45 Most Important Abbreviations which You should Know - Short Form Words for All

45 Most Important Abbreviations which You should Know - Short Form Words for All

Important Abbreviations
Short Form Words
This article is all about IMPORTANT Abbreviations or Short Form Words. Abbreviations are extremely important to learn. You need to use abbreviations in your daily communication models.
However, it is also important to update yourself with respect to abbreviations used across the globe. Most abbreviations play a major role in booking, cancelling flight tickets, understanding and decoding codes. If you are well aware about abbreviations, half the job is complete.
So in this article we are going to share the List of 45 Most Important Abbreviations which really help you in your life. So learn these Short Form words to make your life little a bit easy.

Important Abbreviations  Short Form Words

The most common and important abbreviations in India include:
1. R&D – Research and Development
2. PIN – Postal index number
3. PWD – Public works department
4. AASU – All Assam Students Union
5. ABM – Anti Ballistic Missile
6. ABCDE – Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics
7. ABT – Availability Based Tariff
8. AC – Alternate Current or Ashok Chakra or Air Conditioner or Antarctic Club
9. AD – Ano Domini (After the birth of Jesus)
10. ADA – Air Defence Artillery
11. AERE – Atomic Energy Research Establishment
12. AFLP – Accelerated Female Literacy
13. AFPPD – Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population & Development
14. AGOC – Asian Games Organization Committee
15. AICC – All India Congress Committee
16. AICCTU – All India Central Council of Trade Unions

17. AICI – Agricultural Insurance Corporation of India

18. AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
19. AIFF – All India Football Federation
20. AIL – Aeronautics India Limited
21. AIMPLB – All India Muslim Personal Law Board
22. AINEC – All India Newspapers Editors Conference
23. AIR – All India Radio
24. ALH – Advanced Light Helicopter
25. AM – Anti Meridian (Before Noon)
26. AMIE – Associate Member of the Institute of Engineers
27. ANC – African National Congress
28. APNN – Asian Pacific News Network
29. APEC – Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation
30. APPLE – Asian Passenger Payload Experiment
31. APPU – Asian Pacific Postal Union
32. ARF – Asian Regional Forum
33. ARDS – Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
34. ASEAN – Association of South East Asian Nations
35. ASLV – Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle
36. ASI – Archaeological Survey of India
37. ASSOCHAM – Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (India)
38. AWACS – Airborne Warning and Control System
39. ATCI – Air Time Committee of India
40. ATPLO – All Tripura Peoples Liberation Organization
41. ATS – Anti Tetanus Serum
42. ATTF – All Tripura Tribal Force
43. BARC – Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
44. BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation
45. BC – Before Christ

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