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Current Affairs Quiz Related to the Commonwealth Games 2018 ( Important for Upcoming Competitive Exam)

current affairs quiz on CWG 2018
Current Affairs Quiz ON CWG 2018
Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2018 has been accomplished recently in Gold Coast, Australia with grand passion. This occasion has witnessed the vast number of participants from all over the commonwealth countries. CWG is one of the major sports event held after every 4 years at various location all over the World. That’s why; it becomes very significant and productive topic for all the competitive examinations.
There are big probabilities that questions based on these following patterns may appear in your upcoming competitive examination.
So our suggestion to all the participants to go through all these questions below, they may be very helpful to score max marks in your upcoming exam.

Question No. 1. Wherein of the following place the 2018 Commonwealth Games were held recently in Queensland, Australia?
(a) Suncorp Stadium
(b) Carrara Stadium
(c) Adelaide Oval
(d) Allianz Stadium
(e) Sydney Stadium
 Answer. (b)
Detail: Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2018 (formally known as the XXI Commonwealth Games and commonly known as Gold Coast 2018) has been Started recently at Carrara Stadium in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. This is the fifth time Aus. has hosted the Commonwealth Games.

Current Affairs Related to Commonwealth Games 2018-(Medal List)

Current Affairs Related to Commonwealth Games 2018
Here is the Complete List of All the Medals Won By India
Today in this article we are going to share the complete list of Medals won by India in the commonwealth games in the various games. In the medals tally list India finished on third number by winning 66 Total medals in commonwealth games. There are total 66 medals which includes 26 gold, 20 silver and 20 bronze medals. 
In the Medal tally list Australia is on Number 1 position by winning 198 total medals (80 Gold, 59 Silver and 59 Bronze) after that England is on 2nd spot by winning 136 Medals (45 Gold, 45 Silver and 46 Bronze). This is really a proud moment for all Indian to stand on Number 3 position in this tally list. Congrats to all the winners. 

Below in the tables we explain the Medal List won by the various athletics in various games:

GK/GA Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Mains Exam on 25th June 2016( Morning Shift)

General Awareness Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Exam
Asked in 25th June 1st Shift Exam
General Awareness Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Exam
Hello Dear Readers we are going to share GK/GA questions asked in the SBI C         lerk Exam which was held on Today (25th June 2016) Morning Shift. We share all GA/GK QUESTIONS BELOW IN THIS ARTICLE. Red all these questions carefully to improve your knowledge under this General Awareness section. We also share the correct answers of each question. All the best to all the participating students.

1. In Which State Wular Lake ?- Jammu and Kashmir

2. Valmiki National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is located in-Bihar

3. Banknotes in India are currently being issued in the denomination of maximum- Rs1000

4. July 28 every year celebrated as- World Hepatitis Day

5. Anant Gangaram Geete- Maharashtra

6.  Largest nuclear power plant in india- Tarapur, Maharashatra

7. One Question asked from LPG

8. In ECGC "G" stand for- Guarantee

9. Gobi Desert continent- Asia

10. Chabahar Port- Iran

11. Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited or CIBIL is a- Credit Information Company

12. The "Fed" is the central bank- USA

13. Pinarayi Vijayan is the current Chief Minister of- Kerala

14. Bank of India Headquarter- Mumbai

15. Ahmedabad city river bank- Sabarmati River

16. One quation asked from foreign trade policy

17. One quation asked from National Insurance Company Limited (NICL).

18. One quation asked from debt market

19. Surya Mitra Mobile App- Ministry of New Renewable Energy

20. One quation asked from CRR and SLR

21. What is L in MCLR- Lending

22. Defence Industrial Park at- Ottappalam in Palakkad district of Kerala

23. Reverse Repo Rate- 6.00%

24. Neeraj Chopra- Javelin Thrower

25. NACH full form- National Automated Clearing House

26. Currency of Israel- shekel

27. Fully air-conditioned third AC service- Humsafar

28. Wings of fire book- APJ Abdul kalam

29. Which state declared own mascot- Assam

30. CRR and SLR deposits in which form- Cash and Liquidity

31.  which country gv back india d artifacts it stole 2000yr back- USA

32. Shishu mudra scheme up to- Rs 50,000

33. International development association (IDA) HQ- Washington DC

34. 11 digit alpha numeric code on cheque- IFSC

35. 6 metro coaches exported to Australia frm which indian city- Barodara

Gk Questions Asked In UIIC AO Exam Held on 12th June 2016 (Both Shift)

