How to Choose a Career- Choosing a Career Which Suits you

How to Choose a Career- Choosing a Career Which Suits you
Hello Dear reader. My name is Pankaj Rattan (CEO: WISE TECH). Today I am going to share my own experience on How to Choose a Career which suits you best. This is very common question among youngster that which career Suits me? My simple career advice to them all to read this article carefully all of their doubts will be clear. Career Guidance for all youngster who don’t know which is the best career for themselves. Choosing a Career is never easy. That’s why I decide to share some views of mine related to the career advice.

Today in the evening I am just thinking about how I choose my career?
After a long though I decide to share my complete view related to the career guidance.

As we all know there are thousands of career options, we always confuse to pick a career that's right for us? If you are in the same state of mind that you don't have any idea related to your career. You don’t know what you want to do? Then you have to think about it. After you start thinking about it, there are batter chances of making a good decision.

Here are Few Steps you should think About before Choosing a Career:

Calculate About Yourself
First step is to do some calculation about you. Before anyone of you choose the best career, you must discover about yourself. It means you should know your INTEREST, SOFT SKILLS, VALUES & most important APTITUDE. Your personality type is one of the important factor.

There are many Self-Assessment Tools online which are also well known as the Career Tests. Use such tool to JUDGE yourself. After you are going through those Career Test you should gathered all information about your Character.
Now next step is to produce a listing of occupations which are a good fit based on your Character. 

Make a List of Occupations to Explore
I am sure that you have a several lists of occupations in front of you after going through the self-assessment tools, which mean after going through the CAREER TEST. Personally I go through these Career Tests many times before deciding which the best career is for me. You can perform these career tests online for free. Perform these career test based upon your education qualification.
1. Now your next task is to combine them and make a master list for yourself.

2. Those Careers which comes in multiple lists, you have to print them onto a blank white page.

3. Title them "Occupations to Explore."

4. Now the next move is to search any occupations on your lists that demand to you. Those occupations may be the careers you know a bit about and want to discover further.

5. My personal thought is that you should also include some new profession which you don’t know much. You will surly learn something unexpected from those new professions. Add those careers in your master list.

Discover the Occupations on Your listing:
Collect the some basic information about each of the occupations on your listing. After this now you have a narrow list which contains 10 to 20 options! This list will help you in deciding how to choose a Career?
After that you have to find complete job descriptions related to the educational, training and licensing requirements which is published in any sources. Use government-produced labour market information to get data about earnings and job outlook. There are many website on which you can find Government Jobs updates. 

Conduct Informational Interviews

After doing all this now you have a small list of various occupations. Now you have to do in-depth research related to each one of them for the best career. Go for the interviews under which career you want to go.
Personally I want to advise you to meet with people who work in the occupations in which you are interested. These people will help you in providing knowledge about the career under which you are going.

Now It’s Time To Make A Career Choice Which You Preferred as Best

After doing all these research work, I am pretty much sure that you are able to make the best choice of your career. You have to choose the occupation which you think will bring you the most happiness based on all the information you have gathered. Understand that you are allowed to do this process over and over if you change your mind related to your career.

NOTE:::PLEASE DO THE REASEARCH BASED UPON YOUR SKILLS AND EDUCATION. Now I hope you i solved your Question that Which is the Best career for Me ?

Thank you for reading this. I hope you like this article related to the career Guidance.

Pankaj Rattan

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