Exciting Careers with Good Paying Jobs

Unique Enjoyable Jobs in the World

If you’re getting terribly bored with your traditional nine to five employment schedule , then it could be the time for you to start broaden your horizons by heading back to college and retraining in a more interesting and unusual role.

There are literally millions of different jobs out there but to be honest, it’s pretty strange that most of us pick normal day jobs from 9 am to 5 pm. Many people are unaware about the different good paying enjoyable jobs with interesting career options.

Having an fascinating job will make you a fascinating person, which means you should start meeting lots of other people in the same boat. This could seriously improve your quality of life (and your bank balance) that means these interesting career options will help you in making an exciting careers.

So we advise all the readers to spend the next three to four minutes reading our some of the suggestions which we’ve made below and see if any of the following unusual job opportunities inspire you to change your life for the better. 

1). Mid-Air Fighter Jet Refuelling Specialist
Obviously, you’ll need to join the air force to make this dream a reality, but as there are over 600 people in the US alone who work in this exciting career, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get involved. You’re going to need a mathematics or physics degree, alongside five years of on-the-board training, but once this is completed, you’ll be fully qualified to refuel jets in mid-air. This unusual career option is one of my Favourite because this one is very reputed job profile and pay a good salary amount to the employees.

2). Body Part Model
I’m sure you’ve looked through catalogues or on billboards before and seen part of a model, right? Maybe they’re advertising a new cell phone or a new ring and so you only see their hand. Either way; anyone with a particularly attractive body part can make a profitable career out of working for established brands and promoting their products. This unusual career option is new one in the market with good paying amount.

3). Human Statue
Now, I’m not talking about those unemployed people who paint themselves grey to look like stone and spend hours just standing there waiting for people to give them money. When I say human statue, I’m talking about the real-life models high-end clothing stores have started employing to stand in their windows. Most are paid around $100 per hour, so it’s not going to make you a millionaire, but if you’re attractive and you like the concept, I say go for it.

4). Marine Surveyor
These guys spend more time under the water than flipper. Most marine surveyors are paid a very healthy salary, and they specialise in mapping out underwater environments using different technologies. Firms like S.T. Hudson Engineers Inc. also employ staff who help to work on damaged or worn underwater foundations for constructs like piers.

5). Odour Judge
Well folks, this might actually be the world’s most unusual job, so pay attention, this one’s amazing. Okay, so, you probably don’t know this already, but there’s a world armpit championship where the winner is selected by having the most natural smelling pits. I found out earlier that the judge gets paid £2,000 for her participation in the contest.

Conclusion: Now you’ve read all the above top 5 most unusual job opportunities, which are unique jobs in the world. If you are bored with your scheduled jobs than you can choose one of these crazy jobs which are good paying jobs too. We hope you’ll think a little harder next time you’re looking for something new.

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