30 Day Plan to Crack CAT Examination 2018 - Some FAQs To Pull Up your Percentile in CAT Exam

A 30-day plan to crack CAT

With just a month left for the CAT exam date 2018, here are answers to some FAQs to pull up your percentile in CAT Examination.

How should an aspirant prepare a timetable for the last month?
In the last month, a candidate can take mock tests (AIMCATs and SAMCATs), analyse the performance and study and prepare to overcome shortcomings. One can also focus on revision of important concepts and formulas.

What should now be the ideal strategy for taking mock tests?
Don’t attempt too many of them. Two a day are enough. More than that is overkill. But, it is important to take tests. And a far more important thing is to objectively analyse and then work on the feedback received. Most aspirants can manage this if they make a cycle of two three days. If you are very sure about your preparation, then maybe you can manage more. However, if you still need to practice, then take two tests in a week and focus on concepts. Now that the CAT authorities have sent the admit cards, you know your time slot for the examination. Attempt as many mocks tests as possible at the time of your actual exam slot. This will sync your body clock and body cycle to perform best on the exam day.

A 30-day plan to crack CAT

What are the important topics for last-minute revision?
There is nothing less or more important in CAT. As a rule, CAT is an exam that is meant to surprise candidates with questions that are unexpected. Don’t focus on vocabulary building, but do revise tricky questions of QA or common mistakes of grammar.

How can the students stay calm and motivated at this time?
Focus on the alternatives. Thinking that CAT is the most important thing in life will create unnecessary pressure. Think of past successes and how you overcame hurdles.

How can students increase their accuracy and speed?
Build accuracy first and then with practice, you will gain speed on your own. Build a sense of urgency while taking the exam.

How should the ideal questions in the CAT be selected?
Maximum accuracy should not be the aim. Due to time pressure and negative marking, doing questions with 100 per cent accuracy may lead to a drop in the percentile since you are sacrificing attempts. Check all the questions and attempt ones that consume less time. You can do the sections in two rounds. In the first, do easy questions and “bookmark for review” the moderate ones. In the second round, do the “bookmarked for review” questions to do the moderate ones and drop the tough ones.

How many questions should be attempted in each section to score 99+ percentile?
It all depends on the difficulty level of the test. In case the test is difficult, the attempts will fall and conversely in an easy test, the attempts will rise.

What are the common mistakes to avoid on the exam day?
Make sure you check the physical location of the centre at least a day before and analyse how you reach the exam centre much before time. Carry all the necessary documents. Avoid heavy meals before the exam, as it is a long and mentally and physically taxing exam. Don’t panic if the paper seems tougher than usual. If it is indeed so, it is true for all others too and thus percentiles will not be affected. Don’t take the exam with a pre-determined number of attempts or scores in your mind. Don’t waste time on any one question.

A last-minute advice to the aspiring candidates... Relax on the last day. Watch a movie. Take your mind off the exam. That actually helps the performance on the D-day.

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