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Oct 8, 2018

GK Tricks To Remember the Nationalization Date of All Public Sector Banks

Nationalization Date of Banks Trick

Mind Trick to remember the Things

GK Tricks to Remember Banks Nationalized Date

Hello Dear readers, Today I am going to share an interesting MIND TRICK with which you can easily remember the Nationalized Date of all Public Sector Banks. It is very easy to understand. This Mind Trick is in English language, so every user can understand it easily. You just have to remember a Sentence in English language, that sentence contains all bank name hint in it. With those hint you will easily remember the Bank Nationalized Date.

Mind Trick Which You have to remember: 
a PUNJABI boy of name VIJAYA is studying COMMERCE in a CORPORATE college of ANDHARA PARDESH”

The complete Explanation of the Above Sentence:
PUNJABI - Punjab and Sindh Bank (Don’t be confuse with Punjab National Bank)
VIJAYA - Vijaya Bank
COMMERCE - Oriental Bank of Commerce
CORPORATE - Corporation Bank
Dena Bank - Mumbai (This bank don't have 'of India' at last but its Headquarter is in Mumbai)

So here is the conclusion of the above detail, these above 5 public sector bank has the nationalization date of Aril 15, 1980.

Excluding these 5 Public Sector banks (also except SBI group and IDBI) all other 14 banks were nationalized on July 19, 1969.

GK Tricks To Remember the Nationalization Date of All Public Sector Banks

Dear readers we will share more GK Tricks on regular basis, so check the website : “https://www.GovtJobsPortal.IN” on regular basis. Do subscribe or bookmark this website for regular Government job updates as well as GK Tricks and Maths Tricks.

For More Study Material CLICK HERE


Apr 22, 2018

One Liner GK Questions Based on Economic Survey 2018

One Liner Questions Based on Economic Survey 2018
General Awareness Questions Based on Economic Survey 2018
DEAR Students now in this post we are going to share ONE-LINER questions based on Economic Survey 2018. These all questions are very important for the upcoming Banking examination include SBI PO, CLERK, NABARD ASSISTANT MANAGER EXAM AND IDBI Executive Exam 2018. 

So those who are currently preparing for these Bank Exams should read these One Liner questions very carefully and understand them well. All the best to all participants.

gk questions

Those who are preparing for the following sectors: “Banking, Insurance and other Government Job Examinations” these one liner questions based on Economic Survey is very important.
Those who want to score high in the General Awareness section of any examination; it is very significant for you to know about The Economic Survey and the Union Budget
Below are the One Liner questions which are very important:

Q1. Monetary (Economic) Survey sees Financial Year 2019 GDP developing at-
Answer- 7.0-7.5%

Q2. Financial Survey sees normal unrefined petroleum costs rising __________ in FY 2019.
Ans. 12%

Q3. The amount GVA development has been seen in FY17?
Ans. 6.1 for each penny

Q4. GST information indicates development of ________ in the quantity of Taxpayers.
Ans. 50%

Q5. By what amount of percent Real GDP has been informed this FY?
Ans. 6.75%

Q6. Normal Financial Year 2018 CPI inflation seen at-
Ans. 3.3%

Q7. How much Services Growth has been seen at-?
Ans. 8.3%

Q8. Farming, industry and administrations areas are expected to develop at the rate of __________, ________, and ____________ respectively in 2017-18.
Ans. 2.1%, 4.4%, and 8.3%

Q9. How much Industries Growth has been seen at-
Ans. 4.4%

Q10. GDP raise has average ___________ for the time period from 2014-15 to 2017-18, which is the maximum among the major economies of the world.
Answer- 7.3%

Q11. The proportion of domastic saving to GDP has achieved 29.2 percent in 2013 to a pinnacle of 38.3 percent in 2007, preceding falling back to _______ percent in 2016.

