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CLOCK Reasoning Tricks

Clock 2 Practice Test

Dear students in this Reasoning class video tutorial we are going to teach you some high-level questions of the clock and solved all questions with reasoning shortcuts and now few questions are given in practice sheet -2 with the explanation of the last type which I solved by shortcut in video. And if u face any problem then I will get to that in comments, hope you all will try. Any doubts contact number shown in the video.

Clock chapter is important for HAS, SSC, Railways, UPSC, CDS, AFCAT and state government exams especially Punjab state government exams like –Patwari, food supplies inspector, Punsup, S.I. Punjab police etc.

Before Solving the Questions Test you must watch the Video Number:1 related to the CLOCK Lecture(CLOCK PART-1). In this article, we are going to add the Clock Reasoning Tricks Video Tutorial Number 2. Watch the Video tutorial carefully before performing the CLOCK practice test.

The explanation for the last question(shortcut given in video ):-

2m slow and 4m 48 sec fast means the total gain is the sum of slow + fast and we do unitary method for this:-
2m+4m+48sec-----------gain-----------à170 hr
6m+ 48/60 m  -----------gain-----------à170 hr
34/5   min        -----------gain-----------à170 hr
So,  1 min          -----------gain-----------à170 hr *5/34 =25hr
         For    2min        -----------gain-----------à25*2=50 hr ans

clock reasoning tricks


1.    A watch which gains uniformly is 5 min slow at 8am on Sunday and it is 5min 48sec fast at 8pm on following  Sunday. When was it correct?
a)20 min past 7pm on Wednesday                 
b)30 min past 8pm on Wednesday
c)10 min past 8pm on Tuesday                

d)20 min past 7pm on Tuesday

2.   A watch which gains 5s in 3m was set right at 7am. In the afternoon of same day ,when the watch indicated quarter past 4 o’clock, then the true time is?
a)59  7/12 m past 3                                      
c)58  7/12 m past 3                                      
d)2  9/12 m past 4

3.   How  much does a watch gain per day ,if its hands coincides after 67  5/11minutes.

4.   At what time between 5:30 and 6:00 will the hands of a clock be at right angles?
a)43  5/11 m past 5                                      
b)43  7/11 m past 5
c) 40 m past 5                                     
d)45 m past 5

5.    What is the approximate angle between the hour and minute hands of a clock 30 minutes after they meet for the third time in a day?
d) none

6.   A clock gains 15 m per day .If it set right at 12noon, the time it shows at 4am is ?
a)4:20 am                     
in this question its asking about only the wrong clock so get confused with earlier questions ,it’s a simple unitary method question: 24hr ------à15m
so , 1hr----à15/24 and    16 hr-------à15*16/24=10m answer

7.   How many times in a week both hands are in same straight line ?
b) 308                           

8.   By looking in a mirror it appears that it is 6:30 in a clock. What is the real time?
b) 5:30                          
This we will explain in non –verbal reasoning classes

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