Career at State Bank of India: In FY25, 85% of POs and associates Will be hired by SBI from Engineering Stream

Opening in SBI: The State Bank of India (SBI) will hire 12,000+ new employees in the following fiscal year 2025. Mr. Dinesh Khara, the chairman of SBI, states that engineering graduates make up 85% of the 12,000 new hires anticipated for the bank in FY25.

According to a PTI article, Khara stated that there is no deliberate preference for engineers in the bank's employment process, and they are being hired as associates and probationary officers.

The POs (numbering over 3,000) and associates (numbering over 8,000) will be assigned to various business tasks within the bank after completing initial training, which includes banking principles.

Although some banks are having trouble with it, the banking industry is depending more and more on technology to interact with clients in new and creative ways. 

Career at State Bank of India: In FY25, 85% of POs and associates Will be hired by SBI from Engineering Stream

According to a remark from Khara, "We expose them to banking and then channelize them into various roles in business and IT, depending on their aptitude and temperament, and that is something which is helping us ensure that the bank has a continuous supply of tech manpower."


This is taking place at a time when the IT industry, a popular choice for engineering graduates, is seeing a decline in attrition. Consequently, despite the abundance of engineering expertise, IT organizations are hiring fewer graduates.

The chairman of SBI stated that the company makes significant investments in employee training and has an internal institute specifically tasked with improving technical skills.

He also underlined how crucial it is for all employees to stay current with technology, pointing out that because the bank handles so many transactions, it is imperative that employees be tech-savvy.

"We cannot ignore technology; it is very important," he stated, adding that the bank frequently receives regulatory guidance on these issues.

The RBI has recently placed more emphasis on technology and fined banks for any inadequacies.

Khara noted that the bank spends more on technology than any other in the industry, but she declined to share the exact amount. It is more than the industry norm of 7-8% of operating expenses, according to an official.


Bank Jobs in India

Unskilled employment in Luxembourg with a sponsorship visa : Luxembourg jobs

Luxembourg Visa sponsorship jobs

In-depth discussion of the value of unskilled labor, as well as the difficulties and consequences facing Luxembourg's workforce in 2024, will be covered in this article along with the most in-demand unskilled jobs that sponsor visas and help with application procedures.

Apart from its renown for high-tech industry and financial services, Luxembourg's economy is strongly dependent on an area that is frequently disregarded: low-skilled employment. These jobs serve as the cornerstone of numerous industries, guaranteeing the efficient running of day-to-day operations. In the construction, logistics, hotel, and facilities management industries as well as in facilities management, unskilled labor is vital to Luxembourg's economy.


Unskilled employment in Luxembourg with a sponsorship visa : Luxembourg jobs

Luxembourg is the Top Destination for Non-EU job seekers

Luxembourg, a nation that built itself mostly on agriculture, has developed into one of the wealthiest and most advanced nations in the world. The fact that Luxembourg accepts foreign workers, both skilled and unskilled, contributes to its success.

EU nationals may work in Luxembourg without obtaining a separate work permit. The alternatives open to applicants from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and numerous other nations, as well as workers from foreign nations, will be covered in the following paragraphs.

Foreigners, particularly non-EU nationals, rapidly took a keen interest in unskilled jobs in Luxembourg that were sponsored by visas. However, what are the true benefits and features that make entry-level work in Luxembourg so appealing?

Robust economy
Luxembourg's wide range of industries and advantageous tax system make it a very appealing location for companies and employees from around the globe.
  You can have a look on the all TAX benefits that Luxembourg Nation Provides you. (Luxembourg Tax Benefits)

Multicultural community
With Luxembourgish, French, and German as its three official languages, it fosters a friendly atmosphere for visitors. It should be noted that English is also extensively spoken, particularly in the business sector. People from different linguistic origins can take advantage of these opportunities due to the diversity of languages.

Good standard of living
Luxembourg consistently ranks among the nations with the best living standards in the world. It provides top-notch public services, education, and healthcare. These advantages provide a high standard of living.

