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CV Writing Tips for All Job Seekers

Writing a Good resume is always a very most important task for all the job seekers. A good CV is as essential as your educational qualification certificates. Here in this article we are going to share Resume writing tips on how to prepare resume which attract the interviewer attentions.

Nowadays recruiters and hiring manager admit that they see more applicants resumes of poor quality now days than it was in the earlier days. 

Take the following 6 CV Writing tips on how to prepare resume more attractive and informational. The resume writing tips leads you into the consideration to receive more interview invitations and higher chances to get the job you want.

how to prepare resume

CV Writing Tips #1: Format Your Resume Properly.
No matter how good your resume is, it is never read thoroughly at once, first the hiring manager “scans” it, spending just about 25 seconds for the process. If it’s more than 2 pages, poorly arranged and hard to read, scanning is difficult and it is not in your favor. So, consider applying to professionals working with Resume Writing Lab to get the winning resume.
• Make the margins wide and apply a logical format with clear headings and clean type.

• Use bold and italic typeface to guide the reader’s eye in proper direction.

• Apply bullets to draw the reader’s attention to the important points.

CV Writing Tips #2: Be Specific About Your Accomplishments not Just Job Descriptions
Hiring stuff, particularly in technical fields, such as engineering, look for the candidates able to solve their problem or meet the needs within the company. Consequently, if you fail to indicate that you are able to handle certain problems in other conditions and situations, you cannot be a solution for the hiring company.
• Emphasize what you did, NOT what your job was, it’s different and it’s important.

• Start with a line or two of general job description, then enumerate and describe your accomplishments.

• For each point define the benefit of what has been done.

• Accomplishments should be only yours, not enumeration of the activities of somebody else.

• Try not to use general descriptions of the jobs or positions occupied.

CV Writing Tips #3: Quantify Your Accomplishments
Do you know the most common mistakes in resume writing?
There belong too general claims and overuse of specific industry terms, which do not benefit to your marketing yourself. Actually resume is a marketing paper to sell your skills and strength, not just to give your bio.
• Mention and underline the specific achievements which create a comprehensive image of your marketability.

• Quantify your accomplishments giving certain numbers to persuade the hiring manager you are worth the position.

• Act vice versa to quantify your accomplishments, mention what could have happened but for your actions.
CV Writing Tips #4: Adjust Your Resume for the Industry
There are areas like design, where your creativity is appreciated, when resume is made for the field, but you are unlikely to impress somebody from engineering sphere with the same trick, more than that, you can even be turned off due to distinctive design used for resume.
• It’s better to show conservatism in style

• Your accomplishments, perfect grammar and spelling and clean type will serve you good in creating proper impression about you.

CV Writing Tips #5: Put a “Career Summary” instead of “Objective”
The majority of objectives sound alike: “Looking for an interesting and challenging position in X firm where I can apply my skills for the benefit of the company.” It’s about nothing actually.

A Career Summary will give a brief summary of who you are and what you can. Take the chance to grip the hiring specialist attention from the very first moment, keep in mind that you only have one chance and 25 seconds to make your first impression.
• Take some time to develop a summary which will attract attention immediately, with accurate and persuasive description of you as a perfect solution to the company’s problems.

CV Writing Tips #6: Network. Network. Network.
Sending out and handing out resumes should be a full time job for the applicants, who does not work. The studies show that the majority of candidates for mid- to senior-level positions are sought through networking. Inform everybody you know of the fact that you are looking for a job, do not limit your chances communicating only with recruiters.
Networking may means:
• Personal contacts with people you’ve been cooperating with.

• Retailers and sales representatives you’ve worked with in the past 5 years.

• Your former fellow students or just graduates of your alma mater.

With a proper resume in your hands you’ll have much more chances of grabbing recruiter’s attention and receiving invitation for the interview. We hope that you understand this article and come to know how to prepare resume by using creative CV writing tips.

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