Quantitative Aptitude Tips & Syllabus For SBI Bank Clerk Exams 2016

Quantitative Aptitude Tips, Syllabus & Books (For Bank Exams of SBI Clerk, NABARD etc)

sbi clerk exam 2016
Quantitative Aptitude is difficult to understand for non-maths lovers. But if you work hard on it, with a proper mindset, interest to show on it can help to score pass percentage in this Quantitative Aptitude section. Because of this section many candidates have failed in written exam of Banks, Government jobs etc. Here some tips are provided to get pass percentage in Quantitative Aptitude section. First we have to know the topics covered in this section. Read full information for Quantitative Aptitude Tips, Syllabus & Books.

Quantitative Aptitude Topics:
1) DI
2) Time and distance
3) Time and work
4) Profit and loss
5) Percentages
6) Averages
7) Ages
8) Ratio and proportion
9) Partnership
10) Mixtures and allegation
11) Mensuration
12) Number series
13) Simplification and Approximation
14) Quadratic Equations
15) Probability
16) Permutation and Combination
17) Pipes and Cistern
Preparation Methods:
1. Refer books one by one like R.S. Agarwal, Arun Sharma, M Tyra, Sarvesh K Verma etc.
2. Learn the basics of each topic first. Invent new tricks for each topic, don't follow short tricks given in text books.
3. Time factor is very important one. You know one minute equal to 60 seconds. If you solve a problem in one minute, then next time try to solve it in 50 seconds.
4. Spend at least two to three hours on Quantitative Aptitude section per a day, practice chapter wise topics along with questions.
5. It is better to maintain a note book, where you have to write formulas, important tricks, short cut methods etc. So that you will remember all important points during exam day.
6. Practise one to thirty tables, one to fifty squares, cubes etc so that you will complete this section fast during exam.
7. Concentrate more on the topics of Simplification, Profit and Loss, Percentages, Averages, Ratio's. Spend time to solve the questions on these topics. Learn tips and easy methods in these topics.
8. Time factor plays a major role for all candidates in these type of examinations. You have to do calculations in problems with a little bit speed.
Speed is tough to get over night. You have to work on this section daily basis. Please spend some time on it daily. You should complete the answers in less than 60 seconds (one minute). Solve model papers, previous years papers, practice questions etc again and again.
Important Factors:
Practise, confidence, patience, hard work etc are Important Factors to get success in these Bank examinations. If you get a grip on this section, then you will get success. All the best.

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