Reasoning Classes Based on DIRECTION SENSE TEST : Direction and Distance Reasoning Topic [Curfew Online Classes]

Reasoning Classes based on Direction and Distance Topic. As we are sharing Regular online classes based on the Reasoning subject. This time we are coming with Direction And Distance Topic. Along with the complete lecture we shared the Question test based on this lecture so before performing the test watch the video carefully.


1.    Lata starts at point T, walks straight to point U which is 4 feet away. She turns left at 90 and walks to W which is 4 feet away, turns 90 right and goes 3 feet to P, turns 90 right and walks 1 feet to Q, turns left at 90 and goes to V, which is 1 feet away and once again turns 90 right and goes to O, 3 feet away. What is the distance between T and O?  
a. 4 feet          
b.  5 feet                 
c.  7 feet                 
d.  8 feet           
e.  None of these

2.   City Q is to the North of the city P. The city R is in the East of city Q. The city S is to the left of the city P. In which direction is the city S with respect to city R?
      a.           West            
       b.  South-West                 
       c.  South               
      d.  North-West               
       e.  None of these

3.   Ravinder walked 20 m towards north. Then he turned right and walks 30 m. Then he turns right and walks 35 m. Then he turns left and walks 15 m. Finally he turns left and walks 15 m. In which direction and how many metres is he from the starting position?
      a. 15 m West   
b.  30 m East                    
c.  30 m West             
d.  45 m East                   
e.  None of these

4.      One morning kanika started to walk towards the Sun. After covering some distance she turned to right then again to the right and after covering some distance she again turns to the right. Now in which direction is she facing?       
a.           South           
b.  North               
c.  North-East                  
d. South-West               
e.  None of these

5.    A watch was broken and lying on the floor. It showed the time 7.30. The hour hand pointed towards north-east. Then where will the minute hand point?
a. North           
b. South                 
c. East                    
d None of these              
e.  . South East

6.    Mr Ram walks from X to Y which is 2 km away, turns right at 90 and walks for 3 kms to point Z, turns right at 90 and walks to A which is 8 km. away, turns 90 right and goes 3 km. to point B. Then, once again she turns right, 90 and walks 4 km. to point C. How far is it from X to C?  
a.  6 km.           
b.  4 km.                
c.  2 km.                 
d.  8 km.          
e.  None of these

7.   Y is in the East of X which is in the North of Z. If K is in the South of Z, then in which direction of Y is K?
      a.           North-West  
      b.  West                 
      c.  North-East                  
      d.  South-West              
      e.  None of these

8.    Devraj runs 8 km to the South. Then he turns to his right and walks 4 km. Then again, he turns to his right and runs 8 km forward. How far is he from the starting point?
a. 5 km            
      b. 16 km                         
      c. 4 km                           
      d. 10 km   
      e.  None of these

9.   A cat runs 20 metre towards East and turns Right, runs 10 metre and turns to right, runs 9 metre and again turns to left, runs 5 metre and then turns to left, runs 12 metre and finally turns to left and runs 6 metre. Now which direction dog is facing ?
a. North           
b.  East                  
c.  West                           
d.  South              
e.  None of these

10. A Boy went to meet his uncle in another city situated 5 km away in the North-East direction of his own city. From there he went to south 4 km and reach his uncle’s house. How far away and in what direction is he now  from starting poin?
a.  4 km in the East                        
b.  3 km in the East             
c.   4 km in the west        
d.   3 km in the east             
e.  None of these

1  d        2  b    3  d    4  b    5  a    6  c     7  d    8  c     9  a    10  d 

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