UGC NET Paper 1 Reasoning Blood Relation Class : Reasoning Tricks To Solve Blood Relations Problems

NTA UGC NET Paper 1 Reasoning Blood Relation

Reasoning Tricks To Solve Blood Relations Problems

In reasoning section, Blood relation is an important topic of UGC NET Paper 1. Scoring in blood relation is easier as compared to many other topics in the reasoning subject because students are well versed with types of relations that exist in a family.

What Are Blood Relation Problems?
Blood Relations questions show the different relations among the members of a family. In Blood Relations, some information is given about the members of the family in the question, on the basis of that information students need to find out the relationship between particular members of the family. Generally, the blood relation question deals with a hierarchical structure which is based generation given below.
UGC NET Paper 1 Reasoning class

Here is the list of different types of relations you should know to solve the blood relations questions easily with tricks.
Relationship                                                  Terms Used
Father's son or mother's son:                           Brother

Father's daughter or mother's daughter:          Sister

Mother's brother (younger or elder):                Maternal Uncle

Father's brother (younger or elder):                 Uncle (Paternal)

Father's sister (younger or elder):                    Aunt

Mother's sister (younger or elder):                   Aunt

Son's wife:                                                        Daughter-in-law

Daughter's husband:                                        Son-in-law

Sister's husband:                                              Brother-in-law

Husband's brother or wife's brother:                 Brother-in-law

Brother's wife:                                                   Sister-in-law

Husband's sister or wife's sister:                       Sister-in-law

Husband's father or wife's father:                      Father-in-law

Husband's mother or wife's mother:                   Mother-in-law

Brother's son or sister's son:                              Nephew

Brother's daughter or sister's daughter:             Niece

Uncle's daughter or aunt's daughter:                 Cousin

Uncle's son or aunt's son:                                  Cousin

Father's father or mother's father:                      Grandfather

Father's mother or mother's mother:                  Grandmother

Grandfather’s father or father of grandmother:   Great grandfather

Grandfather mother  or Mother of grandmother: Great grandmother

In this reasoning class video tutorial, the tutor will teach how to solve blood relation questions with tricks using a family tree method. So watch the full video to learn blood relation reasoning for UGC net paper 1 examination. Along with the Video tutorial we share a Practice test below related to this Blood relation class. First, watch the tutorial carefully then try to solve the practice test below if you are preparing for the UGC NET Paper 1 Reasoning section during this curfew time.

Key points Related to this UGC NET Paper 1 Tutorial:-
1.   Don’t be panic in the current situation especially for UGC Exam which is going to be held in June.

2.   Most probably exam date will be extended and may be clubbed with the December exam.

3.   Free gift of online classes on the 17th anniversary of AAA-Bright Academy.

4.   Family tree method for blood relation questions.

5.   Explanation of relations including in-laws relations.

6.   Shortcut for difficult direction based questions.

7.   Self made examples for easy understanding of questions based on blood relations.

8.   We attached 16 very new questions below after the video tutorial.

9.   Two special faculties appointed for doubts daily from 11am to 6pm.

10.    Never forgot to solve the Practice Test if you have watched the complete video tutorial.

Watch Reasoning Class Related to the Blood Relation Topic

UGC NET Paper 1 Reasoning Practice Test
Blood Relation Practice Test for UGC NET Paper 1
1.    Ram, Reena, Kamlesh, Pawan, Rohini, and Sita are six family members. Ram and Reena are a married couple. Rohini is sister of Pawan. Reena is daughter-in-law of Sita, who is grandmother of Rohini’s brother. Pawan is the only son of Kamlesh, who is the brother of Ram. What is the relation of Reena with Pawan?
A)   Brother
B) Mother 
C) Uncle    
D) Aunt      
E) None of these

2.    Mohit and Arun are brothers. Meena and Manisha are sisters. Mohit's son is Manisha's brother. How is Arun related to Meena? 
A) Brother
B) Father   
C) Son
D) Uncle    
E) None of these

3.    Pooja who is the sister-in-law of Rohit, and the daughter-in-law of Kalpana. Neeraj is the father of Randeep who is the only brother of Rohit. How Kalpana is related to Rohit?
A) Mother-in-law 
B) Father   
C) Mother            
D) Wife      
E) Aunt