Q12. The overseas exchange reserve has a growth by ________ from the end of December 2016 to the end of December 2017 on a year-on-year basis. 
Answer- 14.1%

Q13. What is the Full Form of GVA?
Answer- Gross Value Added

Q14. The study points out that India can be rated as among the top performing economies in the globe as the average growth during last 3 years is around -------------- points higher than worldwide growth and almost 3 percent higher than that of promising Market and Developing Economies.
Answer- 4 percent

Q15. What is the Full Form of ITC is-
Answer- Input Tax Credits

May be these types of questions related to the General Awareness help you in the upcoming competitive examination. Time to time we will share these types of question with you to make your General awareness section strong.


Apr 20, 2018

Recently Asked Static GK Awareness Questions in Banking Examination 2018

Static Awareness GK Questions 2018
Asked in Recently Competitive Examination
Static Awareness GK Questions 2018
Hello dear students today we are going to share some question related to static gk, which are recently asked in banking examination 2018. This is very important to have a basic awareness of history, geography, political and economic theories linked with the actions that are incident around us. Except one keeps himself side by side of the historical background or the geological location of events reported, they will express little of the value of significance.
The questions based on the Static GK Awareness are basically related to the following: countries, events or any other such things that has been in trending news for a while. Now in this article we are going to share some Static GK Question based on latest events. These Static GK Questions are very important for all upcoming competitive examination 2018.

Question1. The Pulitzer Prize has been named after ____________________.
(a) James Pulitzer
(b) Joseph Pulitzer
(c) Robert Pulitzer
(d) Michael Pulitzer
(e) William Pulitzer
Explanation: This is an award for is given for the achievements in magazine, newspaper and online journalism, literature, and musical composition in the USA. 1917 is the year in which this award was established. Joseph Pulitzer made his destiny as a newspaper publisher, and is administered by Columbia University in New York City.

Question2. Name the Governor of Karnataka?
(a) Banwarilal Purohit
(b) E.S Lakshmi Narasimhan
(c) Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala
(d) S. C. Jamir
(e) N. N. Vohra

Q3. Where is the Headquarter of Bandhan Bank in India?
(a) Kolkata
(b) Delhi
(c) Mumbai
(d) Chennai
(e) Banglore
Explanation: Bandhan Bank Ltd. Is in the top 50 brands in India. It’s Headquarter in Kolkata, West Bengal. Firstly Bandhan, is started as a micro-finance company in the year of 2001, after that they received an official banking licence by Reserve Bank of India in 2014.
Question4. NCC is one of the main organization under Government of India, When was NCC established?
(a) 1948
(b) 1949
(c) 1946
(d) 1947
(e) 1945
Explanation: NCC is stands for “ National Cadet Corps”. Its headquarter is at New Delhi, Delhi, India. NCC is open to school and college students on voluntary basis all over India. NCC is a Tri-Services Organization; it comprises of the Army, Navy and Air Force. National Cadet Crops in India is formed under the act of National Cadet Corps Act of 1948. NCC was raised on 15 July 1948.

Question5. World Haemophilia Day is recognized all around the world on __________________
(a) 15 April
(b) 16 April
(c) 18 April
(d) 17 April
(e) 19 April


Apr 17, 2018

Current Affairs Quiz Related to the Commonwealth Games 2018 ( Important for Upcoming Competitive Exam)

current affairs quiz on CWG 2018
Current Affairs Quiz ON CWG 2018
Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2018 has been accomplished recently in Gold Coast, Australia with grand passion. This occasion has witnessed the vast number of participants from all over the commonwealth countries. CWG is one of the major sports event held after every 4 years at various location all over the World. That’s why; it becomes very significant and productive topic for all the competitive examinations.
There are big probabilities that questions based on these following patterns may appear in your upcoming competitive examination.
So our suggestion to all the participants to go through all these questions below, they may be very helpful to score max marks in your upcoming exam.

Question No. 1. Wherein of the following place the 2018 Commonwealth Games were held recently in Queensland, Australia?
(a) Suncorp Stadium
(b) Carrara Stadium
(c) Adelaide Oval
(d) Allianz Stadium
(e) Sydney Stadium
 Answer. (b)
Detail: Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2018 (formally known as the XXI Commonwealth Games and commonly known as Gold Coast 2018) has been Started recently at Carrara Stadium in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. This is the fifth time Aus. has hosted the Commonwealth Games.


