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07 March 2019

Job Interview Tips - Types of Job Interview including Interview Tips and Tricks

Job Interview Tips
Interview Tips and Tricks
Breaking into cold sweat and being dumbfounded while on the interview seat thinking hard of how to answer a tough interview question could be disastrous especially when that is the particular job you are eyeing for.  
But sweat no more as here, we have prepared some simple and yet essential tips on how you can ace that job interview and answer some of the most common interview questions.

JOB Interview Tips and Tricks

Types of job interviews that you might go through:

1.   The Screening Interview
       This is like a preliminary round of interview when it is likely to begin in the human resources department.  Interview questions you would be most likely asked are about your qualifications, the number of years of experience, the willingness to relocate and etc.

2.   The Stress Interview
       In this type of interview, you would find yourself like undergoing an interrogation.  Stress interview questions are actually designed to make you feel confused, fearful and defensive.  If you could remain calm, ready and composed during this type of interview, you would have already won half the battle.

3.   The Situational Interview
       Interviewers will usually hypothetically present the candidates with situations that might happen on the job.  The situational interview will require the candidates to resolve a problematic situation that will eventually lead to success.

4.    The Team Interview
       The interviewers may comprise of members of the prospective department you are applying for or a mixture of employees from throughout the company who you might have to work together with.  The advantage of team interview for the candidate is your interview performance is not the subjective opinion of just one person.  If one interviewer disagrees, the others might not.

02 March 2019

18 Important Job interview questions and answers Sample - Job Interview Preparation

Job interview questions and answers Sample
Job Interview Preparation

Job interview questions and answers sample we are going to share in this article. When you are going to appear for an interview, the interviewer will try to evaluate your honesty, wit, ability to respond quickly, intelligence, diplomacy and performance under extreme pressure. The expectation of the interviewer may vary as per their individual personality.

Quite often, it has been observed that some of the candidates give naïve answers to impress the interviewer. Some of the typical responses are as follows:
·       I want to be a perfectionist!
·       I am hardworking person and I do not care about my family needs while meeting the target.
·       I leave no stone unturned.
These answers are unconvincing to the person, who is sitting on the opposite side of the table. You must remember that the person, who is taking your interview, is quite experienced in this field and he can always find out, who is telling the truth. Therefore, try to be yourself.

Your personality will automatically be revealed when you speak to a group of people, who have been meeting several other people for manager’s position.

Therefore, if you are asked about your greatest weakness, then how should you respond to this question?

As a matter of fact, there is no perfect answer to this question. Your success will depend on how well you carry yourself during the interview & how well you connect with the people, who are on the interview panel. You can deal with this question in a number of ways, and in this article we are going to share with you one strategy.

Your first step
When you go for interview, you must do thorough research about the company and the position for which you are appearing for the interview. You must also know about the culture of the company.

You must respond to both your weakness and strength
In most of the interviews, the candidates are often asked about their weakness. You must be honest in pointing out your limitations and at the same time, you must indicate your various strengths, which can cover your weakness. You must also let your interviewer know about your action plan to get rid of your weakness.

You must be having a number of weak points, but if you have done good research about the company then you must mention about that weakness, which is totally irrelevant for your position in that company.

However, if you honestly admit about your weakness before them together with your strategy to correct yourself you can always impress your interviewer.

At the same time, when you back your answer with many of your strengths then your interviewer will also know about it. Job Interview preparation is very important before appearing in front of the Panel.

Job interview questions and answers Sample

Below we are going to share a LIST of 18 Important Interview questions and their answers respectively. This list will surly help you out before appearing in front of any interview panel.
Job interview questions and answers Sample