In bank exam (SBI, IBPS, and RRB) & SSC Reasoning is one of the most important sections. A good score in reasoning test can lead you at higher marks in banking exam. In reasoning MACHINE INPUT OUTPUT is important topic. Usually 5-6 questions can be given from this topic in bank exam or other competitive exams as well. It can be easy topic if you have right tricks to find out logic by which the sequence is going on in input output. Here we are providing important tips and machine input output questions which are asked in SBI, IBPS bank exams.  
This topic is important for the main exam of SBI and IBPS.
In Machine Input Output, a message comprising of randomness letters/words or numbers or a combination of both is given as the input followed by steps of rearrangement to give sequential outputs. The candidate is required to trace out the pattern in the given rearrangement and then determine the desired output step, according as is asked in the questions.
In input output, the basic problem is time management. You can obviously get the logic if you are free from time limit, but the challenge is to get the logic as quickly as possible and get done with the questions to score more. So, here you can learn how to solve machine input by saving your time.

Patterns to look for in the given sequence;
Arrange the given words in forward/reverse alphabetical order.
Arrange the given numbers in ascending/descending order.
Write a particular set of words in the reverse order, stepwise.
Change places of words/numbers according to a set pattern.
The above points are the four possible criteria which you should look for to determine the pattern in given rearrangement.
a)     Compare quickly the input and the final step and try to deduce the logic through which the machine has produced the output.
b)     Observe the shifting of items in sequence is the machine shifting only 1 item at a time or is it shifting two or more?
c)      Observe the direction in which shifting has taken place – left to right or right to left.
d)     Quickly and carefully analyse and try to discriminate according to the first letter of given words is they are in alphabetical sequence or is there any particular arrangement related to vowels and consonants and analyse the numbers too.
e)     Do not write the complete word each time; to save time, just write the first letter or however many letters of each word you need to uniquely identify it.
The example given below; will helpful to understand input output in detail:
Example: An electronic device rearranges numbers step-by-step in a particular order according to a set of rules. The device stops when the final result is obtained. In this case the device stops at Step V.
Input:             85        16        36        04        19        97        63        09
Step l:             97        85        16        36        04        19        63        09
Step II :           97        85        63        16        36        04        19        09
Step III:           97        85        63        36        16        04        19        09

Step IV:           97        85        63        36        19        16        04        09
Step V:                        97        85        63        36        19        16        09        04       
V step is the last step.
The last step is the final output the machine.
So what has happened in this example of V steps?

Solution: carefully observing the sample sequence, we observe that in the given arrangement, the numbers have been arranged in descending order (from left to right) in a sequence, altering the position of only one number in each step, followed by the other numbers as it is. The process continues till the whole set of numbers is arranged in descending order.          
In the machine input output questions the first thing is you have to find by which logic the steps are going on, when you will find it. Then the input output question will solve in few minutes.
Example 2: A word arrangement machine, when given an input line of words, rearranges it in every step following a certain rule. Following is an illustration of an input line of words and various steps of rearrangement.
Input:     gone are      taken     enough   brought   station
Step I:    take   gone   are         enough   brought   station
Step II:   take   are      gone      enough   brought   station
Step III:  take   are      station   gone       enough   brought
Step IV:  take   are      station   brought   gone      enough
The step IV is the last step for this input. Now find out find out the logic by which all steps are going on.
Solution: observing the given arrangement. We find the following pattern:
If we arrange the words in the given input in the alphabetical order and then label them as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, then the last step contains the words in the order 6, 1, 5, 2, 4, 3. However, the position of only one word is altered at each step.
Example 3: study the following information carefully and answer the given questions:
A word and number arrangement machine when given an input line of words and numbers rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is an illustration of input and rearrangement.
Input: world  32       73       verb   26       new    desk   19
Step I:             73        world 32        verb    26        new     desk    19
Step II: 73       desk    world 32        verb   26        new     19
Step III: 73     desk    32        world verb    26        new     19
Step IV: 73     desk   32        new     world verb    26        19
Step V: 73       desk    32        new     26        world verb    19
Step VI: 73     desk    32        new     26        verb    world 19
Step VII: 73    desk    32        new     26       verb   19        world
And step VII is the last step of the above input. As per the rules followed in the above steps, find out in each of the following questions the appropriate step for the given input.
Solution: in one step the largest number comes to the leftmost position while the remaining line shifts rightward. In the next step the word that comes first in the alphabetical order shifts to the second position and the remaining line shifts rightward. This goes on alternately till the numbers get arranged in descending order and the words in alphabetical order at alternate positions.

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