Apr 16, 2018

Current Affairs Related to Commonwealth Games 2018-(Medal List)

Current Affairs Related to Commonwealth Games 2018
Here is the Complete List of All the Medals Won By India
Today in this article we are going to share the complete list of Medals won by India in the commonwealth games in the various games. In the medals tally list India finished on third number by winning 66 Total medals in commonwealth games. There are total 66 medals which includes 26 gold, 20 silver and 20 bronze medals. 
In the Medal tally list Australia is on Number 1 position by winning 198 total medals (80 Gold, 59 Silver and 59 Bronze) after that England is on 2nd spot by winning 136 Medals (45 Gold, 45 Silver and 46 Bronze). This is really a proud moment for all Indian to stand on Number 3 position in this tally list. Congrats to all the winners. 

Below in the tables we explain the Medal List won by the various athletics in various games:


Jun 25, 2016

GK/GA Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Mains Exam on 25th June 2016( Morning Shift)

General Awareness Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Exam
Asked in 25th June 1st Shift Exam
General Awareness Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Exam
Hello Dear Readers we are going to share GK/GA questions asked in the SBI C         lerk Exam which was held on Today (25th June 2016) Morning Shift. We share all GA/GK QUESTIONS BELOW IN THIS ARTICLE. Red all these questions carefully to improve your knowledge under this General Awareness section. We also share the correct answers of each question. All the best to all the participating students.

1. In Which State Wular Lake ?- Jammu and Kashmir

2. Valmiki National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is located in-Bihar

3. Banknotes in India are currently being issued in the denomination of maximum- Rs1000

4. July 28 every year celebrated as- World Hepatitis Day

5. Anant Gangaram Geete- Maharashtra

6.  Largest nuclear power plant in india- Tarapur, Maharashatra

7. One Question asked from LPG

8. In ECGC "G" stand for- Guarantee

9. Gobi Desert continent- Asia

10. Chabahar Port- Iran

11. Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited or CIBIL is a- Credit Information Company

12. The "Fed" is the central bank- USA

13. Pinarayi Vijayan is the current Chief Minister of- Kerala

14. Bank of India Headquarter- Mumbai

15. Ahmedabad city river bank- Sabarmati River

16. One quation asked from foreign trade policy

17. One quation asked from National Insurance Company Limited (NICL).

18. One quation asked from debt market

19. Surya Mitra Mobile App- Ministry of New Renewable Energy

20. One quation asked from CRR and SLR

21. What is L in MCLR- Lending

22. Defence Industrial Park at- Ottappalam in Palakkad district of Kerala

23. Reverse Repo Rate- 6.00%

24. Neeraj Chopra- Javelin Thrower

25. NACH full form- National Automated Clearing House

26. Currency of Israel- shekel

27. Fully air-conditioned third AC service- Humsafar

28. Wings of fire book- APJ Abdul kalam

29. Which state declared own mascot- Assam

30. CRR and SLR deposits in which form- Cash and Liquidity

31.  which country gv back india d artifacts it stole 2000yr back- USA

32. Shishu mudra scheme up to- Rs 50,000

33. International development association (IDA) HQ- Washington DC

34. 11 digit alpha numeric code on cheque- IFSC

35. 6 metro coaches exported to Australia frm which indian city- Barodara


Jun 13, 2016

Gk Questions Asked In UIIC AO Exam Held on 12th June 2016 (Both Shift)

UIIC AO Examination 2016
Gk Questions Asked In 12th June 2016 (Both Shift)
Here in this post we are going to share the GK Questions which was asked in UIIC AO examination on 12th June 2016 (Sunday). We share both Morning as well as Evening Shift GK Questions with Correct Answer. So those who are going to appear for this examination in upcoming weeks read these questions carefully. All the best to all the participating students.

