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30 April 2020

Data Interpretation Shortcut Techniques for Pie Chart - DI Pie Chart Questions and Answer

Data Interpretation Shortcut Techniques for Pie Chart

DI Pie Chart Questions and Answer

Shared By: Govt Job Portal

This is Lecture number 2 related to the Data Interpretation topic. In the first lecture, we had discussed the BAR Graph problem in DI. Today we are going to discuss PIE Chart problem under Data Interpretation. We are going to share the video class related to the DI in which the tutor is going to explain all techniques to solve the questions easily. After that, we are going to share a PRACTICE Test below on the basis of this video tutorial along with correct answers. Practice as much as you can to increase your speed.

Major Key points related to the DATA INTERPRETATION PIE CHARTS:
1.   In the current situation we are with you by providing you online free classes especially for the UGC exam, Banking, and SSC exams.

2.   Data interpretation is one of the very Vital topics with respect to one of the following exams: “SSC, UGC, banking, CDS, state government exams, railways, hotel management, law entrance, and many more exams”.

3.   UGC STUDENTS who have a fear related to the data interpretation topic than they must watch this video class to handle the problem of PIE-CHARTS with ease during the exam. After watching this Data Interpretation video class, you will love data interpretation topics.

4.   Very easy ways to apply the concept on the questions and solving on the basic of RATIO  calculations.

5.   We are going to share 2 PIE graphs with good questions after the video for best practice at home.

The class will be Live on 1st May 2020 at 3PM

DIRECTION (1-5): The following pie-chart shows the percentage distribution of the expenditure incurred in publishing a book. Study the pie-chart and answer the questions based on it.
di pie chart

17 April 2020

Maths Class on ratio and Proportion Lecture Number-6 for Competitive Exams

Ratio Proportion maths Class 6
Maths Classes for Competitive Examination

Ratio Proportion Class Number 6 for competitive examination. Today we are going to share with you the 6th class related to the Ratio and Proportion topic. We have covered all types of questions related to the ration and proportion in these 6 classes, the last lecture related to the Ratio Proportion is remaining that we will share a day after tomorrow. 

We hope that you are enjoying our Maths classes related to the competitive examination. Students who had missed our 5 previous lecture can check them by clicking on the following link one by one:

You should watch all these 6 video classes related to the Ratio and Proportion topic to score full marks in the question coming from this topic only. 

Approximately 3-5 ratio and proportion questions can come in every competitive examination. In the future, we are going to come with a new topic related to the Mathematic subject. 

In this article we are going to share the Ratio and Proportion video lecture after that we will share the Practice test for our readers based on this video tutorial. We have also shared the correct answer to each question.

Try to Solve all the questions by using a pen and paper after watching the Video Class. Compare your answer with the correct answer to evaluate your score in the practice test.

Watch Ratio Proportion Video Class-6

Coding Decoding Reasoning Class for UGC NET Paper 1 & Other Competitive Exams | PRACTICE TEST | Coding Decoding Tricks To Solve Coding Problems

Coding Decoding Reasoning Class for UGC NET Paper 1 & Other Competitive Exams

Coding-Decoding Short Tricks To Solve Coding Problems In Reasoning

Hey readers, continue with our reasoning classes for UGC NET Paper 1 and other competitive examination, today we are going to share coding decoding reasoning chapter along with practice test. Those who are new to our Sarkari Naukri Job website can watch our old video tutorial related to the competitive examination:

In the reasoning section, Coding Decoding is an important topic of UGC NET Paper 1. Those who want to score good marks under the reasoning section in UGC NET Paper 1 must practice this coding-decoding topic. 

To Score in Coding-Decoding reasoning topic is easier as compared to many other reasoning topics because these questions are easy to solve as compared to other reasoning topics.

The key points discussed in this reasoning class video are as follow:

·       How to remember alphabet positions (or) place value of a particular alphabet front side and backward side.

·       All types of coding-decoding questions are discussed in this video. Total 25 types of coding-decoding is covered in this reasoning video class.

·       Complete Explanation of all type of questions related to the coding decoding is given in this video class with examples.

·       After this video class we shared 15 questions based on this tutorial for the practice at home.

·       This reasoning topic is also a very most important topic of the reasoning for the following exams like SSC, UGC NET, Banking, CDS, State government exams, Railways, Hotel Management, Law entrance and many more exams.


The lecture will be Live 3 PM on 17th April 2020.

