-weighted price index

8.H20 is water then what is KOH?
Ans: Potassium Hydroxide

9.Most Peaceful country according to 2015 peace index?
Ans:  Iceland

10.Mica is abundant in which state of India?
Ans:  Jharkhand
11.where is Orang Park situated ?
Ans:  Assam

12.Cleanest city of India?
Ans: Mysuru

13.New Member of World Trade Organisation?
Ans: Afghanistan

14.what is the capital of Uganda?
Ans:  Kampala

15.1998 pokaran test operation name?
Ans: Operation Shakti

16.Madhubani Paintings Indicates?
Ans:  Forest of Honey

17.Longest railway destination of India?
Ans:   Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari.

18.Longest river in India which do not fall in sea?
Ans:  Yamuna

19.Which Vitamin responsible for Blood Clotting?
Ans:   Vitamin K

20.Which is not an Operating system(options :OS x,win 98,C++,Windows 7)?
Ans:   C++

(2nd/Afternoon Shift) Exam 3rd April 2016
1.Holi is Celerbrated with?
Ans: Gulal

2.Change in position with distance is?
Ans:  Magnitude

3.Modern Olympic 1896 held in which city?
Ans: Athens,Greece

4.Who was Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1999?
Ans: Nawaz sharif

5.Who got Olympic quota in wrestling in 2015?
Ans:  Narsingh Yadav

6.About Make in India logo?
Ans: Moving Lion

7.What was the duration of PM Modi’s America visit in 2015?
Ans:  5

8.what is Sighmo?
Ans: Spring Fesitval

9.Odd one out(ears-hearing,tongue-taste,light-vision,nose-smelling)
Ans: light

11.India’s largest freshwater lake?
Ans:Wular Lake

12.Adhai Din ka Jhopda is in?
Ans: Ajmer,Rajasthan

13.Who is the author of Malgudi days?
Ans: RK Narayan

14.What is LIGO?
Ans:  Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory

15.In which year  Sikkim get formed?
Ans: 1975

17.Who is Karl Marx?
Ans: Philospher

18.UNO headquarter?
Ans: New York

19.Most abundant natural combustible gas?
Ans: Methane

20.India got freedom on 15th August in which time day/night/noon/midnight?
Ans: Midnight

21What is the foundation year of Arunachal Pradesh?
Ans: 1987

22.What is oneirology?
Ans: scientific study of dreams.

23.Gravitational Force on two subjects depends on  ?
Ans: combined mass and the distance

(3rd/Evening Shift) Exam 3rd April 2016

1. Who built fathehpur sikri?
Ans: Akbar

2.. Indian army formed by whom?
Ans: Capitan Mohan Singh

3.The first nobel price for medicine was given to invention of vaccine for which disease?
Ans: Diphtheria

4. 2015 winner of rugby?
Ans: Australia

5. Alfred Nobel invented?

6. INS satellites are used for?
Ans: Communication

7. Azad hind fauj was organised by?
Ans: subash chandrabose

8.World wide Web invented by?
Ans: Tim Berners-lee

9. North Korea founded by?
Ans: 1948 Sept - 9

10.Which of the following is not Jupiter satellite?(Europa,Ganymede,metis,Titan)
Ans: Titan

11.What is the average thickness of skin?
Ans: 0.10 inch(or) 2-3 mm

12. When was Indian National Congress formed?
Ans: December 28, 1885

13. Main element in marsh gas?
Ans: Methane

14. Davis cup winner 2015?
Ans: Andy Murray

15.Sajan prakash related to?
Ans: Swimmer

04 April 2016

Gk Questions Asked in RRB Exam Held on 04-04-2016 (Morning Shift)

Gk Questions Asked in RRB Exam 2016
Questions Asked in Morning Shift on 04-04-2016

rrb gk questions 2016
We are going to Share GK Questions asked in Railways Recruitment Exam which was held on Today (4th April 2016). These GK Questions was asked in Morning Shift Exam. Later on we will share other Shift GK Question also. So stay in touch with us. We will also share the correct answer of each question. All the best to all the appearing candidates under this Examination.

1.Which of the folloing names is Nilanjana sudeshna, an Indian American Author popularly known as? 
Ans: Jhumpa Lahari

2.Who was charles correa?
Ans: Architect

3.When is Earth Day Celebrated?
Ans:April 22

4.In July 1905, who ordered the partition of Bengal :
Ans:Lord Curzon

5.Kangchenjauga is?
Ans: Himalayas

6.Who is PV Sindu?
Ans: Badminton Player

7.Galvanization is a process in which a layer of zinc is put on iron objects to prevent them from….. Rust
Ans: Air & Water

8.What do the terms Geocentric and Heliocentric refer to :
Ans: Earth centered, Sun centered

9.What did Dmitri mendeleev formulate?
Ans: Periodic Table

10.What does DNA Stands for in Biology?

11. NASA, the US space agency is planning to move from earth orbit to space area surrounding CISLUNAR Space :
Ans: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

12. In September 2015 NASA scientists found evidence of flowing water on which planet outside Earth?
 Ans: Mars

13.As of January 2016, where is ISRO Head quarters?
Ans: Banglore

14.What was the first football player from the Indian Sub continent to play for a European clib?
Ans: Mohammed saleem

15.What is the name of the parent company of Google, formed on 2nd october 2015?

16.What are the 4 key element of amino acids?
Ans: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon

17. What is Electron?
Ans: –ve

18. Name India’s First Satellite?
Ans: Arya Bhatta

19. Who was named as the cultural ambassader of seychelles in october 2015?

20. Which year was the economic liberalization in India Initiated?
Ans: 1991

22. Which two Indian citis, were added to the creative city network of UNESCO in Dec 2015?
Ans: Varanasi, Jaipur

23. What is the name of the Tablet computer produced by Data wind which is promoted by the GOVT of India as part of an e-learning program?
Ans: Aakash

24. Who replaced viscount Louis Mount batten as the governer general of Indian?
Ans: C. Raja Gopala Chari

25. What is the Laccadive Sea otherwise known as?
Ans: Arabian Sea

26. What is the unit of length used in formally to express astronomical distances?
Ans: AU

27.What does the Victoria Memorial Monument Located At:
Ans: Kolkata

28.The purple frontier, the Earth dragon and the outer fortresses, all refer to :
Ans: Great wall of china