<< GK Questions Asked in the First Shift of Examination >>
1). In context of banking, what does ‘BBB’ stands for__?
Correct Answer– Bank Board Bureau

2). Mrinalini Sarabhia, who recently died, was related to which field
Correct Answer – Indian classical dancer, choreographer and instructor

3). OECD prediction for India growth
Correct Answer – 7.5%

4). Who has been selected as the ICC chairman for the 2nd time?
Correct Answer – Anil Kumble

5). Best Actor National Award 63rd
Correct Answer – Amitabh Bachchan

6). Anti-corruption day
Correct Answer – 9 Dec

7). In Basel norms, what is the full form of HQLA?
Correct Answer – High Quality Liquid Assets

8). MCLR full form
Correct Answer – Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate (MCLR)

9). Kaziranga National Park
Correct Answer – Assam

10). Headquarters of IRDA
Correct Answer – Hyderabad, Telangana

11). Itlian Open Winner 
Correct Answer – Andy Murray

12). Basel Head Office
Correct Answer – Switzerland

13). Why was SBI Travencore penalised for 1000cr
Correct Answer – For deficiencies in reporting to the CRILC database

14). ASBA fullform
Correct Answer – Application Supported by Blocked Amount

15). ICICI partner with which payment bank
Correct Answer – Finotech

16). Minimum time frame for short term loans
Correct Answer – 60 days to 120 days

17). Fasalbhima Yojana SAO full forM
Correct Answer – Seasonal Agricultural Operational

<< GK Questions Asked in Evening Shift >>
1). SBI Partner with which cab?
Correct Answer – Uber

2). Account Aggregator to
Correct Answer – NBFC banks

3). Pulitzer Prize Winner
Correct Answer – The Washington Post

4). In context of banking, what does ‘BBB’ stands for__?
Correct Answer – Bank Board Bureau

5). Cholamandalam dropped its plans to float a payments bank
Next Asian Games 2018 will be held in?
Correct Answer – Jakarta, Indonesia

6). Winner of Italian Tennis Open
Correct Answer– Serena Williams

7). What is the rate of Interest in Crop Insurance scheme?
Correct Answer – 7%

8). In BASEL, what is the full form of CAR
Correct Answer – Capital Adequacy Ratio

9). Which airport operates on solar energy?
Correct Answer – Cochin Airport

Correct Answer – A new framework for companies options are NBFCs, private companies, public bank, etc.

11). South Asian Games in 2018
Correct Answer – Kathmandu, Nepal

12). RBI Executive Director
Correct Answer - Deepak Singhal

13). BASEL Norms to be implemented in India by
Correct Answer – March 31, 2019

14). Shatrujeet exercise concluded in
Correct Answer – Rajasthan

15). Youngest player to reach 10,000
Correct Answer – Alastair Cook

16). White label ATM registerd under which act
Correct Answer – Payment and Settlement Systems (PSS) Act 2007

17). Sri Lanka PM name
Correct Answer – Ranil Wickremesinghe

18). Academy award for best movie
Correct Answer – Spotlight

19). Best Actress award at 63rd National Film Awards 
Correct Answer – Kangana Ranaut

20). National Science Day
Correct Answer – 28 Feb


Apr 26, 2016

Top 20 Most Important General Knowledge Question With Answer

Important General Knowledge Question With Answers

Most imporant General Knowledge Questions are very important to get success in Bank Competitve examination, Railway examinations, Combined medical service examination etc. So General Knowledge is very important for students and applicants. General Knowledge Questions with Answers are provided below, please read full information carefully. General Knowledge Questions are now available for free on the website of

For more GK Questions & General Awareness Questions visit to the following link: 
General Knowledge Quiz With Answers
1. Grand Central Terminal, New York is the ___ railway station. 
A. Largest
B. Highest
C. Longest
D. None of the above 

 Answer : A

2. In the Act of Parliament in ____ Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi's name was changed to Lakshadweep. 
A. 1970
B. 1971
C. 1972
D. 1973

 Answer : D

3. In which continent, Eritrea became 182nd member of UN ?
A. Asia
B. Africa
C. Europe
D. Australia

 Answer: B

4. Rajya Sabha members are elected by
A. Lok Sabha
B. Legislative assembly
C. The people
D. Legislative Council

 Answer: B

5. Panchayat members are nominated by 
A. District Officer
B. Territorial constituencies
C. Local self-government minister of the state
D. Block development organization

