Unskilled employment in Luxembourg with a sponsorship visa : Luxembourg jobs

Luxembourg Visa sponsorship jobs

In-depth discussion of the value of unskilled labor, as well as the difficulties and consequences facing Luxembourg's workforce in 2024, will be covered in this article along with the most in-demand unskilled jobs that sponsor visas and help with application procedures.

Apart from its renown for high-tech industry and financial services, Luxembourg's economy is strongly dependent on an area that is frequently disregarded: low-skilled employment. These jobs serve as the cornerstone of numerous industries, guaranteeing the efficient running of day-to-day operations. In the construction, logistics, hotel, and facilities management industries as well as in facilities management, unskilled labor is vital to Luxembourg's economy.


Unskilled employment in Luxembourg with a sponsorship visa : Luxembourg jobs

Luxembourg is the Top Destination for Non-EU job seekers

Luxembourg, a nation that built itself mostly on agriculture, has developed into one of the wealthiest and most advanced nations in the world. The fact that Luxembourg accepts foreign workers, both skilled and unskilled, contributes to its success.

EU nationals may work in Luxembourg without obtaining a separate work permit. The alternatives open to applicants from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and numerous other nations, as well as workers from foreign nations, will be covered in the following paragraphs.

Foreigners, particularly non-EU nationals, rapidly took a keen interest in unskilled jobs in Luxembourg that were sponsored by visas. However, what are the true benefits and features that make entry-level work in Luxembourg so appealing?

Robust economy
Luxembourg's wide range of industries and advantageous tax system make it a very appealing location for companies and employees from around the globe.
  You can have a look on the all TAX benefits that Luxembourg Nation Provides you. (Luxembourg Tax Benefits)

Multicultural community
With Luxembourgish, French, and German as its three official languages, it fosters a friendly atmosphere for visitors. It should be noted that English is also extensively spoken, particularly in the business sector. People from different linguistic origins can take advantage of these opportunities due to the diversity of languages.

Good standard of living
Luxembourg consistently ranks among the nations with the best living standards in the world. It provides top-notch public services, education, and healthcare. These advantages provide a high standard of living.

Accepting Foreign Workforce
Given its tiny size, Luxembourg is well-known for aggressively searching for foreign labor to cover shortages in its labor market. Luxembourg is a highly competitive place to work because of its enormous openness to international talent, which draws both talented and unskilled people from throughout the world, not just Europe.

Popular Careers for Unskilled Employees
In Luxembourg, a lot of job searchers succeed in low-skilled roles. These positions might be excellent opportunities to get experience in a new field or break into the profession. Here is a list of some of the most popular entry-level unskilled positions.

1.    Sales
Working at supermarkets, convenience stores, or retail establishments as a cashier, shelf stoker, or sales associate.

2.    Cleaning up
Cleaning services for homes, workplaces, and public areas like hotels or schools are in addition to general janitorial services and facility upkeep. Find out more about
Luxembourg's cleaning jobs.

3.    Hospitality
Positions at cafes, hotels, and restaurants such as dishwasher, waiter/waitress, or kitchen assistant.
Study up on jobs at HORECA.

4.    Building Workers
jobs such as laborers, general assistants, or landscapers on building projects. Find out more about construction jobs
. Construction Jobs in Luxembourg

5.    Factory and warehouse
Entry-level jobs involving packing, sorting, and assembly line labor in factories or warehouses. Find out more about manufacturing and logistics employment.

6.    Farming
Seasonal agricultural labor, such as crop planting and harvesting.

7.    Household Assistance
serving as a housekeeper, nanny, or caregiver in private residences.
Here is the valuable link to check more about these jobs in Luxembourg.  (Household Assistant Jobs)

8.    Delivery
Delivery drivers or couriers are examples of jobs that include delivering packages or items.

The most recent data available in 2024 Related to Employment in Luxembourg

EU nations had granted 3.7 million primary residency permits in 2022. Work is still the primary motivation (42% of all expats) for acquiring the documentation. 9,245 residence permits had been awarded by Luxembourg, with 34% of those being granted for work-related purposes.


What does Luxembourg's visa sponsorship involve?

