Data Interpretation Shortcut Techniques for Pie Chart - DI Pie Chart Questions and Answer

Data Interpretation Shortcut Techniques for Pie Chart

DI Pie Chart Questions and Answer

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This is Lecture number 2 related to the Data Interpretation topic. In the first lecture, we had discussed the BAR Graph problem in DI. Today we are going to discuss PIE Chart problem under Data Interpretation. We are going to share the video class related to the DI in which the tutor is going to explain all techniques to solve the questions easily. After that, we are going to share a PRACTICE Test below on the basis of this video tutorial along with correct answers. Practice as much as you can to increase your speed.

Major Key points related to the DATA INTERPRETATION PIE CHARTS:
1.   In the current situation we are with you by providing you online free classes especially for the UGC exam, Banking, and SSC exams.

2.   Data interpretation is one of the very Vital topics with respect to one of the following exams: “SSC, UGC, banking, CDS, state government exams, railways, hotel management, law entrance, and many more exams”.

3.   UGC STUDENTS who have a fear related to the data interpretation topic than they must watch this video class to handle the problem of PIE-CHARTS with ease during the exam. After watching this Data Interpretation video class, you will love data interpretation topics.

4.   Very easy ways to apply the concept on the questions and solving on the basic of RATIO  calculations.

5.   We are going to share 2 PIE graphs with good questions after the video for best practice at home.


DIRECTION (1-5): The following pie-chart shows the percentage distribution of the expenditure incurred in publishing a book. Study the pie-chart and answer the questions based on it.
di pie chart

1.    If for a certain quantity of books, the publisher has to pay Rs. 61,200 as printing cost, then what will be the amount of royalty to be paid for these books?
A) Rs. 38,900
B) Rs. 42,400               
C) Rs. 45,900               
D) Rs. 52,300

2.    What is the central angle of the sector corresponding to the expenditure incurred on Paper?
A) 100°                          
B) 25°                            
C) 90°                            
D) 98°

3.    The price of the book is marked 20% above the CP. If the marked price of the book is Rs. 90, then what is the cost of the paper used in a single copy of the book?
A) Rs. 36             
B) Rs. 18.75                  
C) Rs. 42             
D) Rs. 22.50

4.    If 6300 copies are published and the binding cost on them amounts to Rs. 94,500, then what should be the selling price of the book so that the publisher can earn a profit of 25%?
A) Rs. 187.50               
B) Rs. 191.50               
C) Rs. 175          
D) Rs. 180

5.    Royalty on the book is less than the printing cost by:
A) 5%                             
B) 33.5                           
C) 20%                          
D) 25%
DIRECTION (6-10): The circle-graph given here shows the spending of a country on various sports during a particular year. Study the graph carefully and answer the questions given below it.
di pie chart

6.    What percent of total spending is spent on Tennis?
A) 12.5%             
B) 22.5%             
C) 25%                          
D) 45%

7.    How much percent more is spent on Hockey than that on Table Tennis?
A) 27%                          
B) 35%                          
C) 37.5%             
D) 75%

8.    If the total amount spent on sports during the year be Rs. 1,80,00,000 , the amount spent on Baseball exceeds on Tennis by:
A) Rs. 2,50,000            
B) Rs. 3,60,000            
C) Rs. 3,75,000            
D) Rs. 4,10,000

9.    How much percent less is spent on Cricket than that on Football?
A) 22.22%           
B) 27%                          
C) 33.33%           
D) 37.14% 

10.                   If the total amount spent on sports during the year was Rs. 4 crores, the amount spent on Football and Hockey together was:
A) Rs. 1,600,000
B) Rs. 16,000,000        
C) Rs. 24,000,000        
D) Rs. 32,000,000


1.    C
2.    C
3.    B
4.    A
5.    D
6.    A
7.    D
8.    A
9.    C
10.                   B

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