Find Out What Jobs Are In Demand In Canada | GovtJobsPortal.In

Find Out What Jobs Are In Demand In Canada | GovtJobsPortal.In

17 Highly Demanded Profession/Jobs in Canada After COVID-19 Pandemic

What Jobs are in Demand in Canada?

Canada begins to heal up economically after the COVID-19 pandemic. The country provides the opportunity to those who have lost their jobs. The Canadian employer's reemployment those who were fired due to pandemics. The country’s economy is eventually lifted up from the reductions due to lockdown and curfews. Now there are many career-making opportunities for fresher candidates in Canada. In this news, we will cover the latest study related to What type of jobs are in demand in Canada.

As we all know about the epidemic that happens due to which many problems are arises in the whole world. Businesses are facing many problems due to which many employers got fired. There are many consciences due to this Pandemic situation few of them are:

·       Many of the employers do their work from home.

·       Some of the businesses launch their online platforms.

Some of the businesses carrying out the safety measurements that are under Govt. COVID-19 guidelines. After taking all the precautionary measurements there is a lot of people who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article, we are going to discuss 17 highly demanded professions in Canada. We are using the table below to make the information very clear to the readers.

One of the top most human resources consulting firm in Canada forecasts top jobs for 2021. According to Randstad Canada, no. of jobs will be in great demand, person with a specialized skills has a chance of getting employment in 2021.

17 Highly Demanded Profession/Jobs in Canada

List of the professions/Jobs in Canada after a long pandemic:



Highly- paying provinces/ territories

Hourly wages


Registered Nurse

Nunavut, Northwest Territories & Yukon.


Graduation in nursing & have a nursing license.

Truck driver

Yukon, Northwest territories & Alberta.


12th& have truck driving training and have a heavy vehicle license.

College or Vocational Instructor

Nunavut, Northwest territories & Alberta.


Master’s degree or bachelor’s degree along with a diploma & experience.

Business Management Consultant

Alberta, Saskatchewan & BC.


MBA or bachelor’s degree or business-related diploma along with experience.


Alberta, BC, Newfoundland &Labrador.


Trade certificate of vocational training.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Saskatchewan, Alberta & Manitoba.


Diploma in nursing.

Occupational or Physiotherapy Assistant

Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Alberta & Labrador.


Diploma in occupational therapist assistant & physiotherapist assistant.

Software Engineer or Designer

Alberta, Ontario & Manitoba.


Bachelor’s degree in software engineering or designing.

Aerospace engineer

Nova Scotia, Ontario & Quebec.


Bachelor’s degree in aerospace along with the license.

Industrial Electrician

Saskatchewan, BC & Alberta.


Trade certificate of vocational training.

Aircraft pilot

Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, BC & Yukon.


Pilot training & license.


Quebec, Alberta & Manitoba.


Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy & license.


Saskatchewan, Alberta & Nova Scotia.


Masters or doctoral degree.

Steamfitter or Pipefitter

Saskatchewan, Alberta &PEI.


Vocational training or trade certificate.

Construction Estimator

BC, Alberta & Saskatchewan.


CIQS certificate or diploma.

Veterinary Technician or Assistant

Alberta, PEI, Manitoba.



Dispensing Optician

Ontario, Newfoundland, Labrador, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia.


Diploma and license.


Description of these Jobs/professions in Canada.

Registered Nurse

A nurse who has graduated from the nursing program & met the demands outlined by the country, state or similar government authorized licensing body to obtain a nursing license. Economically there is a great demand for registered nurses. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, jobs for registered nurses are growing by 15%. The growth rate depends on various aspects like increased interest in preventive care, an increase in chronic illness, etc. 

One of the reasons for the increase in demand for services is required for the baby boom generation. As the baby boomers reaching to their retirement age.  As senior citizen needs higher health care. This may aspects to the increase in the demand for RNs, resulting in new recruitments. RNs plays a major role as primary care-takers. In rural and remote towns where there is no or limited accessibility of general physicians and family doctors, RNs gave their existence at their place. So Nursing profession is one of the most demanded professions in Canada.

