Telangana Government Schools Embrace Global Opportunities with the Introduction of French Language

Telangana government schools are introducing French to offer opportunities for global learning.

The French language has been adopted in the state of Telangana's public schools administered by the Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS) and Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TTWREIS). With the help of the French Institute in India, the French language has been introduced in government schools.

Telangana Government Schools Embrace Global Learning Opportunities with the Introduction of French Language


French will be introduced in about 20 TSWREIS and TTWREIS-affiliated schools as part of a pilot program. It will be extended to other institutions in accordance with student interests. Classes 5 through 12 will be instructed on it. As part of this partnership, communicative French training for TSWREIS and TTWREIS instructors will be provided by the French Institute (IFI). Students will also have access to its academic and cultural platforms. IFI will hold workshops and seminars to educate students about studying at French universities and available scholarships.


Official Statement: For students in TSWREIS and TTWREIS institutions, we see learning French as one such turning point in the State of Telangana. According to Dr. E. Naveen Nicolas, secretary of TSWREIS and TTWREIS, "This relationship will go a long way in the fields of cultural and linguistic interaction, as well as offering larger and newer doors for our students.

An understanding of international languages can improve one's job, educational, and travel options as well as provide exposure to cultures around the world, according to a formal statement made in this regard. Giving students access to this knowledge in secondary education can even change the way they shape and construct their lives, it was emphasized.

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