 Answer: B

6. The Lok Sabha present is the ____ Lok Sabha
A. 13th
B. 14th
C. 15th
D. 16th 

 Answer: D

7. The Parliament of India will use residuary powers at _____ 
A. Any time
B. National emergency time
C. Some time
D. None of the above 

 Answer: A

8. The Lok Sabha members hold office for ____ years 
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 3

Answer : B

9. For Lok Sabha elections, lower age limit is ____ years 
A. 25
B. 21
C. 18
D. 35 

 Answer : A

10. High court judge pension is charged for the ____ 
A. Contingency Fund of India
B. Consolidated Fund of India
C. Different states
D. None of the above

Answer :

11. Location of Garampani sanctuary is _____
A. Diphu, Assam
B. Junagarh, Gujarat
C. Kohima, Nagaland
D. Gangtok, Sikkim

Answer :

12. Nobel Prize is awarded in which disciplines ? 
A. Physiology or Medicine
B. Physics and Chemistry
C. Literature, Peace and Economics
D. All of the above

Answer :

13. The lower age limit for voters in India is _____ years 
A. 15
B. 18
C. 21
D. 25 

 Answer : B

14. Rajya Sabha members are elected by _____ 
A. Based on universal adult franchise
B. Legislative assemblies
C. Legislative councils
D. Both legislative councils & legislative assemblies 

 Answer : B

More About Most Important General Knowledge Question With Answer (Park with their location)

15. Chief minister position is _____ 
A. Same as the prime minister
B. Same as the president
C. Both A & B
D. None of the above 

 Answer : A

16. Abbreviation of FFC is _____ 
A. Film Finance Corporation
B. Foreign Finance Corporation
C. Federation of Football Council
D. None of the above

 Answer : A

17. The name of Fastest shorthand writer is _____ 
A. Dr. G. D. Bist
B. J.R.D. Tata
C. J.M. Tagore
D. Khudada Khan 

 Answer : A

18. Epsom (England) belongs to which game ?
A. Horse racing
B. Polo
C. Shooting
 D. Snooker 

Answer : A

19. Italian astronomer Galileo was _____ 
A. Invented telescope
B. discovered Jupiter satellites
C. All of the above
D. None of the above 

Answer : C

20. The famous Golf player of Vijay Singh belongs to _____ country?
B. Fiji
C. India

Download Most Important Question For Competitive Exam as a pdf file HERE

Apr 6, 2016

GK Questions Asked in Today RRB Exam (06-04-2016) Morning Shift

GK Questions Asked in Today Exam (06-04-2016)
Morning Shift GK Questions

GK Questions Asked in RRB EXAM 2016
Gk questions asked in Railway Recruitment Board Examination 2016. Last Day we share the GK Questions asked in 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shift of Examination held on 5th April 2016. Those who miss out our update can CLICK HERE to access that page.

Gk Questions Asked In Today (06.04.2016) RRB Exam Shift-1

1.Syed Modi Grand prix winner?
Ans: K Srikhanth

2. When Microsoft founded?
Ans:  1975

3. Start Up India launch year?
Ans: 2016

4.Another Name of Badshah Khan?
Ans: Abdul Ghaffar Khan

5. First woman DG of paramiltary forces?
Ans: Archana Ramasundram

6. Which is not a gland(options: Liver,gall bladder,Pituatry,Adrenal)?
Ans: Gall Bladder

7. Parliament Construction  year?
Ans:  1927

8. Nephron Belongs to?
Ans: Kidney

9.Smiling Buddha Mission?
Ans:  India’s first successful nuclear bomb test At Pokhran

10.What is Calcium Hyrdoxide?
Ans:  slaked lime

11.Mars is also known as?
Ans: Red Planet

12. Yellow Fever caused by?
Ans:  Male Mosquitoes

13. Chief Election Commissioner is removed by?
Ans: Parliament with two-thirds majority in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

14.British Rule was ended on which year?
Ans: 1947

15.2015 Arjuna Award given to which female wrestler?
Ans: Babita Kumari

16. Who won more grandslams in the year 2015?
Ans: Novak Djokovic

17. Political System of Afghanistan is known as?
Ans: Democratic Republic 

For More Railways Examination GK Questions CLICK HERE

Apr 5, 2016

GK Questions Asked in RRB Exam Held on 05th April-2016 ( 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shift)

GK Questions Asked in RRB Examination 2016
Exam Held on 05th April-2016 ( 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shift)

In this article we are going to share the GK Questions asked in Railways Recruitment Exam. This examination was held on 5th of April 2016 means today. So read this post carefully because these questions may be asked in the upcoming examination.

