One Liner GK Questions Based on Economic Survey 2018

One Liner Questions Based on Economic Survey 2018
General Awareness Questions Based on Economic Survey 2018
DEAR Students now in this post we are going to share ONE-LINER questions based on Economic Survey 2018. These all questions are very important for the upcoming Banking examination include SBI PO, CLERK, NABARD ASSISTANT MANAGER EXAM AND IDBI Executive Exam 2018. 

So those who are currently preparing for these Bank Exams should read these One Liner questions very carefully and understand them well. All the best to all participants.

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Those who are preparing for the following sectors: “Banking, Insurance and other Government Job Examinations” these one liner questions based on Economic Survey is very important.
Those who want to score high in the General Awareness section of any examination; it is very significant for you to know about The Economic Survey and the Union Budget
Below are the One Liner questions which are very important:

Q1. Monetary (Economic) Survey sees Financial Year 2019 GDP developing at-
Answer- 7.0-7.5%

Q2. Financial Survey sees normal unrefined petroleum costs rising __________ in FY 2019.
Ans. 12%

Q3. The amount GVA development has been seen in FY17?
Ans. 6.1 for each penny

Q4. GST information indicates development of ________ in the quantity of Taxpayers.
Ans. 50%

Q5. By what amount of percent Real GDP has been informed this FY?
Ans. 6.75%

Q6. Normal Financial Year 2018 CPI inflation seen at-
Ans. 3.3%

Q7. How much Services Growth has been seen at-?
Ans. 8.3%

Q8. Farming, industry and administrations areas are expected to develop at the rate of __________, ________, and ____________ respectively in 2017-18.
Ans. 2.1%, 4.4%, and 8.3%

Q9. How much Industries Growth has been seen at-
Ans. 4.4%

Q10. GDP raise has average ___________ for the time period from 2014-15 to 2017-18, which is the maximum among the major economies of the world.
Answer- 7.3%

Q11. The proportion of domastic saving to GDP has achieved 29.2 percent in 2013 to a pinnacle of 38.3 percent in 2007, preceding falling back to _______ percent in 2016.

Q12. The overseas exchange reserve has a growth by ________ from the end of December 2016 to the end of December 2017 on a year-on-year basis. 
Answer- 14.1%

Q13. What is the Full Form of GVA?
Answer- Gross Value Added

Q14. The study points out that India can be rated as among the top performing economies in the globe as the average growth during last 3 years is around -------------- points higher than worldwide growth and almost 3 percent higher than that of promising Market and Developing Economies.
Answer- 4 percent

Q15. What is the Full Form of ITC is-
Answer- Input Tax Credits

May be these types of questions related to the General Awareness help you in the upcoming competitive examination. Time to time we will share these types of question with you to make your General awareness section strong.

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