Employers may sponsor work visas for unskilled workers from outside the EU/EEA in some circumstances, while the nation prefers to fill unfilled posts with locals through the government employment agency ADEM. This sponsorship is especially beneficial in situations where there is a demonstrable dearth of competent local applicants for particular unskilled positions. There are various benefits to this method:

·     Decreased likelihood of visa denial since the employer requesting the visa is registered in the Grand Duchy.

·   The employee's relocation expenses may occasionally be covered by the employer in addition to the cost of the visa application.

·    Depending on the size of the business and its resources, the employer may occasionally help gather the required paperwork and offer guidance on the procedure.

Still need a Work permit for NON-EU Nationals
To work and reside in Luxembourg for an extended period, non-EU nationals who receive a job offer can apply for a work visa or work permit.

How to submit an application for a visa
You must apply for a temporary stay permit before you enter the nation by mail to the Immigration Directorate in Luxembourg or through a Luxembourg consulate office in your home country. Depending on the circumstances of your application, you might require different documents to apply for a temporary authorization; but, for job-related entry, you will need the standard set of documents.

Authorization to temporarily stay application documentation is as follow:

·      A copy of a current passport: Make duplicates of every page of your foreign passport.

·      Application Form: Send in a completed application for a temporary stay authorization.

·      Certificate of criminal history: Proof of recent criminal history from the nation where you currently reside, issued less than three months ago

·      An employment contract must be signed and properly processed in compliance with Grand Duchy law.

·      The curriculum vitae of the applicant, which includes all the employee's information.

·      ADEM certificate: original document granting an employer permission to employ a foreign national.

You will receive a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explaining their decision regarding your case after you are given permission to remain. Then, in order to enter the nation, you apply for a long-term visa. You must provide the following paperwork and, based on your specific situation, pay the issuing fee in order to apply for a visa D:

·      Two color, 3.5 x 4.5 cm passport size pictures.

·      Passport that is valid for at least three months after the sought visa expires.

·      Letter confirming the temporary residency permit's acceptance.

·      A duplicate internal passport.

·      Application for a Schengen visa to enter the EU.

What is the minimum wage for an unskilled worker in Luxembourg?

Even though Luxembourg is renowned for having high living standards, it's important to know how much is paid for low-skilled work. For example, we have already discussed the pay for in-demand professions like medicine.

Salaries for unskilled workers in 2024

Sector for unskilled work

Role of the worker

Minimum monthly wage in 2024



2,744 euros



2,715 euros


Crew worker

2,644 euros



2,353 euros


Lorry driver

3,028 euros

Domestic help


2,562 euros



2,752 euros



2,698 euros



1,913 euros



2,888 euros

How to find employment in Luxembourg as an unskilled labor

This is a brief instruction on how to find employment, get ready for interviews, and obtain sponsorships for a visa. It takes a while to find employment as an unskilled worker in Luxembourg, so don't give up easily. There are a few processes involved. Make sure you stay up to date on the most recent developments, preferably from official Luxembourgish sources such as websites belonging to governments or employers. To get the most recent news, follow the following Telegram Channel.

Being patient is crucial, but you can also find a new job unexpectedly by integrating with the community and networking. Naturally, you must be present for it. Let's see what we can accomplish.

Validate your eligibility and get ready
Make sure you are legally able to work in Luxembourg before anything else or let your prospective employer know that you would like to obtain the necessary paperwork. To start the process of finding a job in the nation, if you are not a citizen of the EU or EEA, you will require a work permit or a long-term visa with employment rights.

If you haven't been to Luxembourg yet, be sure to explore your possibilities for getting into the nation and finding employment, and send in your job applications with the necessary paperwork (there may be some work and waiting involved). As a citizen of the EU, you are free to enter and hunt for low-skilled employment without a visa.

How can one search for work in Luxembourg?

Utilizing social media and the internet to begin your job hunt is the most effective method of assessing your options and learning about the demands of the labor market. You might begin looking into Luxembourg's employment opportunities for unskilled laborers.

·      Via Networking apps and social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

·  With specialized employment websites such as GovJobs, Glassdoor, relocate.me, and others.

·    Through the Grand Duchy's employment agency, ADEM, which is located locally.

·  Through networking at job fairs and gatherings and with the support of friends.

Discover more about particular industries, such as HORECA, logistics, production, and more, and read our specialized articles to learn about recruiting practices, skills and documentation requirements, compensation ranges, and open positions.

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