Career at State Bank of India: In FY25, 85% of POs and associates Will be hired by SBI from Engineering Stream

Opening in SBI: The State Bank of India (SBI) will hire 12,000+ new employees in the following fiscal year 2025. Mr. Dinesh Khara, the chairman of SBI, states that engineering graduates make up 85% of the 12,000 new hires anticipated for the bank in FY25.

According to a PTI article, Khara stated that there is no deliberate preference for engineers in the bank's employment process, and they are being hired as associates and probationary officers.

The POs (numbering over 3,000) and associates (numbering over 8,000) will be assigned to various business tasks within the bank after completing initial training, which includes banking principles.

Although some banks are having trouble with it, the banking industry is depending more and more on technology to interact with clients in new and creative ways. 

Career at State Bank of India: In FY25, 85% of POs and associates Will be hired by SBI from Engineering Stream

According to a remark from Khara, "We expose them to banking and then channelize them into various roles in business and IT, depending on their aptitude and temperament, and that is something which is helping us ensure that the bank has a continuous supply of tech manpower."


This is taking place at a time when the IT industry, a popular choice for engineering graduates, is seeing a decline in attrition. Consequently, despite the abundance of engineering expertise, IT organizations are hiring fewer graduates.

The chairman of SBI stated that the company makes significant investments in employee training and has an internal institute specifically tasked with improving technical skills.

He also underlined how crucial it is for all employees to stay current with technology, pointing out that because the bank handles so many transactions, it is imperative that employees be tech-savvy.

"We cannot ignore technology; it is very important," he stated, adding that the bank frequently receives regulatory guidance on these issues.

The RBI has recently placed more emphasis on technology and fined banks for any inadequacies.

Khara noted that the bank spends more on technology than any other in the industry, but she declined to share the exact amount. It is more than the industry norm of 7-8% of operating expenses, according to an official.


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