Accepting Foreign Workforce
Given its tiny size, Luxembourg is well-known for aggressively searching for foreign labor to cover shortages in its labor market. Luxembourg is a highly competitive place to work because of its enormous openness to international talent, which draws both talented and unskilled people from throughout the world, not just Europe.

CBSE 12th Class Results 2024 Announced: The CBSE Class 12 result also available on 3 Other Websites in case of Heavy Traffic on CBSE website

Today, May 13, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) released the results for Class 12. Results are now available for students to see online. A clear explanation of retrieving the results may be found in this post, along with a direct link to the results page. 

Monday, May 13, 2024, saw the announcement of the CBSE Class 12th Result 2024. The results of the CBSE Class 12 board exam were released by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Monday. The official CBSE results website,, now has the CBSE Senior School Certificate Examination (Class XII) Results 2024.

CBSE 12th Class Results 2024 Announced: The CBSE Class 12 result also available on 3 Other Websites in case of Heavy Traffic on CBSE website

By going to the official CBSE results website,, students can view their Class 12 results. For the candidates' information, the direct URL to view and download the CBSE 12th Result 2024 is also provided below:

Check CBSE 12th Class Result 2024

Here's a Step-by-Step Guide to Check CBSE Class 12 Results 2024.

Students can see and download the CBSE 12th Result 2024 by following the easy steps listed below:

1. Go to the Official Website: Navigate to using an open browser.

2. Select the Appropriate Link: Locate the "Senior School Certificate Examination (Class XII) Results 2024" link and click on it.

3.  Enter Your Credentials: The information on your admit card, including your roll number, school number, and ID, must be entered.

4. See Your Outcome: Press the submit button once the information has been entered. The outcome will appear on the screen.

5.  Download/Print: You can download or print your results for future use.

If there is heavy website traffic, students can also access their results by SMS or the UMANG app. The website now manages the extra traffic effectively thanks to actions taken by the CBSE.

In Case of Heavy traffic on CBSE website other Internet Resources for CBSE 12th Result Checking:


The Rise of Work from Home Jobs: Where to Look Online for Jobs You Can Do from Home

The growth of work from home jobs has significantly changed the employment environment in recent years. Technological developments and changing perspectives on remote work have created a wealth of choices for people looking for flexible work arrangements. There are many places to go online for remote work, whether you're a stay-at-home mom, a digital nomad, or someone trying to get away from the traditional office setting. We'll dive into the world of work from home jobs in this post, examining the many opportunities that are accessible and offering a comprehensive guide on how to locate them online.

The Rise of Work from Home Jobs: Where to Look Online for Jobs You Can Do from Home

Categories of Jobs That Can Be Done From Home:

Remote Customer Service Representative: A lot of businesses now hire people for remote customer service roles, which lets them help clients over the phone, over email, or through chat from the comfort of their own homes. These positions frequently call for exceptional communication abilities as well as the capacity to solve consumer problems quickly.

Virtual Assistant: From a distance, virtual assistants help entrepreneurs and companies with administrative tasks. Among other things, tasks could involve researching, setting up appointments, and monitoring emails. Success in this position requires a keen eye for detail as well as excellent organizational abilities.

Freelance Writing and Editing: Due to the increasing demand for content development, remote work opportunities in freelance writing and editing are highly profitable. In the digital realm, there are plenty of opportunities for proficient writers and editors to flourish, be it through crafting blog entries, articles, or promotional material.

Online Tutoring and Teaching: As online learning platforms gain traction, there is a great demand for remote tutoring and teaching professions. There are opportunities to educate and empower students from all over the world, regardless of your subject-matter expertise or teaching credentials.

Remote Software Development and IT assistance: Those with a strong technical background can find remote work by utilizing their expertise in web design, software development, and IT assistance. Remote IT specialists and developers are frequently employed by businesses to work on tasks like network upkeep and app development.

