How To Make Perfect Time Management Charts? Student Time Management Tips

How To Make Perfect Time Management Charts? Student Time Management Tips

How To Make A Simple Time Management Charts?

Student Time Management Tips

The key aspect of time management is to understand the importance of using time effectively as "Time is money" as well as "Time is a source of competitive advantage."

To understand the nature and characteristics of time so that one can utilize that knowledge to effectively manage their time.

Time Management is one of those important elements that contribute to any type of success. Manage your time effectively and efficiently and you'll be able to manage everything in your life from your house to a million $$$ empires.

My Personal Experience: I only started to really care about my time since mid-last year(2020) and it has done wonders for me in terms of my performance at work, my side projects and running multiple sites, and managing a couple of web projects. Without managing my time, I would have never been able to take care of multiple projects let alone the things I do now! Time Management Chart help me a lot to make my life stable and strong.

We all know that managing time is a very stressful thing to do especially if you are a very busy person. To get rid of the stress caused by too many responsibilities it is important to start eliminating tasks that do not contribute to your goals.

Lessening your load will help you improve the quality of your living and your relationships with the people you love. To do this, you need to know your responsibilities by using time management charts.

Below are tips in making time management charts:

First of all, identify Your Goals and Write Them Down. You should be able to know your goals and list them down on your time management charts in order for you to eliminate unnecessary responsibilities.

Write your top goals on the chart so that you will know where to begin. Most people’s goals are taking care of their family, nurturing themselves, and growing their careers or businesses. However, it is all up to you because everyone has different goals in life.

Time management charts typically have three columns. These are the following:
1). First Column – Responsibilities
- PTA Meetings
- Attending group or association gatherings
- Taking your children to school or extra-curricular activities
- Regular exercises
- Regular work hours

2). Second Column–The total number of hours that you need to spend per responsibility.

This will all depend on the time that you have projected for every responsibility. For example, you may need to spend 1 hour every day for your regular exercise and a few minutes running your errands. In this part, it is important to be realistic and honest with yourself. Knowing your priorities and obligations will also help you determine which activities require more of your time.

3). Third Column–Goals that you are able to accomplish.

The third column of time management charts should consist of the goals that you were able to achieve. For example, you were able to attend the PTA meeting or you have successfully completed a task at work. Once you have listed your accomplished goals on your time management charts you will know what other things are left to be done.

After completing your time management charts, you will then be able to narrow down or eliminate other responsibilities that are unnecessary. By regularly updating your time management charts you can also pick up on responsibilities that you can assign to your spouse or your children. This will help you live a healthy, happy, and productive life.

How To Make A Perfect Time Management Charts for a Success ?  Student Time Management Tips

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Straightforward Student Time Management Tips

Student time management is one of the biggest challenges that students face. Indeed, there are only a handful of people, student or not, who can say that they have no problems with managing their time.

With so many things competing for your time and attention, it is not surprising that you are struggling with good student time management. Aside from attending classes and doing homework and other school-related projects, students are of course busy with their social life, home life, and other personal commitments.

Experts on time management advise that the first step in student time management is identifying exactly how you spend your time. Create a time management chart for an entire week, listing down your daily activities from the start to the end of each day. Be as specific as you can. Once you have reviewed your time chart, you can start to make the necessary changes to your behavior with respect to time.

It is important to stress here that student time management is not about changing time itself because that would be impossible. Each day has twenty-four hours and nobody can do anything about adding more or less to that. What you have control of is how you manage yourself so that at the end of the day, you are able to accomplish what you have set out to do.

Student time management Tips:

1). First, know what time of the day you are most attentive or energetic. Some people are more alert in the morning while some can study better at night. Use your high-energy times for school work and your downtime to do routine tasks like house chores.

2). When studying, deal first with the subjects that you find difficult. When your mind is fresh, you will be able to pick up difficult concepts better so when your concentration starts to dip, you only have easy subjects left to study. Break up your study time into short periods. Studying straight for several hours is exhausting and therefore, less effective.

3). In addition, see which activities you can combine with another. For example, while you are doing the laundry you can review some of your school notes or do some light reading.

Eliminate as many distractions as possible so as not to waste time or work around circumstances that you cannot control. For instance, if you staying in an apartment, you can schedule your study time when there is the least activity and noise around you.

These are just some suggestions to encourage you in managing your time better. Certainly, time management is a skill that everyone needs to learn, and mastering it while you are still in school will be to your great advantage.

I hope you understand the concept related to the TIME management charts. We hope that these Student time management tips will help you in making a perfect time management chart for you. 

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