NOTE: The correct Answers related to the reasoning quiz is given below. We are advising applicants to solve each problem by using pen and paper after watching the video tutorial related to the coding-decoding reasoning class above. 
After solving each question shared below you have to compare your answers with the correct answers which we have given below to find your score in this coding-decoding reasoning quiz.
1.    If MOHIT is written as OQJKV. How will OTHER be written?
A) TOHRE           
B) ROHTE           
C) QVJGT           
2.    In a code sign DELHI is coded as 89161213. Play with AMBALA in the same way?
A) 11321121                 
B) 12564348                 
C) 51765165                 
3.    In a certain code language, ‘BOX IS RED’ is coded as CUL WAP CIR. ‘Well Arranged BOX’ is codded as WAP CAP ROT. ‘ALL BOX PINK is coded as WAP DIR FAC. Then code for “BOX” will be?
A) WAP               
B) SUT                          
C) BIX                            
coding decoding reasoning class

07 April 2020

WEEKLY CURRENT AFFAIRS 29TH MAR – 4TH APRIL 2020 : Daily Current Affair News PDF File


Weekly Current Affair News PDF file Below

Made BY: AAA-Bright Academy

Most important weekly Current Affair News for competitive Exams. Applicants who are preparing for the various competitive exams must be aware of the latest current affairs news all over in the world. In this segment, we are going to explain the latest current affair news in an easy way by making small points related to each news. We also share the video tutorial related to the weekly current affairs news. Below in the last, we shared the PDF file related to these news.


1.   INDIAN ARMY LAUNCHES OPERATION NAMASTE: COVID-19: Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane launched ‘Operation Namaste’ initiative to protect 1.3 million strong forces from coronavirus and provide all possible assistance to the government to control the pandemic.

2.   JICA SIGNS NEW AGREEMENT WITH INDIA: Japanese government funding agency (JICA) signs an agreement worth Rs 15,295 crore with India to provide an Official Development Assistance (ODA) for 3 rail infrastructure projects. Japanese ODA loans are long-term low-interest-rate loans advanced to the developing countries. JICA granted Rs 8,553 crore for Dedicated Freight Corridor(phase-1); Rs 4,262 crore for  Mumbai Trans Harbour Link Project(II) and Rs 2,480 crore for the Mumbai Metro Line 3 Project(III)

3.   REPORT ‘BOOM & BUST 2020’: In accordance with a report titled “Boom and Bust 2020:Tracking the Global Plant Pipeline” 47.4 GW coal-fired power projects at different stages were cancelled in India in 2019 which reduced total under development of coal capacity to 66 GW.

4.   NATO 30TH MEMBER: The Republic of North Macedonia has inducted officially as the 30th and newest member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). This membership comes after North Macedonia’s 2017 deal with Greece under which the former changed its name from Macedonia (a name same as Greek province). After the name change, Greece agreed to drop objections to its NATO and European Union (EU) membership.

5.   IMF LAUNCHES GOVERNMENT POLICY TRACKER: COVID-19: International Monetary Fund (IMF) has launched a policy tracker to track the policies of the governments so as to share knowledge about COVID-19 which helps to tackle the crisis. It focuses on discretionary actions to support existing social safety nets & insurance mechanisms.

Maths Classes for Competitive Exams : Ratio and Proportion Basics along with Questions and Answers

Maths Classes for Competitive Exams

Maths Corona Curfew Classes


Hello dear viewers, welcome back to Govt Job Portal. This time we are going to share a new Maths tricks tutorial related to the fresh topic. The fresh Maths topic is about Ratio and Proportion basics related to the competitive exams. Along with the Ratio and proportion basics, we are going to share ratio and proportion questions and their solutions by using ratio and proportion tricks. Watch the full video tutorial carefully to understand the basics concepts related to the Ratio and proportion.

We will share the Ratio and Proportion questions and answers for bank exam, SSC, UPSC and railways exams. The tutor is going to explain ratio and proportion tricks which can help you in solving the ratio and proportion questions fast during the competitive exams.


Below we are going to share all the practice questions related to the Ratio & Proportion 1st video. As this is a new video related to the Maths topic which we will premiere live on the following timing and date:  “1 PM 7th April 2020”.  Watch the video carefully and you will solve the practice test easily. You have to practice by pen and paper to understand the concept in a better way and in the last means in exams you have to solve, so only watching videos will not solve the purpose. PRACTICE as much as you can and when there is no way to go out in such a critical situation, so why not stay home and stay safe and practice at home.


1.) If a : b = 3 : 7 and b : c = 2 : 5 then find ratio of a : b : c.                             
(Ans 6 : 14 : 35)

2.) If a : b = 2 : 3 and b : c = 1 : 4 and c : d = 3 : 2 then find ratio of a:b:c:d.       
(Ans 2:3:12:8)

3.) Two numbers are in the ratio of 3:10 and their difference is 119. Find the smaller no.                                    
(Ans 51)

4.) Four numbers are in the ratio of 1:2:3:4 and their sum is 16. Find the sum of 1st and 4th numbers.                                     
(Ans 8)

5.) if (a+b) : (b+c) : (c+a) = 4 : 7 : 9 and a + b + c = 30 then find c?                   
(Ans 18)

ratio and proportion tricks

06 April 2020

Number Series Maths & Reasoning Class : Number series Questions and Answers (5 Questions in Every Competitive Exam)

NUMBER Series Reasoning Class

Reasoning & Maths Classes During Curfew

Shared By: WWW.GovtJobsPortal.IN


Number series Reasoning is quite a vital topic for all the competitive exams whether banking, SSC or any other exam. It has been seen in the exam pattern for decades. It fetches you 5 marks in Reasoning under the banking exam whereas in SSC it comes under mental ability topic. It comes in almost every competitive exam.

