AFCAT Memory Based Questions Asked Exam Held on February 22, 2020

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From our Students, we come to know about the memory-based questions asked in AFCAT Exam Feb. 2020. We are going to share all the questions asked in the AFCAT Exam 2020. 

AFCAT Memory Based Questions Asked in February 22, 2020 (First Shift)

1. Location of the headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organisation
2. Dates of the first Asian Games
3. Antonyms of Naive, Sporadic, Cajole
4. Synonym of Parochial
5. Number of players in a Kabaddi team
6. Gas present in soda water
7. Capitals of Norway and Brunei
8. Location of Sanchi Stupa
9. The southern-most point in India
10. The 25th state of India
11. Meaning of the idiom 'Get into hot water'
12. Rivers that flow into the Arabian Sea
13. Names of G7 Countries

 AFCAT Memory Based Questions Asked in 22nd Feb. 2020 (Second Shift)

1. What is the capital of Slovakia?

2. Who was the last Mughal emperor to sit on the peacock throne?

3. Where was the Satyagraha Movement started?

4. Which Indian state is the largest producer of Bauxite?

5. Where are the headquarters of SAARC located?

6. How many players are there on each side of a volleyball match?

7. Who was declared Man of the Match in the final of the 1975 Cricket World Cup?