Remote Sales and Marketing: Sales and marketing specialists can take advantage of remote chances to market goods and services, create leads, and increase sales for companies. Digital marketers and remote salespeople use online platforms to connect with and engage target audiences.

Embracing Remote Jobs: Shaping the Future of Work from Home

 All About Remote Work Trends

The number of remote jobs has increased over the last several years, marking a significant change in the work environment. Redefining the way we think about work, productivity, and the traditional office setting, remote work has recently gained popularity after initially being seen as a benefit for a small number of people. It becomes clear as we explore each aspect of this groundbreaking trend that working from home is not merely a trend but rather a way of the future for employment.

Embracing Remote Jobs: Shaping the Future of Work from Home

The Increase in Work from Home  

Working remotely, sometimes referred to as telecommuting or telework, is the activity of conducting business from a location other than a conventional office. Working from home, traveling, or co-working spaces are a few examples of this. The proliferation of remote work can be ascribed to multiple factors, such as technological advancements, evolving perspectives on work-life equilibrium, and the worldwide workforce.

Workers may now communicate with one another from anywhere in the entire globe with ease thanks to developments in tools for communication and collaboration. Teams may now collaborate seamlessly across time zones and geographical barriers thanks to platforms like Zoom, Slack, and Google Workspace. These innovations have completely changed the way teams interact.

Furthermore, the widespread acceptance of remote labor was sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many organizations discovered the advantages of remote work, such as cost savings, increased productivity, and enhanced employee happiness, as they were forced to adjust to remote work arrangements in order to maintain business continuity. As a result, even after the pandemic passes, many businesses are choosing to use remote or hybrid work arrangements, making remote work more commonplace.


Advantages of Working from Home

There are numerous advantages for both businesses and individuals as remote work becomes more common. Employers may save money on office space, utilities, and other overhead costs by allowing employees to work remotely. Companies may access a worldwide talent pool and hire the most qualified applicants wherever they may be by allowing their workers to work remotely.

Employees that work remotely also benefit greatly from increased flexibility and control over their work schedules. Whether they want to work from a home office, coffee shop, or seaside resort, remote workers are free to create a workspace that fits their unique needs. Increased job satisfaction, a better work-life balance, and a decrease in stress can all result from this flexibility.

Online Jobs for Students

The Difficulties of Working from Home

But working remotely is not without its difficulties. The possibility of social isolation and loneliness is one of the biggest drawbacks of working remotely. Building relationships with coworkers can be challenging for individuals who work remotely, which can result in a lack of camaraderie and team spirit.

Furthermore, employees may find it difficult to distinguish between their personal and professional lives when working remotely, making it difficult for them to unplug and refuel. Since there is no real office space between them, remote workers could end up working longer hours and becoming burned out.

Additionally, working remotely calls for a certain amount of self-control and time management abilities. Employees must be able to maintain motivation and concentrate in the absence of the usual office atmosphere in order to fulfil deadlines and produce outcomes.


Technology That Makes Remote Work Possible

Thanks to technological improvements that facilitate smooth communication, cooperation, and productivity, remote work has become increasingly popular. Zoom and Microsoft Teams are two examples of video conferencing platforms that enable remote teams to hold in-person meetings and presentations from any location in the globe. Teams can collaborate and communicate in real time with messaging services like Microsoft Teams and Slack, which let them stay connected throughout the workday.

File access and sharing from any device is made simple for remote workers by cloud-based storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. By offering a centralized platform for organizing work and deadlines, project management software such as Trello and Asana assist remote teams in remaining organized and on schedule.


Consequences for Conventional Office Configurations

Traditional workplace layouts will be significantly impacted by the growing popularity of remote work. Large office spaces may become less necessary as more businesses accept remote work, which would result in a move toward more flexible workspaces and remote-friendly regulations. Certain firms might decide to reduce their physical workspace or go to an entirely remote or hybrid work arrangement.

Furthermore, workers in underprivileged regions may find an unfair advantage leveled by remote employment. In the past, employment possibilities were frequently concentrated in urban regions, making it challenging for people to find work in small towns or rural areas. Remote employment creates new opportunities for economic development and growth in underprivileged communities by enabling people to work for businesses situated anywhere in the world.