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Truck driver

Canada has a great demand for truck drivers. The truck drivers are listed in all Canadian provinces and territories. The economy of the country also depends on truck drivers. The transport truck drivers are needed for hauling the goods from one place to other. The remote areas of Canada need more truck drivers to bring essential goods like food & clothing. During COVID-19 the service of providing foodstuff to the local people is only done by truck drivers. It is one of the most reliable jobs in Canada.

The half of the truck drivers are between the age group of 46 to 65. No young people enter the truck industry. Due to this, there is no one to take place or to fill the gap from retiring workers. Many workers will be retired in the upcoming centuries. Truck Driver is a Highly demand job in Canada right now.


College or Vocational Instructor

Education is a large factor that plays a big role in Canada’s economy. The Canadian government puts effort at no. of levels to provide the benefits. The benefits may upgrade the skills of the one who is interested. This results in increased demand for education programs and vocational training.

The instructor can teach at public and private institutions that provide academic, technical, and vocational programs. You can teach any subject to students at community colleges, language schools, and agricultural colleges.

College professors and heads of departments are included along with trainers who are employed by private training establishments, companies, under this sector.

Employment requirements may vary depends on the field of the instructor. In the field of instructions at academic institutions, you must qualify a master’s degree. But at vocational-based institutions, you have a bachelor’s degree or a college diploma along with experience.

Business Management Consultant

Although each firm can vary in its approach to the job, a management consultant can broadly be defined as “being a problem solver for some of the more complex business and organizational structures out there”. While many consultants focus on one specific expertise, management consultants are focused on helping the leadership of an org improves overall performance and operations. Consulting firms often hire right out of undergraduate and business school programs, so do your research on what type of firm you’d interested in will be very beneficial for you. Management consultants help the company or firm to grow healthy internally as well as externally.



In rapidly developing manufacturing sector highly skilled welders become preference as they can use new and more efficient techniques in their work. They are also in high demand because the rate of retirement in this employment is low because it is younger than others. Highly skilled welders can read the plans and blueprints accurately which is obviously good for the manufacturer.


Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

A licensed practical nurse is a nurse who cares for people who are sick, injured, convalescent, or disabled. They work autonomously similar to the registered nurse in providing care and responsibility for their individual actions and practice. Although this workforce is younger one still increase in the number of retirements are expected in the coming years. In Canada, nursing, as with all other health care professions and trades, is regulated by the respective province or territory.


Occupational or Physiotherapy Assistant

Occupational Therapist (OT) Assistants and Physiotherapist (PT) Assistants work with registered OT and PTto enable clients to cope with their limitations in movement, daily function, activity, and/or occupational performance, whether temporary or permanent. They also help awaken people’s physical potential and learn more about themselves in the process. As these kinds of therapies help the population to enhance their way of living and increase their life with calmness and happiness, especially senior and working group, so they are expected to be in high demand in upcoming years.


Software Engineer or Designer

Software engineering and software designing is a systematic application of engineering approaches to the development of software. As in this world, software becomes an integral part of each industry including telecommunications, mobile technology, and manufacturing too so this workforce is providing a wide range of job opportunities to the youth. According to a survey, 21,000 jobs are expected to be created in this field from 2017 to 2026. One of the other reasons behind the increasing demand for software engineers or designers is shifting of former engineers or designers to higher-level jobs. As a result, you may be able to pursue many potential opportunities in a high-tech career related to the design and development of software systems and applications.


Aerospace engineer

Aerospace engineering is one of the highest-paid careers of today’s world. Along with industrial growth, jobs could also open due to workers retiring, being promoted, and moving on to other positions.

