How You Can Start Preparing for Civil Services Exam 2020 - How to Start Preparing for IAS Exam 2020

Brace up for Civil Services 2020
How You Can Start Preparing for Civil Services Exam

Before knowing the art of decoding the syllabus for the civil services exam, it is imperative to understand its purpose. It has been statistically detected that maximum of the applicants take a step for the preparation without analyzing the nuances of what accurately is the demand of the examination. Random start based on others’ insights will leave you in dark. So, it is the syllabus that acts as a 'constitution' for preparation and any deviation from it will be null and void. Therefore, ‘rendezvous with syllabus’ should be considered as a very strong step of learning because it will act as the bedrock for the entire preparation through all the three stages of the examination.

Before we shift our gear towards decoding the syllabus, its significance should be very clear and immune from any doubts or if's and but's. Let's see, the meaning of decoding syllabus and how to do it. Also, it is equally important to know for all aspirants, be it neophytes or seasoned players. Take a leap in 2020 and unlearn the old-fashioned methods of preparation, bear no past burden and start afresh and new with a novel shovel to achieve what could not be achieved earlier.

how to prepare for civil service exam 2020

De-coding means breaking up the syllabus and integrating it with previous years' questions as well as current affairs. For example, starting with the preliminary exam syllabus one finds 'Art and Culture' is not mentioned clearly in the syllabus, but questions related to the same do appear in the exams. This shows that art and culture must be read in connection with current affairs.

■ Similarly, for all the papers of General Studies in Main examination, break every section into sub-sections by taking the help of previous years' questions. For example, in 2019 General Studies Paper-I, a question was, "Empowering women is the key to control population growth." Discuss. Over here writing simply about women empowerment will fetch undesirable marks, the content for such topics must be scooped from newspapers, magazines etc.

■ Once the syllabus is decoded, a candidate is enlightened enough to de-mystify the unpredictability of this exam by shedding irrelevant stuff and focusing more on what is going to bear results in exam. Say, it is about learning 'Indian Polity' where a candidate must stay focused by keeping all sorts of 'political masala' news at bay. This accurate demarcation will save time, money, energy and of course attempts as well.

■ Another step towards decoding is keeping the syllabus handy at all times. Squirreling it away after one reading, assuming a perfect hold on every section of this colossal mount is a misjudgment. Remember, this preparation should be interlinked and integrated as an 'organic whole' which is dynamic, evolving and growing.

■ Once, learnt the skill to keep all limbs of the Prelims and Mains syllabus co-joined and interactive, Personality Test will not be a tough nut to crack. The aura of knowledge gained will help in getting good marks in the Personality Test (Interview).

Aspiring to be a civil servant should not be for pomp-gusto, power and prestige, but for a profound desire to usher in a change in the lives of many. Be hopeful, stay healthy and strive for excellence!

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