The Workforce Management Landscape is Changing

The growing popularity of remote work is also altering how businesses oversee their personnel. In a remote work setting, traditional productivity metrics like time spent in the office are meaningless. As an alternative, businesses are using more outcome-based measurements to assess worker performance.

In order to manage remote teams effectively, managers must also modify their leadership style. This could entail setting clear expectations and objectives, giving frequent encouragement and feedback, and promoting an environment of accountability and trust. Sustaining morale and productivity in remote teams requires establishing strong relationships and communication channels.

Success in Remote Work: Essential Skills

A certain set of abilities and qualities are necessary for success in remote work. Apart from the technical competencies associated with their particular job role, remote workers also need to have excellent interpersonal and teamwork abilities. It takes clear and efficient communication to establish trust, settle disputes, and make sure that everyone is in agreement.

Additionally, self-motivation and efficient time management are prerequisites for remote workers. Since they don't have the same structure as an office, remote workers need to be able to prioritize their work, create goals, and maintain attention in the face of distractions.

Resilience and adaptability are also critical qualities for success in remote employment. It takes grace and fortitude for remote workers to overcome obstacles including technical problems, communication breakdowns, and feelings of loneliness.

1.   Technical Expertise:

·    Proficiency with instant messaging (e.g., Slack, Microsoft Teams), video conferencing, and email as communication methods.

·      The ability to use and navigate Asana, Trello, and Jira, among other project management tools.

·      Proficiency with document sharing and editing platforms (such as Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365).

·    Fundamental troubleshooting abilities to address technical problems that could occur in distant work environments.

2.   Soft Skills:

·      Outstanding writing and vocal communication abilities.

·  Strong interpersonal abilities to establish rapport and relationships with colleagues who work remotely.

·   Time management and organizing abilities to successfully prioritize work without close supervision.

·      Flexibility and adaptability to deal with shifting priorities or workflows.

·      Problem-solving abilities to deal with difficulties either alone or in tandem.

·  Empathy and comprehension to help remote teams feel connected and included.


3.   Self-Management Skills:

·  Self-control and motivation to maintain concentration and productivity in the absence of continual supervision.

·  Accountability for completing tasks on time and at a high standard.

·  Capacity to draw boundaries between personal and professional life in order to preserve a positive work-life balance.

· Proactive in asking for assistance or explanation when required, since working remotely may prevent you from receiving support right away.

· To adjust to new tools, technology, and work methods in a remote setting, one must have a continuous learning mentality.

Effects of Job Satisfaction and Productivity Over Time

The long-term impact of remote work on productivity and job satisfaction is still unknown. However, it is becoming more common. According to several research, employees who work remotely claim better work-life balance and job satisfaction than those who work in offices. More freedom and flexibility are possible with remote work, enabling staff members to customize their workspaces to their personal tastes.

Furthermore, because working remotely minimizes workplace interruptions and cuts down on commute time, it may boost productivity. Workers from remote locations could find it simpler to focus and concentrate on their work without the distractions of meetings and office gossip.

Yet, there are drawbacks to working remotely, and based on personal preferences and situational factors, the long-term consequences on job satisfaction and productivity may differ. Lack of in-person engagement and social ties can cause feelings of loneliness and isolation in certain workers, which can eventually affect their performance and level of job satisfaction.

In conclusion

To sum up, there's no denying that remote work is the way of the future. Advances in technology, shifting perspectives on work-life balance, and the international nature of labor have all contributed to the growth of remote work. While there are many advantages to working remotely, there are also particular difficulties that must be overcome if remote work is to be successful in the long run.

Companies must make the required investments in the infrastructure and support systems to facilitate the success of remote work as we continue to embrace the revolution in remote work. Establishing a climate of trust, open communication, and cooperation can help businesses enable their remote employees to prosper in the digital era. In the end, remote work has the power to change our perspective on work and reinvent the conventional office setting for future generations.

