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Ratio and Proportion Lecture Number 7

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This is our Last Lecture related to the Ratio and Proportion topic for Competitive examination. We have already shared 6 lecture related to the Ratio and Proportion Maths Topic.

Those who miss out any of these any lecture can click on the following link to access all lectures of Maths: “ MathsPlaylist for Competitive Exams” .

We will come with a fresh topic day after tomorrow under the Maths section for competitive Examination. Those who are preparing for the entrance examination must subscribe to our website for regular updates. After watching the video tutorial does perform the practice test which we shared below along with correct answers based on the Ratio and Proportion Lecture Number:7.

Watch Ratio and Proportion Lecture Number 7

1.) Tom is chasing jerry. When tom jumps 7 times jerry jumps 8 times but 5 jumps of the tom is equal to the 6 jumps of the jerry. Find the ratio of the speed of Tom and Jerry.
(Ans 21 : 20)

2.) A hound pursues a hare and takes 5 leaps for every 6 leaps of the hare but 4 leaps of the hound are equal to 5 leaps of the hare. Compare the rates of hound and the hare?
(Ans 25 : 24)

3.) When 30% of one number is subtracted from another number the second number reduces to its four fifth. Find the ratio between the first and the second number respectively?
(Ans 2 : 3)
ratio and proportion maths class

4.) What number should be subtracted from each of the numbers 54, 71, 75 and 99 so that the remainders may be proportional?
(Ans 3)

5.) Vinay got thrice as many marks in Maths as in English. The proportion of his marks in Maths and History is 4 : 3. If his total marks in Maths, English, and History are 250, what are his marks in English?
(Ans 40)

6.) Two whole numbers whose sum is 64 cannot be in the ratio of          
a) 5 : 3                 
b) 7 : 1                 
c) 3 : 4                 
d) 9 : 7                                     
(Ans c)

7.) The speed of the three cars is in ratio 3 : 4 : 5. Find the ratio between times taken by them to travel the same distance.
(Ans 20:15:12)

8.) Find the mean proportional of 3 - √2 and 12 + √32
(Ans 2√7)

Thank you for watching Compete Ratio and Proportion series for competitive examination.

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