How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude Together for Bank and SSC Exams 2018

Preparation of Quantitative Aptitude for Banking and SSC Exam

Relation between the Quantitative Aptitude of Bank and SSC exams

Hello dear students,

The Students who are seeking for government jobs, bank and SSC exams are the golden opportunities for them, so students get ready for these exams, work hard and grab this golden opportunity by cracking. 

Most of the students are preparing for both these exams to have a government job, as you are having lack of time so in this article we are providing you some key points by following these you can prepare for Bank and SSC exams together. 

The important thing about these both exams is that they are having some similarities in the syllabus of these both exams. If you want to prepare for both of these exams together then you can go with the similar syllabus of these exams first and then go through the different syllabus later on. QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE is one of those similar syllabuses for these SSC and Bank exams. 

If you want to prepare for these exams together then we advise you to prepare the quantitative aptitude together, although there are many differences in the syllabus of the QUANTITATIVE aptitude of these two exams but you can’t ignore the similarities also. We will also explain in this article that what are the differences between the syllabus of QUANTITATIVE APPTITUDE of these two exams. You can go through the similar syllabus first and the different syllabus later on.

The main difference between the BANK and SSC quantitative aptitude is that of Advanced Mathematics. You need to have a conceptual and thorough knowledge of Advanced Mathematics in SSC whereas it is not needed in the BANK exams.

Preparation of Quantitative Aptitude for Banking and SSC Exam

If you want to prepare for the QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE for these exams then you should have a clear knowledge about the pattern and the syllabus of these exams because there are various similarities as well the differences between the pattern and the type of questions asked in these exams. 

The various topics for the quantitative aptitude of bank exams include simplification and approximation, number series, inequality, profit and loss, average, ratio and proportion, speed, distance and time, time and work, probability, pipes and cisterns, simple and compound interest and permutation and combination and data interpretation.  

The questions of the quantitative the aptitude of the BANK exams are of calculative nature so you have to be very fast while solving these type of calculative questions and you have to learn the various easy and quick tricks to solve these questions at a fast rate.

Although the syllabus for SSC Quantitative aptitude includes percentage, ratio and proportion, problems on ages, speed, time and distance, average, number series, number system, time and work, mixture and allegation, data interpretation. In Advanced Mathematics topics like Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry is included which are the vital component in SSC exam. These topics are not significant for Bank Exams but you should have a thorough knowledge of these topics for the SSC examination point of view. So you need to concentrate separately on these topics when you are preparing for the SSC exam.

 Data Interpretation is a very essential topic for both of these exams.
A comparison table is given below which can explain to you that what kind of topics are included in which exam and what are the same and the different topics included in both exams and if you want to prepare for these two exams together then what common topics you can learn for both the exams.

SSC  exam
(type of questions)
Bank exams
(type of questions)
Easy to Moderate
Difficult level questions
complex level requires detailed information
Not Needed
Moderate to Difficult
Easy to Moderate
(Line and Angles, triangles, circles, quadrilaterals)
Difficult type of questions and need to have a clear information of concepts
1-2 Questions
Coordinate Geometry
require thorough knowledge of 2D and 3D figures, level is moderate to difficult
Not Needed
Data Sufficiency
Not Needed
Good Practice

So students now you have an idea about the similarities and differences in the syllabus of both the exams so just prepare for the common topics first and then go for the different topics later on. Devote separate and extra time for different topics.  For preparing the common topics you should have a keen knowledge about the pattern and type of the questions which are asked in the exams, for this, you can go through the different mock test, just solve then and evaluate yourself. Work upon your weak points and strengthen your strong points. Just work on a plan and you will surely get success.

Best of luck students!!!!

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