UIIC AO Examination 2016
Gk Questions Asked In 12th June 2016 (Both Shift)
Here in this post we are going to share the GK Questions which was asked in UIIC AO examination on 12th June 2016 (Sunday). We share both Morning as well as Evening Shift GK Questions with Correct Answer. So those who are going to appear for this examination in upcoming weeks read these questions carefully. All the best to all the participating students.

<< GK Questions Asked in the First Shift of Examination >>
1). In context of banking, what does ‘BBB’ stands for__?
Correct Answer– Bank Board Bureau

2). Mrinalini Sarabhia, who recently died, was related to which field
Correct Answer – Indian classical dancer, choreographer and instructor

3). OECD prediction for India growth
Correct Answer – 7.5%

4). Who has been selected as the ICC chairman for the 2nd time?
Correct Answer – Anil Kumble

5). Best Actor National Award 63rd
Correct Answer – Amitabh Bachchan

6). Anti-corruption day
Correct Answer – 9 Dec

7). In Basel norms, what is the full form of HQLA?
Correct Answer – High Quality Liquid Assets

8). MCLR full form
Correct Answer – Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate (MCLR)

9). Kaziranga National Park
Correct Answer – Assam

10). Headquarters of IRDA
Correct Answer – Hyderabad, Telangana

11). Itlian Open Winner 
Correct Answer – Andy Murray

12). Basel Head Office
Correct Answer – Switzerland

13). Why was SBI Travencore penalised for 1000cr
Correct Answer – For deficiencies in reporting to the CRILC database

14). ASBA fullform
Correct Answer – Application Supported by Blocked Amount

15). ICICI partner with which payment bank
Correct Answer – Finotech

16). Minimum time frame for short term loans
Correct Answer – 60 days to 120 days

17). Fasalbhima Yojana SAO full forM
Correct Answer – Seasonal Agricultural Operational

<< GK Questions Asked in Evening Shift >>
1). SBI Partner with which cab?
Correct Answer – Uber

2). Account Aggregator to
Correct Answer – NBFC banks

3). Pulitzer Prize Winner
Correct Answer – The Washington Post

4). In context of banking, what does ‘BBB’ stands for__?
Correct Answer – Bank Board Bureau

5). Cholamandalam dropped its plans to float a payments bank
Next Asian Games 2018 will be held in?
Correct Answer – Jakarta, Indonesia

6). Winner of Italian Tennis Open
Correct Answer– Serena Williams

7). What is the rate of Interest in Crop Insurance scheme?
Correct Answer – 7%

8). In BASEL, what is the full form of CAR
Correct Answer – Capital Adequacy Ratio

9). Which airport operates on solar energy?
Correct Answer – Cochin Airport

Correct Answer – A new framework for companies options are NBFCs, private companies, public bank, etc.

11). South Asian Games in 2018
Correct Answer – Kathmandu, Nepal

12). RBI Executive Director
Correct Answer - Deepak Singhal

13). BASEL Norms to be implemented in India by
Correct Answer – March 31, 2019

14). Shatrujeet exercise concluded in
Correct Answer – Rajasthan

15). Youngest player to reach 10,000
Correct Answer – Alastair Cook

16). White label ATM registerd under which act
Correct Answer – Payment and Settlement Systems (PSS) Act 2007

17). Sri Lanka PM name
Correct Answer – Ranil Wickremesinghe

18). Academy award for best movie
Correct Answer – Spotlight

19). Best Actress award at 63rd National Film Awards 
Correct Answer – Kangana Ranaut

20). National Science Day
Correct Answer – 28 Feb


List of GA Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Online Exam 2015
Held On: 27-09-2015 (Evening Shift)
Shared by: WWW.GovtJobsPortal.IN