Indian Airforce Group Y Recruitment 2024: Apply for Airmen Medical Assistant Trade Vacancy

 Indian Airforce Group Y Recruitment 2024

Indian Airforce recruitment for Group Y Posts 2024. An announcement regarding the recruitment of Airmen for the Group Y Medical Assistant Trade Vacancy has been released by the Indian Air Force. Applicants may read the notification and submit an online application if they are interested in the job description and have met the eligibility requirements.

Basic information About this Indian Airforce Recruitment 2024

Designation: Group Y/Medical Assistant.

Rally Date: 03 July 2024 to 12th July 2024.

Indian Airforce Group Y Recruitment 2024: Apply for Airmen Medical Assistant Trade Vacancy


Eligibility Criteria for Applying

Age Restrictions for Trade in Medical Assistants: The applicant must be single and have been born between January 02, 2004 and January 02, 2008 (inclusive).

Age Requirement for Medical Assistant Trade (with Pharmacy Diploma or B.Sc.):
The single applicant must have been born on January 02, 2001, and January 02, 2006, inclusive. The married candidate's birthdate should fall between January 02, 2001, and January 02, 2004 (inclusive).

Maximum Age: 21 Years


Education for the position of medical assistant Trade: The candidate must have received at least 50% of the total possible points in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English in their 10+2 or Intermediate or Equivalent examination, as well as 50% in English.


Education for the Medical Assistant (with a Pharmacy Diploma or Bachelor of Science): The candidate must have received at least 50% of the total possible points in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English in the Intermediate/ 10+2/ Equivalent Examination.


Medical Guidelines Related to this Indian Airforce Recruitment

·      Height: A minimum of 152.5 cm is considered appropriate.

·      Chest: The chest should have a minimum range of expansion of 5 cm and be well-developed and proportional.

·      Weight: Under age and height as relevant to IAF.

·      Hearing: The candidate should be able to detect a forced whisper at a distance of six meters with each ear independently, which is considered normal hearing.

·      Dental: A nice set of teeth, healthy gums, and at least 14 dental points are required.

·      Eye Guidelines:  Correctable to 6/9 in each eye, each eye's maximum refractive error is limited to + 3.50D, including astigmatism.



Crucial Dates Related to this Indian Airforce Recruitment 2024

Registration for the rally will open on May 22, 2024, at 11:00 a.m.

The rally's final registration date is June 6, 2024, at 23:00 hours.

The rally will begin on July 03, 2024.

The rally will end on July 12, 2024.

The PSL was published on November 11, 2024.

The Date of Enrolment List Publication: November 28, 2024.


Important Links

Notification Here

Apply Online (Will be Live on 22 May 2024)

DRDO Recruitment for ITI Apprentice Posts 2024 - Apprentice jobs in India

 DRDO ITI Apprentice Recruitment 2024

Latest Government jobs in India for Apprentice jobs profiles. The DRDO recruitment department is looking to recruit fresher candidates for the Apprentice posts. The Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO) has released a job announcement for the position of ITI Apprentice (Electrician, Fitter, Painter, Computer Operator Programming Assistant, and Others). Candidates can read the notification and apply online if interested in the job specifics and meet the eligibility requirements. More information about these Government jobs in India is given below in this recruitment news. Read the full news carefully before applying online.

DRDO Recruitment for ITI Apprentice Posts 2024 - Apprentice jobs in India

Basic information about this DRDO Recruitment

Designation: ITI Apprentice.

Vacancies: 127 Posts.

DRDO ITI Apprentice Vacancy Details

Post Name














Computer Operator and Programming Assistant




Book Binder


Eligibility Criteria for Applying for These Apprentice Jobs in India

Education: Applicants who have completed their ITI Course in the relevant trade can apply for these apprentice jobs in India under the DRDO organization.

Important Dates

31st May 2024 is the last date for applying online for these apprenticeships in India.

Important links

Notification Here

Apply Online