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03 December 2019

How to learn GK : Easily, Fast and Effectively - Sports GK Tricks in English

How to learn GK fast and effectively

GK Tricks in English

Dear students as Gk is an integral part of all competitive exam in this article we will guide you on study tips on how to prepare for general knowledge for entrance exams like SSC CGL, Railway, State exams, IAS, PCS, CLAT etc.

If a student is aspiring for a government job it is essential to stay aware of current affairs and all GK topics. In all competitive exams, approximately 25% of the paper comes from GK questions.  The extra focus on General Knowledge theory and questions will help students to score higher in less time and this will also help to perform well in Group Discussions and Interviews.

The important topics covered under General knowledge the section in Competitive exams are:
·      Indian and World Geography
·      Indian and World History
·      Indian Polity
·      Everyday Science
·      Indian Economy
·      International Organizations
·      Awards and Honors
·      Current Affairs
·      Miscellaneous GK

·      Sports GK


Now we will provide some  useful tips to study General Knowledge for competitive exams:

Make a time table and plan your studies .

Reading Habit: The Best way is to read newspapers daily. Reading newspapers daily will boost your GK skills. It will help you to keep a watch on what is happening around you and stay updated. Read the editorial of newspapers daily. This will also make GK interesting for you. The best newspapers to study General Knowledge include ‘The Hindu’, ‘Economic Times’, and ‘The Tribune’. Reading magazines like ‘Pratiyogita Darpan ‘ is very helpful

Watch News Channels: To improve General knowledge for competitive exams, watch the news channel daily basis. Some interesting news channel for improving general knowledge are BBC News, NDTV, Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha TV.

Prepare notes of General Knowledge: For current affairs and GK writing is the best way. Keeping a notebook in your own handwriting. Note down what is important to you as memorizing everything is not possible for anyone. Write short notes, 1-2 liners for examination point of view.

Study general knowledge from the internet: For preparing General knowledge for competitive exams YouTube and Google are the best teachers on the internet.

Take online quizzes of educational websites: It will help you to evaluate your progress and test your performance level. Quizzes help in boosting your confidence and morale. It gives you assurance that you are well prepared.
Dear READER the difference between the candidates who are selected and those who do not is that the former plan their studies and make strategies. Effective strategy and a strong presence of mind can help you achieve success in any competitive exam.

Revise GK using 24-7-30 concept  In general Knowledge section revision is very important and whatever you are studying revise that after 24 hours, then after 7 days then after 30 days. This way GK will go to your permanent memory and you will never forget that.
Hope this article on how to study GK for Competitive Exams will help you in an immense way. Also, watch the GK Tricks video related to the Sports GK.

How to learn GK : Fast and Effectively - Sports GK Tricks in English

28 March 2019

GK Tricks For Indian constitution in Hindi |Features of Indian constitution | Borrowed Features of Indian constitution

GK Tricks For Indian constitution in Hindi |Features of Indian constitution | Borrowed Features of Indian constitution

Gk Tricks in Hindi to remember Borrowed features of Indian Constitution. Indian Constitution in Hindi language. Features of Indian constitution borrowed from other constitutions. Very Easy GK Tricks in Hindi to remember all the Borrowed features of Indian Constitution. Constitution of India.

We all ready shared many GK Tricks to remember the things. Check out GK Tricks playlist if you miss those. In the future we will share many more unique GK Tricks in Hindi to remember the Things. These tricks will be very helpful to all the applicants who are preparing for the various competitive examination. For More updates you can subscribe us on Facebook @ .

Are you Afraid of Indian Polity?

Do you want to learn and secure 100 % marks in Indian Polity?

What is the simplest way to remember Indian polity?

How to learn Indian polity with trick?

All Answers inside this Video, watch it carefully to understand.
Dear students in this video we will tell to the shortcut to learn very important topic of Indian polity that is Sources of Indian Constitution.
we will give you easiest way to learn the Borrowed feature of constitution, which is very important section of Indian Polity for all Competitive exams. 
For example 
Fundamental Rights are borrowed from USA.
Fundamental duties are borrowed from Russia
All the best. Enjoy the Video.