As Canadian government has introduced tighter environmental and security regulations it's expected that the demand for updated aircraft will increase. It is a good time for you to join this industry as it is at its high pace. As the brains behind aerospace systems, vehicles, and their components, you could have responsibilities related to research, design, development, installation, testing, and maintenance.

Industrial Electrician

Industrial electricians perform a variety of functions relates to electrical controls, equipment, and wiring in an industrial plant or worksite. They can work as an independent contractor or on a full-time basis for one employer. Industrial electricians, in particular, are in high demand as they read and interpret blueprints and specifications, as well as remain current on electrical code specifications for the area. testing, troubleshooting, installation, and repair of the electrical components. With the increase of industries, the demand for electricians is also going high. You can prepare to take on the important job of testing, troubleshooting, installation, and repair of the electrical components.


Aircraft pilot

The backbone of the aviation industry is the pilots. Pilots usually fly to carry passengers and goods from one destination to the other. But this is not the only work that a pilot does, he/she is also responsible for checking the management of the cockpit, keeping a keen look on the air regulation. So, if you have ever dreamt of flying high in the sky, then you can definitely strive to become a pilot and fulfill your dream with a handsome salary in your hand.



Pharmacists are often the first point of contact for patients with health inquiries. Thus, they have a significant role in assessing medication management in patients, in referring patients to physicians. Increased numbers of drug therapies, aging but more knowledgeable, and demanding populations, and deficiencies in other areas of the health care system seem to be driving increased demand for skilled pharmacists. This is a field with enormous potential in Canada over the next few years.



With more attention being paid to issues of mental health and wellness in all sectors of the population, psychologists will have one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada for the next five years.

By entering this in-demand career, you could offer counselling and therapy to people struggling with depression, anxiety, and other chronic neurological conditions. You could also choose from a wide range of specialties, including child psychology, behavioural psychology, or cognitive psychology.


Steamfitter or Pipefitter

Factories and other industrial facilities update and retrofit their piping systems, start new industrial construction projects, and upgrade their sprinkler systems. These ongoing projects ensure steam-fitting and pipefitting continue to be in-demand jobs. Some employers report that it's difficult to find qualified workers right now. Plus, it's expected that the ongoing retirements of steamfitters and pipefitters will add to the hiring difficulties already being experienced.

Now could be an ideal time for you to learn the trade so that you can work with sprinkler systems and piping systems that carry all kinds of substances, including chemicals, fuel, steam, and water. Your responsibilities could include laying out, fabricating, assembling, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing a variety of systems.


Construction Estimator

Build Force Canada predicts that although the record growth of recent years may slow down, new construction projects in Canada are expected to continue at a moderate rate across the country. That means continued opportunities for cost estimators.

Companies are recognizing the growing importance of having effective cost controls in place to manage their bottom lines. And that's what construction estimators help them do. By taking on one of Canada's high-demand professions, you can assess costs and prepare estimates and budgets for a variety of construction projects related to areas like architectural, electrical, mechanical, structural, and civil engineering.


Veterinary Technician or Assistant

The increasing love for pets among people, demands the veterinary technician. According to a report in 2018 alone, Canadians collectively spent more than $8.8 billion on their pets. Therefore, it is a good time to opt for this profession as it is only going to grow in the upcoming years. Also, there is a great vacancy in this workforce as the rate of retirees is low.


Dispensing Optician

A dispensing optician is a technical practitioner who designs, fits, and dispenses lenses for the correction of a person’s vision. The knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced opticians are in high demand as they can attract and help their clients more efficiently. Their demand is at a high pace because of the change in today’s livelihood. Changing environmental conditions led to the eye relates to disease that’s why opticians have become an important part of today’s physician list. Some people also love to have trendy eye-wear and contact lenses to look more attractive. In Canada, one can work in hospitals, clinics, retail outlets and can also assist clients with their prescriptions.


Thank you for reading this article on what jobs are in demand in Canada. For more updates related to the latest jobs continue your visit with Govt Job Portal.


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