1)     Name the Yoga Express train? – Haridwar Mail
2)     Name the Capital of Uzbekistan? - Tashkent
3)     Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) maximum amount? - Rs. 5000
4)     International Day of Peace observed on? - 21 September
5)     'Dhanchayat' - an educational film made by which bank ? -HDFC
6)     Mettur Dam is located on which river?- Kaveri River, Tamil Nadu
7)     Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) premium ?- Rs. 12 per year
8)     Minimum amount one need to open PMJDY Account? – Zero
9)     Currency of Hungary? - Hungarian Forint
10)Joshna Chinappa is related to which sport? – Squash
11)RBI received how many applications for small finance banks? – 72
12)RBI fines 16 banks for what purpose? - For non-adherence of the Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering guidelines
13)Minimum Amount of Kisan Vikas Patra? - Rs. 1000
14)Winner of Wimbledon Mix Doubles 2015? - Leander Paes and Martina Hingis
15)Mahila bank headquarter located at? -New Delhi
16)Name the Author of “30 Women in Power: Their Voices, Their Stories”? - Naina Kidwai
17)Jeevan jyoti premium amount? - Rs. 330 per year
18)Government planned to raise Solar power project production to? - 1 lakh MW to 2022
19)Government has put compulsion of PAN on above 1 lakh gold purchase due to? - Money Laundering
20)Rock garden is build by?- Nek Chand
21)Name the Cabinet Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises?-Kalraj Mishra
22)Common Wealth Games 2022 will be held at? - Durban, South Africa
23)Name the Mobile App which was launched by SBI in partnership with Accenture and Mastercard?- SBI Buddy


List of GA Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Online Exam 2015
Held On: 27-09-2015 (Morning Shift)
Shared by: WWW.GovtJobsPortal.IN

1)     ‘GIFT’ stands for? - Gujarat International Finance Tech-City 
2)     What is the minimum capital requirement for Small banks?l - Rs. 100 crore
3)     Name the Capital of Egypt? – Cairo
4)     What is the currency of Argentina? – Peso
5)     Maximum Limit of Sukriti Kanya Yojana in a year? - Rs. 1.5 Lakhs
6)     US Open winner in Single men’s Category? - Novak Djokovic
7)     Bhramhaputra river originated from? – Chemayungdung
8)     Name the Asia's largest river? –Yangtze
9)     Name the Current Chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC)? -Narayanaswami Srinivasan
10)Minimum fine announced by SEBI for the companies without having women director? - Rs 50,000
11)Name the Author of ’A tale of two cities’? - Charles Dickens 
12)The Pacific Ring of Fire wraps around the Pacific Ocean, including countries ?- Japan, Canada, New Zealand and Chile
13)Minakshi Temple located at? - Madurai, Tamil Nadu
14)For WiFi connections, with whom Indian Railways joins hand? – Google
15)“Niryat Bandhu@Your Desktop” An Online Certificate Programme in Export Import Business launched by ?- Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)
16)Under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana (PMKSY), Government expected to spend how much amount? Rs 50,000 crore
17)World Water Day observed on? -  22nd March
18)LAF? - Liquidity adjustment facility 
19) Who set the world record in Dubai on the International Day of Yoga for a 61-minute headstand? - Ivan Stanley
20)Chillr App is launched by? -  HDFC Bank
21)Total Control Debit Card was launched by whom? - Axis Bank
22)LIBOR? -London Inter Bank Offered Rate
23)Name the Britain’s longest-reigning monarch after surpassing Queen Victoria’s rule of over 63 years? - Queen Elizabeth II
24)FDI Limit under the automatic route for white label ATM (WLA)? -100%
25)Name the New Home Secretary in place of LC Goyal? - Rajiv Mehrishi
26)Finance minister Arun Jaitley proposed to abolish which tax? - Wealth Tax
27)Misar is a town located in? – Serbia
28) Currency of Cuba? - Cuban Peso
29)NPA stand for?  - Non-Performing Asset