As we all know that the Constitution is a set of laws and rules that sets up the machinery of the Government, and which describes and regulates the relations between the different organizations and components of the administration.
The Indian Constitution is exclusive and unique in its contents and as well as in its spirit. While Indian Constitution had select up many finest features from other constitutions of the world. The constitution of India has numerous outstanding features that differentiate it from the other constitutions of the countries.
Many individuals criticise that the Indian Constitution is a bag of borrowings or just a paper and scissor work.
This is very right that Indian constitutions had borrowed few features from other constitutions but enrolled according to the Historical perspective, Geographical diversity and Cultural and traditional features of India.

14 March 2019

Tricks to remember important days | Important days in Hindi | Important days in August

Tricks to remember important days
Important days in Hindi

GK Tricks in Hindi

Important days in August
Tricks for remembering important days

Mind trick to remember important days in Hindi language. In this video tutorial the tutor is going to explain “How to remember important days for competitive exams”. Complete list of “Important days in Hindi”. We are going to share more mind tricks to remember things for the competitive examination. We already post one GK tricks in Hindi to remember INTERNATIONAL boundaries. Those who miss out that click on the following link to learn: “”. 

This video related to the Important days in hindi trick is made by our GK expert from AAA-Bright Academy Institute Chandigarh who has vast experience in Static GK. Trick to learn important days in Hindi is our 2nd video related to the GK Tricks in Hindi section. Important days in august for all competitive exam. The next video which is the 3rd one related to the GK Tricks will be shared with in 3 days.

Continue your visits with WWW.GovtJobsPortal.IN for interesting GK Tricks and latest Government Jobs alert. All the best to all the candidates who are preparing for various competitive examination.

13 March 2019

GK Tricks in Hindi | Tricks to remember International Boundaries | Tricks to remember boundary lines

Tricks to remember International Boundaries
GK Tricks to remember boundary lines

Hello dear readers, today we are going to share GK tricks video tutorial with you. These GK tricks are very beneficial for all the competitive examination. GK Tricks in Hindi to remember international boundaries of India. Remember international boundaries by using this GK Trick in Hindi language. GK tricks for all the upcoming competitive exams. 
Time to time we will share new GK Tricks in Hindi language. So subscribe our channel for latest GK tricks. This is a mind trick to remember international boundaries. Tricks to remember GK for competitive exams. General knowledge questions and answers for upcoming competitive exams. Check the video tutorial to remember these GK Tricks. 

Bookmark this Website on your browser to get latest Job alerts and GK Tricks on regular basis. All the best to all the readers who are preparing for the Competitive examination.

08 October 2018

GK Tricks To Remember the Nationalization Date of All Public Sector Banks

Nationalization Date of Banks Trick

Mind Trick to remember the Things

GK Tricks to Remember Banks Nationalized Date

Hello Dear readers, Today I am going to share an interesting MIND TRICK with which you can easily remember the Nationalized Date of all Public Sector Banks. It is very easy to understand. This Mind Trick is in English language, so every user can understand it easily. You just have to remember a Sentence in English language, that sentence contains all bank name hint in it. With those hint you will easily remember the Bank Nationalized Date.

Mind Trick Which You have to remember: 
a PUNJABI boy of name VIJAYA is studying COMMERCE in a CORPORATE college of ANDHARA PARDESH”

The complete Explanation of the Above Sentence:
PUNJABI - Punjab and Sindh Bank (Don’t be confuse with Punjab National Bank)
VIJAYA - Vijaya Bank
COMMERCE - Oriental Bank of Commerce
CORPORATE - Corporation Bank
Dena Bank - Mumbai (This bank don't have 'of India' at last but its Headquarter is in Mumbai)

So here is the conclusion of the above detail, these above 5 public sector bank has the nationalization date of Aril 15, 1980.

Excluding these 5 Public Sector banks (also except SBI group and IDBI) all other 14 banks were nationalized on July 19, 1969.

GK Tricks To Remember the Nationalization Date of All Public Sector Banks

Dear readers we will share more GK Tricks on regular basis, so check the website : “https://www.GovtJobsPortal.IN” on regular basis. Do subscribe or bookmark this website for regular Government job updates as well as GK Tricks and Maths Tricks.

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