You all might have studied Arithmetic Progression/Geometric Progression in 9th and 10th, the number series has been derived from there. We do not focus let you only solve questions but we focus more on how to attempt all five questions within one minute by following the best number series reasoning trick method.

What is the Number Series?

Number series is a form of numbers in a certain sequence, where some numbers are mistakenly put into the series of numbers and some number is missing in that series, we need to observe first and then find the accurate number to that series of numbers.

How To Solve the Number Series Questions in Competitive Exam with 100% accuracy?

Solving Number series questions is a different thing but solving them with 100% accuracy is what we need to crack any competitive exam. It has been a myth that solving number of questions will bring us fruitful results but no one talks about to solve within the  given time with full accuracy.

Watch the Tutorial Carefully to Understand Number Series Concepts

LIVE CLASS 4 PM ON 06TH April 2020

Number series reasoning

03 December 2019

How to learn GK : Easily, Fast and Effectively - Sports GK Tricks in English

How to learn GK fast and effectively

GK Tricks in English

Dear students as Gk is an integral part of all competitive exam in this article we will guide you on study tips on how to prepare for general knowledge for entrance exams like SSC CGL, Railway, State exams, IAS, PCS, CLAT etc.

If a student is aspiring for a government job it is essential to stay aware of current affairs and all GK topics. In all competitive exams, approximately 25% of the paper comes from GK questions.  The extra focus on General Knowledge theory and questions will help students to score higher in less time and this will also help to perform well in Group Discussions and Interviews.

The important topics covered under General knowledge the section in Competitive exams are:
·      Indian and World Geography
·      Indian and World History
·      Indian Polity
·      Everyday Science
·      Indian Economy
·      International Organizations
·      Awards and Honors
·      Current Affairs
·      Miscellaneous GK

·      Sports GK


Now we will provide some  useful tips to study General Knowledge for competitive exams:

Make a time table and plan your studies .

Reading Habit: The Best way is to read newspapers daily. Reading newspapers daily will boost your GK skills. It will help you to keep a watch on what is happening around you and stay updated. Read the editorial of newspapers daily. This will also make GK interesting for you. The best newspapers to study General Knowledge include ‘The Hindu’, ‘Economic Times’, and ‘The Tribune’. Reading magazines like ‘Pratiyogita Darpan ‘ is very helpful

Watch News Channels: To improve General knowledge for competitive exams, watch the news channel daily basis. Some interesting news channel for improving general knowledge are BBC News, NDTV, Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha TV.

Prepare notes of General Knowledge: For current affairs and GK writing is the best way. Keeping a notebook in your own handwriting. Note down what is important to you as memorizing everything is not possible for anyone. Write short notes, 1-2 liners for examination point of view.

Study general knowledge from the internet: For preparing General knowledge for competitive exams YouTube and Google are the best teachers on the internet.

Take online quizzes of educational websites: It will help you to evaluate your progress and test your performance level. Quizzes help in boosting your confidence and morale. It gives you assurance that you are well prepared.
Dear READER the difference between the candidates who are selected and those who do not is that the former plan their studies and make strategies. Effective strategy and a strong presence of mind can help you achieve success in any competitive exam.

Revise GK using 24-7-30 concept  In general Knowledge section revision is very important and whatever you are studying revise that after 24 hours, then after 7 days then after 30 days. This way GK will go to your permanent memory and you will never forget that.
Hope this article on how to study GK for Competitive Exams will help you in an immense way. Also, watch the GK Tricks video related to the Sports GK.

How to learn GK : Fast and Effectively - Sports GK Tricks in English

18 November 2019

Computer Awareness for all Competitive Exams - Computer Questions for Bank/State Level Exams


Hello viewers, we are going to share the complete list of tutorials related to the Computer Subject in this post. FREE ONLINE COACHING CLASSES FOR ALL STUDENTS FROM AAA-BRIGHT ACADEMY. There are approximately 15-18 Lecturers related to Computer Syllabus. If you are going to watch all these computer tutorials carefully, we are 100% sure that you are going to get a good score in the Computer section of any entrance exam. All basic concepts related to the computer. 

We are also going to share a few tutorials related to the most important Computer questions asked in the previous year's papers. These computer Notes are really very important for all the applicants who are preparing for competitive exams. 











Coming soon...