To read GK Questions Asked in 3rd April 2016 CLICK HERE

Gk Questions Asked In Today (05.04.2016) (Morning Shift)

1.Short Distance file transfer/Communiation device?
Ans: Bluetooth

2. National game of USA?
Ans: Baseball

4. Biodiesel Train will be started in which zone?
Ans: South Western Railways Zone

5. Most Populous State?
Ans: UP

6. Ctrl+z is what?
Ans: to Undo any action

7. Indo Pak war in which Year?
Ans: 1965

8. Anti corruption member in ICC from Indian Cricket Team?
Ans: Rahul Dravid

9. Forest Area Percentage in India?
Ans: 21.23

10. ISI full Form?
Ans: Indian Standard Institute

11. Number of World Heritage Site in India?
Ans: 32

12 Rank of India in Human Development Index?
Ans: 130

14. Astrosat satellite first launched in which year?
Ans: 28 September 2015

15. White Revolution?
Ans: Operation Flood

16. Dadabhai Naroji Professor in which University?
Ans: University of London.

17. toxicology is ?
Ans: Study of the adverse effects of chemicals on living organisms.

18.Panipat Refinery belongs to which company?

19.Siachen Avalanche Survivor name?
Ans: Lance Naik Hanumantha

20.Odd one out?,,, whatsapp
Ans: whatsapp

21. ISI full Form?
Ans: Indian Standard Institute

RRB NTPC Exam 2nd Shifts (Afternoon Shift)

1.Pidemiology is study of ?
Ans: study of the distribution and determinants of health-related states

2. What is India’s literacy rate as per census 2011?
Ans: 74.04%

3.Who was the man of the series in 2011  cricket world cup?
Ans: Yuvraj Singh

4. City on the bank of Nile?
Ans: Khartoum

5. Largest Coal Deposits in India are available in?
Ans: Damodar Valley

6. First smart city approved UT ?
Ans: New Delhi

7. The Biography  of Indira Gandhi written by?
Ans: Pupul Jayakar

8. Hoolock gibbon found in which state?
Ans: North East States

9. City without planetarium?

10. Hindi is National article by which article?
Ans: Article 343

11. 1024Gb means?
Ans: 1 terabyte

12.Where is  Tippu Sultan Maszid situated?
Ans: Kolkata

13. Ultrasonic  Frequency Range?
Ans: 18–22 kHz.

14. Which element is air polluted?
Ans: Sulphur Dioxide

15.What is the function of Hydrometer?
Ans: measures the specific gravity

16. What is the Capital of Dadra & Nagar Haveli?
Ans: Silvasa

17. National Sports Day?
Ans: 29th August

18. Pitchblende is related to?
Ans: Uranium

19. Full Form of Pdf?
Ans: Portable Document Format

20.Bones around Chest are?
Ans: rib cage

21.Flag Code of India?
Ans: 2002

22.Bio Diversity means?
Ans:  the variety of life on Earth.

23. Who is the writer of the song amor bangla ?
Ans: Rabindranath Tagore

24. Language of Mughal Density?
Ans: Persian Language

25. Which Device is used to connect computer to wireless?
Ans: Router

RRB NTPC Exam: 3rd Shift ( 05-04-2016)

1. What is the national game of China? 
Ans. Table Tennis

2. South Africa currency?
Ans. Rand

3. What are the No of players in polo?  
Ans. 4

4. First woman doctor in world ? 
Ans. Elizabeth Blackwell

5. Which Acid in grapes? 
Ans. Tartaric

6. Who build jantarmater in delhi?
Ans. Sawai Jai Singh II

7. Who commisioned tajmahal? 
Ans. Shah Jahan

8. How many Muscles uses for eye ball? 
Ans. 6