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Interview in Journalism

In this article, we will not only highlight journalism interview questions but you will also find the effective answers to tough journalism interview questions. No one can say for sure that what interview questions are going to be posed in an interview in journalism. There are some interview questions that always give problems to journalism job seekers.

The importance of preparing and learning interview tips can never be undermined. During the course of an interview in journalism, the interviewee can expect to face 30 or more questions. And all it takes for the interview to go bad is one bad answer. Thus make sure that you are prepared with good answers. Thinking how will you do that, well here we have some of the questions and effective answers that will surely help you face the interview with utmost confidence.

Without waiting any longer let’s move to the section where we have the tough interview questions lined up for you. These questions are the ones that every job seeker wants to know and often asks us about. You can also check Important Interview Questions and Answers for General Interview.

Interview in Journalism

Journalism interview questions

As mentioned earlier too the questions asked during an interview cannot be predicted but if you prepare for a journalism interview and learn these questions and its answers then you are giving yourself a good chance to succeed. The bottom line is that you should be able to answer each question correctly and professionally.

Q. What is the reason behind you leaving your current job?
A. Irrespective of the reason, ensure that you do not bad mouth your present employer. Say nothing that is negative as its going you harm you.
Some good answers: “I do not find growth opportunities at my present employer. I feel I am capable and want to work with a company that offers long term growth opportunities”. 
“The company is witnessing restructuring, I was given the option to move to another city but since it concerns my family too I do not wish to relocate”. 
“With the prevailing economic crisis my company is laying off employees. Over the past months, my feeling for job security has diminished and I am on the outlook for a secured job environment”.

Q. What would you like to achieve in the long-term future?
A. “My goals for the long term are to work with a company where I can grow with the company, contribute to the company’s growth, and continue to learn”.

Q. What is your approach to pressure and stress?
A. “I think I perform better under pressure, a challenging work environment is what brings out the best in me.” “Stress we all understand is a part of work but how you deal with it is what differentiates people. I play golf and practice yoga to reduce stress and rejuvenate myself for work.”

Q. What is that you already know about our company?
A. This is one question you can generally expect during an interview. This question is posed so as to gauge the preparedness of the interviewee. Candidates who have researched about the company show that they are in the job mindset.

Q. There are many candidates who applied for this job, why do you consider yourself the best?
A. This is your chance to impress the employer. Showcase your skills and give definite examples of your accomplishments. Remain positive during the interview and impress upon how you will be able to deliver on all fronts.

Q. Briefly outline your strengths?
A. Here you must be honest & positive. “My strength lay in maximizing the efficiency of my staff. I have always been able to lead teams successfully on difficult projects. I have the ability to listen to the team members and extract the best in them to achieve results.” Follow up with examples.

Q. Briefly outline your weakness?
A. Now do not compensate for your greatest strengths by excessively highlighting your weaknesses. Your weakness should be stated in a manner that they are beneficial in some form for this company. “I always look at the ‘bigger picture’ thus sometimes I may skip the small details. I also make sure to have a person on my team who is very detail-oriented.” Another good answer: “At times I can get excited with work on hand that time is never a blinding factor.”

I hope that reading these journalism interview questions will prove to be of help to you. If you have prior experience in journalism interviews then extract some references from your past experience and use these questions and your previous experience to the best effect.

Through learn interview tips you will be better prepared to face a tough interview in journalism with a lot more ease and confidence.


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