4.    Rohan's son Bharat is married with Chandani whose sister Damini is married to Parm who is the brother of Bharat. How Damini is related to Rohan?
A) Daughter-in-law       
B) Father   
C) Mother-in-law
D) Wife      
E) Daughter

5.    Faizal is the brother of Angad, Chetana is the daughter of Angad, Kiran is the sister of Faizal and Gautam is the brother of Chetana then who is the uncle of Gautam?
A) Faizal    
B) Kiran     
C) Chetana                   
D) Angad 
E) None of these

6.    If Sumit is the brother of Neelam, the sister of Neelam is Meena, the brother of Pankaj is Jatin who is the son of Neelam and the daughter of Sumit is Purva then who is the uncle of Jatin?
A) Sumit    
B) Meena 
C) Jatin                                    
D) Neelam 
E) None of these

7.    Jasleen is sister of Tara. Tara is married to Deepak. Deepak is the father of Rajan. Mohit is son of  Hatim. Tara is the mother-in-law of Hatim. Deepak has only one son and no daughter. Jasleen is married to Bunty. Lila is the daughter of Bunty. How is Lila related to Tara?
A) Niece    
B) Sister    
C) Can’t be determined                   
D) Mother  
E) None of these

8.    Arjun is son of Bablu. Chetna is Bablu’s sister has a son Dinesh and a Daughter Ekta. Akhil is the Maternal uncle of Dinesh. How many nephew does Akhil have?
A) Nil          
B) Two                 
C) One                                     
D) Three    
E) None of these

Directions (9 – 10) : In a family, Sumit says that Meenu is the daughter of my sister Rita, who is the only daughter of Tarun. Arun is the child of Tarun and Neha, who is the grandmother of Kiran. Riya is the mother of Tahir, who is the only sister of Kiran. Arun is unmarried and brother of Riya.

9.    If Ricky is the spouse of Rita, how is Neha related to Ricky?
A) Sister    
B) Cousin 
C) Mother-in-law          
D) Wife of Brother-in-law      
E) None of these

10.                   How is Kiran related to Tarun?
A) Daughter-in-law         
B) Grand Daughter      
C) Grand Son     
D) Either B or C 
E) None of these

11.                   If J×K means J is the sister of K, J+K means J is the son of K, J-K means J is the husband of K. Then which of the following shows the relation O is maternal uncle of S?
A) S+B-R×O                  
B) S-B+R×O        
C) S+B×R-O                 
D) S×B-R+O                 
E) None of these

12.                   Which of the following means that Y is grandmother of Z, if ‘P ^ Q’ means P is father of Q’, ‘P>Q’ means P is the mother of Q, ‘P @ Q’ means P is the wife of Q’? 
E) Both C and D

Directions (13 – 15) : Each of these questions is based on the following information
(i)             A 5 B means A is the daughter of B              
(ii)           A 9 B means A is the sister of B
(iii)         A 2 B means A is the father of B          
(iv)    A 1 B means A is the son of B

13.                   If the expression A 5 B 2 D 2 K 9 M 1 E is definitely true, then which of the following is true?
A) D is a sister of A                   
B) B is a father of E                  
C) M is a grandson of B
D) E is a father of K                  
E) K is a nephew of A

14.                   If the expression A 9 C 1 G 5 B 2 F is definitely true, then which of the following is not true?
A) C is the nephew of F               
B) B is the grandfather of A        
C) C is the brother of A
D) G is the brother of F                
E) C is the grandson of B

15.                   Which of the following shows the relation that K is the cousin of B?
A) A 2 B 5 F 9 K 2 G             
B) A 2 B 5 F 9 G 2 K             
C) A 2 B 9 F 9 G 2 K
D) A 2 K 5 F 9 G 2 B             
E) Both (b) and (d)

16. If ‘S × T’ means ‘S is father of T’.                             
If ‘S + T’ means ‘S is wife of T’.
If ‘S ÷ T’ means ‘S is daughter of T’.                                  
If ‘S – T’ means ‘S is son of T’.
How is R related to S in the expression ‘R ÷ M × K – P ÷ S’?
A) Grand-daughter       
B) Niece    
C) Daughter-in-law      
D) Daughter        
E) Can’t be determined


1.    D
2.    D
3.    C
4.    A
5.    A
6.    A
7.    A
8.    B
9.    C
10.         D
11.         E
12.         C
13.         C
14.         D
15.         E
16.         A

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