A Career in Computer Forensics - How to Become a Computer Forensics Investigator

A career in Computer Forensics

Welcome to the Govt Job Portal channel. At present, the number of active internet users in the world is approximately 4.57 billion as of April 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population. The number of users is continuously increasing day by day. 

As the number of users is increasing, online and cybercrime-related cases are also coming to light in the same proportion. Among these, the online credit card scam is prominent.

In addition, criminal incidents related to e-mail are also increasing steadily. This includes sending fake and threatening e-mails, cheating companies, software piracy, SMS hacking, mobile cloning etc. In view of all this, more attention is being paid to the computer and network security. 

This is the reason that the demand for expert computer and digital forensic experts has increased these days. Today in this Sarkari job Portal article we are going to discuss the career option in Computer Forensics.

What is the Computer Forensics Job Profile?
Usually computer forensic experts are also called cyber police, cyber investigator, or digital detective. The cybercrime market is growing rapidly. Everyone is a victim of cybercrime somewhere in the world. 

Everything is becoming cyber, so the concern of maintaining information security on the Internet is also increasing. In such a situation, there are tremendous employment opportunities in almost every field from law to information technology.

What you have to Study to become an expert in Computer forensics?
Under Computer and Cybercrime, students are exposed to various aspects related to cybercrime, including understanding the various types of risks in computerized and network operations, identifying clues related to computer crime, aspects of investigation of computer crimes. 

It includes knowing, understanding various measures to prevent computer-related crimes, and getting acquainted with security techniques to limit the occasional cyber damage.

Course and qualification
·       Admission in Cyber ​​Law related course can be taken after 12th class

·       Diploma in Cyber ​​Law from Asian School of Cyber ​​Law Pune - Distance Learning,

·  Advanced Diploma in Cyber ​​Law - Only through Distance Learning Medium.

·       ASCL Certified Cyber ​​Crime Investigation - Distance and Class Room System. Admission to cybersecurity related postgraduate program is given on the basis of All India Entrance Examination.

Course Outline
This topic covers the analysis of digital media, basics of cybercrime and cyber law, computer forensic systems and digital evidence of a crime, introduction to crimes, theft related to employee theft in an organization, cases related to e-commerce, Taught about intellectual-property matters and cyberspace topics.

Subjects related to law covered in cyber program: It includes courts and criminal justice system, criminal justice organization and administration, policing and law enforcement principles, law enforcement reporting and recording, corrective programs: probation and payroll, criminal investigation, forensic and criminal, scene investigation, cybercrime Incidents related to, police techniques interview and investigation, security imperatives, crime prevention, multi-cultural law enforcement, contentious issues in law enforcement, domestic security, etc.

What are the Employment prospects?
People associated with this sector can seek employment in various fields. Web Developer Consultant, Consultant in the Ministry of Information and Technology or Corporate Houses, Cyber ​​Consultant in an IT firm, Police Department or Banks, Research Assistant in Legal Firm, Research Assistant in Technology Firm, Security in Technology Firms, Auditor and Network Administrator, Can start a career as an instructor in legal schools and multinational companies etc.

Various Institute to watch for making a Career in Computer Forensics
·       National University of Legal Studies and Law Research, Hyderabad-560027 

·       Symbiosis Societies Law College, Pune and Nalsar University
·       www.nalsarpro.org

·       National Law School of India, Bangalore
·       www.nis.ac.in

·       Asian School of Cyber ​​Law, Pune
·       www.arianlaws.org

·       Law Department, University of Delhi
·       www.du.ac.in

·       Indian Institute of Information and Technology, Allahabad
·       www.iiita.ac.in

·       Center for Distance Education, University of Hyderabad
·       www.uohy.ernet.in

·       Amity Law School, Delhi
·       www.amity.org

·       Cyber ​​Law College NAAVI, Chennai, Mysore, Hubli, Mangalore and Bengaluru
·       www.cyberlawcallege.com

·       Champlain College, 163 South Willard St. Barlington, VT-05401, USA
·       www.champlain.edu

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