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May 15, 2020

What Are Determiners in English? Determiners in English Grammar with EXAMPLES

What Are Determiners in English?
Determiners in English Grammar
On a regular basis we are sharing Government job updates, Study Material, Free online video classes, and various study notes on our Sarkari Job Portal website. Today we are coming with the most important topic in English Grammar known as “Determiners in English grammar”.

It is important to construct sentences that are correct. In order to construct a correct sentence in English, we need to know the different aspects of constructing a sentence. If we know ‘what’, ‘how’ or ‘when’ a particular word should be used, it is easier.

What are determiners?
In English, determiners are words which are mostly used to:
  • Define a noun which can be a thing or a person.
  • State the quantity or the number of things or people.
  • State the possessives.
  • State specificity to a thing or a person.
  • State how things or the person can be distributed.
  • State, how one noun is different from the other nouns?
  • State whether something or someone is not specific.
There are different types of determiners in English Grammar. Each of those specific determiners is being used by the following few rules of English grammar. The use of determiners mainly depends on the type of noun that we are trying to describe.

The standard rules for using determiners are:
·       Singular nouns will need a determiner
·       Plural noun generally does not need a determiner
·       For nouns which are uncountable the use of determiners are optional i.e. you may or may not use the determiners.

ü Articles such as ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’ are determiners.
·       I like a cat.
·       He used the book.
·       I am going to state.

ü Demonstratives such as ‘these’, ‘those’, ‘that’, ‘this’, etc. are also used as determiners.
·       I saw those birds fly away.
·       I know this chapter.
·       I think this time is right.
·       Who is that fellow?

ü The possessives such as ‘our’, ‘their’, ‘my’, ‘hers’, ‘his’, ‘whose’, etc. are also used as determiners.
·       This is our bed.
·       That is his pencil.
·       This is my bed.
·       Whose pencil is this?

ü Quantifiers such as ‘few’, ‘a few’, ‘many’, ‘much’, ‘each’, ‘every’, ‘some’, ‘any’ etc. are also used as determiners.
·       I saw a few foxes in the forest.
·       I have a few chocolates left.
·       I have many chocolates left.
·       How many chocolates do you have?
·       How much price are you expecting for the thing?
·       Each people here in this ally are poor.
·       Every person in this community is rich.
·       Do you have any chocolates left?
·       I have some chocolates in my bag.

ü Numbers such as ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’, ‘twenty’, ‘forty’, etc. are also used as determiners.
·       I have one paper exercise left to study.
·       I saw three birds.
·       I saw forty turtles beside the ocean.

ü Ordinals such as ‘first’, ‘second’, ‘1st’, ‘2nd’, ‘3rd’, ‘last’, ‘next’, etc. are also used as determiners.
·       He is the first person to state the truth.
·       The next station in Durban.
·       The last station is in London.

Unless you know the use, it is difficult to grasp its application. You become more proficient as you practice and read more into English literature and grammar. Read more and learn more. 

Thank you for reading this Sarkari Job Portal Article related to English Grammar topic. We will keep sharing such type of informative article along with Government job updates with you.

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